ESPN Chad Ford's 2010 NBA Mock Draft

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ESPN Chad Ford's 2010 NBA Mock Draft

Updated: May 6, 2010, 1:23 PM ET
Chad Ford's Mock Draft, Version 1.0
By Chad Ford

All year, in our Top 100, I have kept tabs on the draft stock of the prospects who might be available for the 2010 NBA draft, based on what scouts and general managers in the league tell me. A consensus gradually forms, and we have a pretty firm idea of how each prospect shapes up at a given time.

In contrast, the mock draft is based more on educated guesses about what specific teams will do. Although we know what teams generally think of prospects, a lot remains unknown.

For starters, we don't know which players might withdraw from the draft by Saturday's deadline. Even when we find out exactly who has stayed in the draft, we won't know in what order the first 14 teams will select.

When we do learn the order, at the May 18 lottery, the draft will still be full of mystery. In the next few weeks, the NBA pre-draft combine in Chicago, the adidas Eurocamp and hundreds of team workouts can dramatically alter player evaluations.

All that said, the draft is beginning to come into focus. We know the lottery odds, we know the top prospects and we know team needs.

So it's time to project the complete first round for the first time. You also can see more than 2,000 lottery scenarios and our projections for the first 14 picks in our Lottery Mock Draft.

Here is the first of my many mock drafts between now and the June 24 draft:

1. New Jersey
John Wall Position: PG Height: 6-foot-4 Weight: 185 pounds Age: 19 School: Kentucky

Analysis: This is a no-brainer for the Nets if they are lucky enough to land the No. 1 pick. Some look at starting point guard Devin Harris and wonder whether New Jersey should select Evan Turner instead.

The Nets don't.

Although they like Harris, they love Wall. The Kentucky freshman is the type of young potential superstar who could lure a big-time free agent to Jersey this summer.

2. Minnesota
Evan Turner Position: SG Height: 6-7 Weight: 205 Age: 21 School: Ohio State

Analysis: Turner would be a terrific fit for the Wolves, who need a versatile swingman who can play multiple positions on the floor. Turner's ability to come in and contribute from day one could help Minnesota immensely next season.

3. Sacramento
Derrick Favors Position: PF Height: 6-9 Weight: 215 Age: 18 College: Georgia Tech

Analysis: The Kings might be terrible at the moment, but a core of Tyreke Evans and Favors would make them very dangerous in the future. Favors didn't have a huge freshman season at Georgia Tech, but he has the potential to be the next Antonio McDyess.

Although it's clear the Kings like Carl Landry and Jason Thompson, neither has the upside of Favors.

4. Golden State
DeMarcus Cousins Position: C Height: 6-11 Weight: 260 Age: 19 School: Kentucky

Analysis: It figures that Cousins would land in Golden State. The Warriors are filled with young talent, but they're also the most dysfunctional team in the league. Enter Cousins, who was the most talented big man in college basketball, but also the most unstable. It's a match made in heaven.

5. Washington
Wesley Johnson Position: SF Height: 6-7 Weight: 198 Age: 22 School: Syracuse

Analysis: The Wizards aren't desperate for a small forward, but they are desperate for some star power after gutting the roster this winter. Johnson's versatility and upside would be too much to pass up here.

6. Philadelphia
Cole Aldrich Position: C Height: 6-11 Weight: 245 Age: 21 School: Kansas

Analysis: Aldrich might never be a star, but he's a solid big man who rebounds, blocks shots, and scores from inside and out. With only one more season left on Samuel Dalembert's contract, Aldrich would provide some great insurance.

7. Detroit
Ed Davis Position: PF Height: 6-10 Weight: 215 Age: 20 College: North Carolina

Analysis: The Pistons are high on Al-Farouq Aminu, but the last thing they need is another tweener after adding Austin Daye and Charlie Villanueva last summer. Davis didn't dominate as a sophomore, but he's an athletic big man who's active on the boards. The Pistons desperately need a player like that.

8. Los Angeles Clippers
Al-Farouq Aminu Position: SF Height: 6-8 Weight: 205 Age: 19 School:Wake Forest

Analysis: Aminu is one of the best athletes in the draft. The question is, what position does he play? If he continues to refine his perimeter game, he'd be a great fit next to Blake Griffin in the Clippers' frontcourt.

