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 04-27-2010, 08:06 AM         #21
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i'ma need n*ggas to learn history.
 8 years ago '10        #22
JETSoverERTHING 171 heat pts171
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 8 years ago '05        #23
spacecase 1 heat pts
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that buck that bought a bottle could of struck the lotto// but to invest in scratch tickets is a f**ked up motto

- "Black Cream"- Reks
 04-27-2010, 10:27 AM         #24
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I'm not a businessman, I'm business, man

We don't believe you, you need more people

quotables are not entire verses
it means something you can use in everyday conversation
 8 years ago '08        #25
thewallochamp 2 heat pts
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There's no days, for broke days, we sell it, smoke pays
While all the old folks pray, to Je-sus' soakin they sins in trays
of holy water, odds against Nas are slaughter
Thinkin a word best describin my life, to name my daughter

I rap divine Gods check the prognosis, is it real or showbiz?
My window faces shootouts, drug overdoses
Live amongst no roses, only the drama, for real
A nickel-plate is my fate, my medicine is the ganja

I drank Moet with Medusa, give her shotguns in hell
From the spliff that I lift and inhale, it ain't hard to tell

- gnozir jones
 8 years ago '10        #26
DannyDoubleBags 1 heat pts
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"Dead in the middle of Little Italy, little did we know that we riddled some middle man who didn't do diddly." -Pun-... Just had to put that in. Classic line, has to be one of the best lines ever.
 04-27-2010, 11:52 AM         #27
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You got enemies? Good that means you stood up for something in your life-Eminem

All through high school I had braids
I kept mad blades
stabbing teachers to death that gave me bad grades
-Big L

I cant change the way i think and i cant change the way i am but if i offended you, good because i still dont give a f**k-Eminem

who r u to judge the way i live? i kno im not perfect and i dont live to be. but before you go pointin fingers make sure your hands are clean-Bob Marly
 8 years ago '07        #28
Verse 72 heat pts72
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the one in my sig........

and this one too....

"they say you're soft when you move out the hood, so my goal is to make all of my loved ones punks"
- Joe Budden "sing for the moment"

Last edited by Verse; 04-27-2010 at 12:02 PM..
 04-27-2010, 12:08 PM         #29
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we don't believe you, you need more people

men lie, women lie, numbers don't-Hova :cool-smiley-009:
 04-27-2010, 12:13 PM         #30
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my attitude is celebite i don't give a f**k-fab
 8 years ago '08        #31
ManOfSteel23 28 heat pts28 OP
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-"We can keep digging through this dirt - or team up, you and I against the universe/ ha, think about it, what you say to yourself? You can wear my cape and i can play with your belt"

-"murder fantasies, playing russian roulette with a six shooter and my seven personalities" - Grandmaster Bastard

"I got another side I never showed to you, A side where everybody is disposable - (See) relationships are never a threat- cause I'll erase the history and act like we never met."
-Joe Budden

"Males Shouldn't Be Jealous, That's A Females Trait"

-"No, I'm not a Jonas - Brother I'm a grown up, No, I'm not a virgin - I use my cojones, I move onward - The only direction, Can't be scared to fail - search and perfection, Keep it fresh, Even when we s3xin' - But don't be mad at him - when its on to the next one." -Jay-Z
 8 years ago '04        #32
AntoineDM 4 heat pts
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"Sometimes I sit back with a buddha sack
mind's in another world thinking how can we exist through the facts
written in school text books, bibles, et cetera
f**k a school lecture, the lies get me vexeda"
- Nas
 04-27-2010, 11:01 PM         #33
little ms riot 
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"This ain't no tall order / this s**t is nothing to me / difficult takes a day / impossible takes a week." JayZ
 8 years ago '08        #34
ManOfSteel23 28 heat pts28 OP
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 04-28-2010, 07:29 PM         #35
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you ever feel weak tweeked fleeting,
peaked, p!ss bleeding,
each clipped wing twitched easy?
sequence scenery: nuzzle of the beak buried deeply,
bleak pitch screamed uneasy, peachy,
fleet move greasy, creep uncleanly, cadence diseasy, strange arranged speaking,
makers of the queasy, all detached reasoning, here to mash your f**k face fiendishly, weathermen
born batch lunacy, in fact rational truancy half latched to truthy facts goonishly,
patched back in to sad sap surrendering, extra-ordinary rendering, remember me,
lurching gnarled heart snarling, borrowed from department of redundancy department (sign here),
even obscene iridescently froze prose reside here, a mean streak elite breed designs fear,
nobody move nothing and nothing will get invasive, i came from the lost excavated,
breath exhaust cloud mmm favorite, creators of that this is not my day s**t, disgrace on the dayshift,
without a trace lost on debating it, the tug job with razor claw pain kitt, now with more bang by the facelift,
i used to give a hangnails f**k about patience, now its just see money take it,
funny how morality is changing, evolving, disolving,
disgrace is a mainstay tragedy keeps calling,
everyone who mattered to me somehow keeps falling, hooded creature knocking on my door im just stalling.


