Best 50 Cent quote/line in a song.

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 8 years ago '08        #21
DUCE 141 heat pts141
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 mega montana 1 said:

s**t was too cold
 01-27-2010, 12:08 AM         #22
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3 point range with a glock I shoot better than kobe, see the n*gga standing next to me he probably my kobe, see the b**ch that's sitting in my whip, she probably gon blow me, see the flow is like a 38 it's special ya'llll, a country boy will tell ya I'm fitting to blow, see I'm more like a Pimp than a trick you know, see I'm in this for the paper I don't love the Ho's.

I'm the boss of this boat, you can call me skipper, the way I turn the money over, you should call me flipper, your b**ch a regular b**ch, you calling her wifey, I f**k then feed her fast food, you keepin her Icy, I'm down to sell records but NOT my soul, snoop said it in 94', we don't love them Ho's, I'm getting pennies for my thoughts now I'm rich, see the 20's sitting and looking mean on the 6, n*ggas wearing flags, cus the colors match their clothes, get caught in the wrong hood and filled up with Holes, motherf**ka.

bullets pass ya head close enough to hear em whistle, thank god they missed you, now go and grab ya pistol, in the hood n*ggas running round acting crazy, buying little air jordans for Maybe Babies, see it might be his and it might be yours, but them broads in the projects is straight up wh0ores, see it don't take much for you to get in them drawer's, you can have em on they're back or on all fours, you ain't got to tell you feeling this s**t, cus I hear what i'm saying I know I'm k!lling this s**t.

go head and go against me I'll hurt your feelings, stones in my cross the size of your ear rings

n*ggas acting like I don't get down or something, like I ain't the next n*gga to wear the crown or something, you gon talk about your chips til we run in ya crib, then you gon ask dumb questions like "CAN I LIVE"? look if I shoot you I'm famous, but If you shoot me your brainless, you said it yaself, I'm slick enough to twist your lines and send em back at you, swift enough to grab the mac and pop that at you.

Look I'm suppose to be c*cky I aint po nomo/
I aint got to steal from the corner store nomo/
got my own crib I aint sleepin on the floor nomo/
bouncers don't try to play me at the door nomo/
but when they see me they say search him he might have the nine/
he might shoot this motherf**ka up like shine/
it's been awhile since a new n*gga came tight like this/
ya man he aight, but he aint quite like this/
n*ggas is "FEEELIN IT"
the benz pulling up on the set/
me jumpin out 30 thou on my neck/
that s**t you said wasn't nothing to sweat,/
but you was out of line so here's what you get/
a verbal a.sskicking jesus christ sent me to test ya, lets see how motherf**ka's act under pressure, to makaveli returns it's "ALL EYES ON ME"

I came in the rap humble/
I dont give a f**k now/
serve anybody like n*ggas who hustle uptown/
coke price go up/
capsules come down/
the D's run up in my crib/
n*ggas who hustle for me/
they don't even stash crack/
they keep it on them/
right there in there crack/
when I don't like a n*gga/
I dont pretend to/
I'll have the paramedics wrap your f**king head like a Hendu/
look I ain't going nowhere so get used to me/
OG's look at me and say I'm what they used to be/
Im that n*gga that sold coke, that n*gga that sold dope/
that n*gga that shot dice, went broke and sold soap/

:frown" I miss FIF man, the old him anyway
 8 years ago '04        #23
CTre 22 heat pts22
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The only spanish I know is con-yo calla te la boca puta
No ingles, No ingles, mother f**kers will shoot ya
The Latin Kings don't like me, I don't care
We don't talk that mira mira bulls**t round here
Man, I done so much dirt in the hood
n*ggas heard I got shot they was all sayin good
f**k ya'll, ya aint got to like me
I'm gettin knocked, ya'll n*gga aint got to wite me
I'm on the same bulls**t I been on
It's the same bulls**t ya n*ggas need to get on
Ya s**t sound too commercial
Come cruisin through the hood mother f**kers will hurt ya