9. Utah (via New York)
Greg Monroe Position: PF Height: 6-11 Weight: 250 Age: 19 School: Georgetown

Analysis: The Jazz are in a position to lose Carlos Boozer this summer via free agency, but Monroe would be a solid consolation prize. He's not super athletic, but he's the most skilled big guy in the draft and would be a perfect fit in Jerry Sloan's half-court offense.

10. Indiana
Ekpe Udoh Position: PF Height: 6-10 Weight: 240 Age: 22 School: Baylor

Analysis: Barring a lottery miracle, the Pacers are screwed. A month ago, they were looking at possibly drafting No. 4 and adding a building block next to Danny Granger. But a late-season run dropped them all the way to 10th and ended any realistic chance that they'll get a star.

Udoh, however, would fit a need as an athletic shot-blocker who can run the floor.

11. New Orleans
Daniel Orton Position: C Height: 6-10 Weight: 260 Age: 19 School: Kentucky

Analysis: Orton barely made a dent in the box score for Kentucky, but NBA scouts are convinced he could be a really good NBA center. He is strong and physical, and can dominate on the defensive end.

He needs to improve his offense, but if he does, he could be a star down the road. The Hornets were very thin up front all season. Orton also would give them some insurance in the event Emeka Okafor breaks down.

12. Memphis
Patrick Patterson Position: PF Height: 6-8 Weight: 245 Age: 21 School: Kentucky

Analysis: The Grizzlies are trying to find a way to eke back into the playoffs. After he drafted a "future" guy in Hasheem Thabeet in 2009, expect GM Chris Wallace to go with a more veteran, proven college player this year.

Patterson doesn't wow you with anything he does, but he's solid in virtually every area. Most importantly for the Grizzlies, he would be ready to come in and contribute on day one.

13. Toronto
Hassan Whiteside Position: C Height: 6-11 Weight: 225 Age: 20 School: Marshall

Analysis: Whiteside has as much upside as anyone in the draft not named Wall or Favors. He's a super-long, lanky shot-blocker who nearly had four triple-doubles this season in points, rebounds and blocked shots.

With the Raptors in danger of losing Chris Bosh this summer, expect Toronto to swing for the fences to help fans forget Bosh if he bolts.

14. Houston
Donatas Motiejunas Position: PF Height: 7-0 Weight: 220 Age: 19 Country: Lithuania

Analysis: The Rockets have a habit of drafting value, and this low in the draft, Motiejunas would be a good get. He'll probably spend another year in Italy honing his skills and getting stronger, but when he does get to the NBA, he has the makings of a player.

15. Milwaukee (via Chicago)
Xavier Henry Position: SG Height: 6-7 Weight: 220 Age: 19 School: Kansas

Analysis: John Salmons might end up opting out of his contract, and the Bucks would love to put another blue-chip prospect in the backcourt with Brandon Jennings. Henry already has an NBA body and can shoot the lights out. He's a little one-dimensional, but he could step in and immediately fill a role for Milwaukee.

16. Minnesota (via Charlotte)
Gordon Hayward Position: SF Height: 6-8 Weight: 200 Age: 20 School: Butler

Analysis: The Wolves could really use some consistent shooters who could stretch the defense. Adding Evan Turner won't help much in that regard, but Hayward could. Although he struggled with his shot this past season, he generally is considered a lights-out shooter.

17. Chicago (via Milwaukee)
James Anderson Position: SG Height: 6-6 Weight: 195 Age: 21 School: Oklahoma State

Analysis: Anderson was one of the best scorers in college basketball and could be a very good fit in the Bulls' backcourt. His ability to stretch the defense and attack the basket should make him a nice complement to Derrick Rose.

18. Miami
Eric Bledsoe Position: PG Height: 6-1 Weight: 190 Age: 20 School: Kentucky

Analysis: Bledsoe is a tough, Pat Riley type of player and could be a long-term upgrade from the Mario Chalmers-Carlos Arroyo duo at point guard. Physically, he's ready for the NBA right now. But he still needs more game-time experience running the point. Long term, Bledsoe could pay off.