Last edited by lazerface; 04-28-2010 at 07:30 PM..
 04-28-2010, 07:32 PM         #36
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There ain't nobody to be pretty for a f**k it, let it rattle
Let the clatter k!ll 'em, let the cataclysm wash
Who really listens? Precision with a verse draws a crowd
I draw a line between an easy melody and piece of mind
I keep the game tweaked, freak the same
To it's own thing, spit the plain pain
Econolines for the dime class, it's a goddamn recession
(C'mon) Show a little respect you Pfizer babies
Look at how they hate, pilled out, bounce they liver off they top eight
Who got a fix for the fix? Bush no more
Nobody's like Dufrane, search party of four
Tell me, who's eating? I mean well
Who's beaten shell toes kick a hole in who's cheating hell?
Need it while you can, serve, get swerved, get sleep
Buy it up c'mon, uh huh
They out for presidents to represent them
You think a president could represent you?
You really think a president would represent you? (right)
They call me P.O.S., bold from the go to the goal
To them ice cold bones, freezing in that Minnesota snow
Heating up the winter with the flow
They make it rain, rain, rain go away
Come again brave, or when you bring a bit to help us grow
(Meanwhile) We them pro parade-rainers
Presented by the Doomtree, sponsored by the Rhymesayers
No-brainer if you aim at the aimless
The same small change big drain on my patience
(It's) my act, my scene, my play, my stage
My lines, my way, all day, all style plus guts (c'mon)
Cap cut, no fresh, no clean, all press, yes mean
Swoosh, removed, lose the cool, choose whatever behooves the dude
Move through any mood with ease
Ravage the rules, ravishing mood, Randy Savage the fools
Handy with tools, cutting my own key
Cattle to meat, sheep splitter, kennel k!ller
Handmade handgunner, fanblade runner, huh?
Promise of skill, better than blessed, promise of stress
Living and breathing, motherf**k all the rest
Now what do you do... exactly?

 8 years ago '08        #37
ManOfSteel23 28 heat pts28 OP
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I'm the lifeline for this f**king thread.

Im trying to stay out the news and make cake to buy food, f*ck Jewels,
I think my soul glows bright enough,
and f*ck whips, I learn more when I ride the bus
and f*ck gold, it's bad enough that we f!ght for bucks,
and f*ck hoes, cause in the end I need a wife to love,
and heaven is life for us, so God.. " - Blu

"Your girlfriend askin me where I got the weed from,
now my n*ggas askin me where I got the freak from,
and she's so bout it,
that b*tch even gave head to my accountant" - Curren$y

"Oxymoron like snow on a hot day,
no beach chair in this blizzard, I am not Jay" - Charles Hamilton

"cant nobody stop me, im sorry, i was raised in the concrete safari, you other clowns got hate in ya blood, you talk that new sh1t with windows 98 in ya blood"

Mr. Hamilton you're such a bloody prick
suck a ****, like half the hoes on my buddy list

I am an archaelogical problem/
Because I bag any b**chthen I bone like fossil - wale

The revolution will proceed/
Unification of the DMV I will achieve indeed/
I decree I'm forming a new alliance/
Oppose the ones poisoning the minds/
They lying/
I am only a f!ghter/
In the form of a writer/
In the form of a poet/
Potency in the mic, I/
Blank out then I approach it/
Turn me up and I go in/
Haters must learn to bare (Bear)/
I'm Lovie Smith with the vocals/
Lord i'm so focused more focused than I ever been/
So slightly pass em ("m"), like the letter "n" - wale

"f**k Your Monagamy I'll f**k Ya Girl, My Lifestyle Needs A Lifestyle f**k THA WORLD" -Charles Hamilton.