Zonin', guess this is how it feels to be rich
Homie, you hustlin' backwards if you chasin' a b**ch
Stupid, chase the paper, they come with the s**t
I'm fallin', in love with success
Entrepeneure, Connoisseur, I maneuver the best
rollin, ruger on my lap, rubber grip on the handle
Stunt I'll have ya homies burn a rest in peace candle
As wise men speak, I listen and learn
A man dies, a baby's born, my n*ggas the world turns
Rappers, I make 'em sick when I say I'm the s**t
They mistake my confidance for arrogance, they hate on the kid
In '99, I had a vision and made a decision
Bein' broke is against my religion, now I'm caked up
 8 years ago '05        #24
Ghettoquiz 15 heat pts15
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You know Oprah got In Da Club on her iPod
She don't want me on her show though I guess I'm too hard
She sat Kanye West down, and talked about his crash
But she don't wanna talk about the bullets in my a**
Spike Lee don't like it that my money come fast
I hate it when a n*gga get to countin my cash
Now I can give the kids a positive message like Farrakhan
Or I can give 'em pistols and targets to squeeze 'em on
I'm tryin to make a decision damn, leave me alone
I'm like Martin Luther King people listen to me a lot
It's non violent, non violent till I'm hit with a rock
Then it's Coretta f**k this, go and get me my glock

Wanna call me crazy? Okay it's cool
I'll have your kids tryin to be, crazy cool in school
da Truth is they like me, more than they like you
They watch me and emulate, everything I do
 01-27-2010, 09:41 AM         #25
Tha Juggernaut6 
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"i bring money 2 my n*ggas that bring death to my enemies"

"got paper like CITI BANK n*gga you need a loan? got a brain? use your brain or get your brains blown"

"switch pistols switch hands switch targets hit ya man"

"your little sister calling you stupid reason why? her and mama in the living room now hog-tied"
 01-27-2010, 10:02 AM         #26
Vincent Vega 
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you can do all them push ups 2 pump up ya chest
i got a 12 gauge mausberg to pump up ya chest
have ya gasping for air when that shell hits ya vest
fear me like ya fear god cause i bring death
silverback guerilla in the concrete jungle
im the strongest around
u know how i get down
i watch gangsta flicks and root for the bad guy
and turn it off before the end cause the bad guy die
if you tryna im buy guns im the n*gga ta look to
so what they got bodies on em they still look new
you can raise your right like you fin' to touch something
when i raise my knife shiiiit i'm fin' to cut something
see i walk like ron o'neal and talk like goldie
if the b**ch think i love her, the b**ch don't know me

always liked that verse
 8 years ago '04        #27
Tic Toc 7 heat pts
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"when i was wit vivica i thought...i was on to somethin,
but then the next week..naahh man it was nothin (ha ha ha)"
 01-27-2010, 10:15 AM         #28
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"Every night I talk to god, but he don't say nothing back
I know he protecting me, but I still stay with my gat
In my nightmares, n*ggaz keep pulling techs on me
Psych says some b**ch dumb, put a hex on me"

Many Men
 8 years ago '05        #29
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 thegoldenhero said:
50 dissin Jay on Guess Who Back album with the track called "Rotten Apple"

"You gonna talk about your chips till we run in your crib
And you gone ask dumb questions like "Can I Live?"
Look, If I shoot you, I'm famous
If you shoot me your brainless, you said it yourself
I'm slick enough to twist your lines and send them back at you
Swift enough to snatch the mack and pop that at you
Take it personal see if I won't send you to hell
I've done told Ton and Pok? they better have my bail
But if its over a mil don't put the crib up dun
Cause if 50 get free n*gga, 50 gonna run"
be a gentleman not rotten apple
 8 years ago '04        #30
yo0123yo 148 heat pts148 OP
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 jel0514 said:
homie, you hustle backwards if u chasin a b**ch//stupid, chase the paper they come with the s**t :cool-smiley-009:
this is good s**t
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