19. Boston
Luke Babbitt Position: SF Height: 6-9 Weight: 220 Age: 20 School: Nevada

Analysis: The Grizzlies are hoping Babbitt falls a few more spots in the draft, but I think the Celtics will beat them to the punch. Babbitt is an excellent scorer both inside and out, and he'll rebound. Most importantly, he could step in right away for the Celtics.

20. San Antonio
Damion James Position: SF Height: 6-8 Weight: 224 Age: 22 School: Texas

Analysis: James might be one of the more underrated players in the draft. Very few players have his combination of athleticism and motor. He doesn't have a position on offense, but he's a Spurs type of player all the way.

21. Oklahoma City
Solomon Alabi Position: C Height: 7-1 Weight: 245 Age: 22 School: Florida State

Analysis: The Thunder continue to lack a legitimate low-post threat. They drafted B.J. Mullens to be that guy last year, but he's still a work in progress. Alabi will be, too, but at this point in the draft, he has too much size and upside to pass on.

22. Portland
Kenneth Faried Position: PF Height: 6-8 Weight: 215 Age: 20 School: Morehead State

Analysis: If there's one stat that seems to translate from college to the pros, it's rebounding. Faried was the NCAA's leading rebounder this past season, pulling down 13 per game.

He is a bit undersized but makes up for it with toughness and explosive athleticism. He could be the draft's biggest sleeper.

23. Minnesota (via Utah)
Kevin Seraphin Position: PF Height: 6-10 Weight: 258 Age: 20 Country: France

Analysis: With their third pick of this draft, you can expect the Wolves to stash a player overseas. Seraphin hasn't really produced big numbers in France, but he has Serge Ibaka-like physical upside.

24. Atlanta
Quincy Pondexter Position: SF Height: 6-7 Weight: 220 Age: 22 School: Washington

Analysis: Pondexter was one of the best seniors in the country. He is an elite athlete and proved this season that he can really score. He's a jump shot away from being a star. Think the next Desmond Mason.

25. Memphis (via Denver)
Avery Bradley Position: SG Height: 6-3 Weight: 180 Age: 19 School: Texas

Analysis: Bradley is tough to peg. A few teams are looking at him in the late lottery. But if he slides a bit, don't expect him to slip much further than here. Bradley's defensive abilities alone make him a lock for the pros. If he can find a position on offense, he could be a star.

26. Oklahoma City (via Phoenix)
Devin Ebanks Position: SF Height: 6-9 Weight: 205 Age: 20 School: West Virginia

Analysis: Ebanks has lottery talent. Defensively, he can do it all with his long wingspan and above-average mobility for his size. But until he develops a reliable jump shot, he remains a work in progress.

27. New Jersey (via Dallas)
Terrico White Position: SG Height: 6-5 Weight: 211 Age: 20 School: Mississippi

Analysis: White is an elite athlete who, when he's on, is one of the best guards in the country. The problem is, White has a tendency to disappear in games. If the Nets can get him to play with some consistency, he would be a steal here.

28. Memphis (via L.A. Lakers)
Paul George Position: SF Height: 6-7 Weight: 185 Age: 20 School: Fresno State

Analysis: George suffers from the same issues as White. Great athlete. Very versatile. Doesn't always play hard. With Rudy Gay possibly bolting via free agency, he could be a potential long-term replacement.

29. Orlando
Willie Warren Position: PG Height: 6-4 Weight: 210 Age: 20 School: Oklahoma

Analysis: Warren was considered a potential top-10 pick at the beginning of the season. However, a poor season, combined with some injuries and some bad chemistry with his coach, really hurt his stock. But Warren is a steal here and the type of versatile guard who could make an impact for the Magic.

30. Washington (via Cleveland)
Larry Sanders Position: SF Height: 6-10 Weight: 220 Age: 21 School: Va. Commonwealth

Analysis: Sanders could go 10 spots higher in the draft. But if he slips this far, the Wizards would have to be interested. He's the type of long, athletic shot-blocker that's in vogue right now.

Next five in: Stanley Robinson, F, UConn; Elliot Williams, G, Memphis; Jordan Crawford, G, Xavier; Gani Lawal, F, Georgia Tech; Darington Hobson, G/F, New Mexico


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