"And life is so insane, look what I became
Trying to make a name
All my first dates are interrupted by my fame
Because every picture taken is a fan that you can gain
They love it when you smile, unaware that itís a strain
Itís a curse you have to live with when youíre born to entertain
Women need attention or women will complain
Develop hatred for men and then say that youíre the one to blame
Tried to enjoy myself with Tez in Miami at the game
I just wish he knew how much it weighed/wade like Dwayne
Itís a weight thatís on my chest, whoever spotting me is playing
So I lift it all alone trying not to get a sprain
Hoping Western Union do a currency exchange
Cause My dad called and got me feeling guilty and ashamed
Like, how I got a Rolls and then went and got a Range
When he paying for his cigerettes with his last dollars and some change
Damn, and I can only feel his pain cause in Memphis, TN thereís only so much to attain
So Iím filling out the form at the counter once again
And he says that he loves me, I just hope he doesnít say that sh!t in vain
Iím why your girlís heart is in a slang
Call me HeartBreak Drake, Iím the hardest one to tame
As a man Iím just honest, as an artist Iím a king
With my own set of problems that be sitting on my brain
See, this is the thing: What they see as bragging is the way that I maintain
The sh!t I write while staring out the window of a plane, is the singlehanded reason I remain.. -Drake
 8 years ago '05        #38
meepos 21 heat pts21
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"i told Nas to call Jay a camel"

-DJ Premier
 04-29-2010, 05:17 PM         #39
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"I'm tired of people judgin' what's real hip-hop, half the time ya'll be the n*ggas who f*ckin' album flop" - Nelly
 04-29-2010, 05:28 PM         #40
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We all enter the world the same way
nekkid and screaming, soaked in blood but things change
Some are brought home to palaces, others to the projects
Some are born billionaires and some are born convicts
Momma said when life gives you lemons make lemonade
Take a p!ss in it and serve it to the people that you hate
My pops always said there's only two types my friend
Those with loaded guns and those who eat s**t 'til they're dead - Ill Bill

Kill a person you're a murderer, thousands you're a terrorist
Everyone, you're the father of Jesus of Nazareth
Perception is reality, facts are negotiable - Ill Bill

Through all the physical abuse my mind escaped through the gift of wordplay
I memorized encyclopaedias and dictionaries
I wrote anthems from antonyms, harmonies from homonyms
Created cinema from synonyms
Was livid to eliminate that illustrious life you livin' in
Wrote rhetoricals in rhythms
I could paralyze with a parable, make rhymes out of religion
Crucify you with a prefix, or suffocate you with a suffix
Wrote lectures so infectious it's known to infect the listeners - Chino XL

The music is layered, not computer generated,
A human made it to satisfy unusual cravings,
The mystic in a room with crystal walls & floors,
Looking into a crystal quartz orb, reciting lyrical law,
That cause warm feeling sensations precipitating from the finger tips,
To the arms, to the lips, to the jaws,
To a gold tongue that spits to the tone of the drum,
With the oxygen that flows down the throat to the lungs,
Till every color of my Chakra glows brighter than the Sun,
YOU and I become we, we become one
And the Clarity of Cingularity has begun,
Between zero point zero & zero point one
Combinatrix, anything of this persuasion is considered ageless,
Beyond the matrix
Beyond time displacement of space & spaceships an oasis,
Beyond the reach of human contemplation,
Through my music, magic, and and convoluted interaction,
Rip The Jacker shows you the future in fragments,
Through madness my view is expanded,
Request passage permission is granted,
I'll introduce you to the language of dragons
To help balance near impossible trances in the labyrinth
Of the enchanted where air quality is unbearably rancid,
From evil spirits, temperatures frigid,
I cross wooden bridges over methane rivers, it sounds crazy, but listen,
Concise lyrics strike down from the heavens,
A titan like Mike Tyson, beast master with a Tiger & Pigeon,
A four finger ring with a eyeball in it for vision,
Cuz I ain't scared of no 9 foot 11 winged lizards
I'm known as the Ripper, my soul was delivered to a wizard
For spiritual slave labor in a prison,
My life is my sentence, so I live it,
But I studied the physics & understand it, so it's only a visit,
I look at myself in the mirror, I see a stereoisomer image,
I know it's cryptic, but you like what I'm spittin,
Mastering the art of rhyming, yields so many surprises,
I've found excessive ferric-iron in my perinatal sinus,
Remote viewing the globe, what I am shown runs my blood cold,
My occipital lobe might explode - Canibus


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