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God of War III

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@ 06:45 PM 10-19-2009 God of War III

Trailer here: ↪ PlayStation.Blog » God of War III! Press Event Q&A and New Trailer





Source: ↪ God of War III Screenshots & Images /// Eurogamer.pt

IGN talking about the 20 MINUTE demo they played: IGN: God of War III Preview

Also some more info as well:

Source: ↪ PlayStation.Blog » God of War III! Press Event Q&A and New Trailer

God of War III is “D-Day + Cloverfield with Kratos smack dab in the middle of it” – Stig Asmussen, Game Director.

Earlier this week, over 50 media outlets from North America and Europe saw God of War III, the “epic finale” to Kratos’ tale of revenge, played before their very eyes for the first time. The game’s director, Stig Asmussen, led off the session by sharing some key features of the game: Titan gameplay, Ride-able enemy characters, a new weapon system, large-scale battle. All of these were demonstrated in this extended trailer, which was shown next:

To further drive home that this trailer was produced in the game’s engine, the audience was treated to nearly 20 minutes of gameplay (which you’ll be reading about all over the internet today, no doubt). After the gameplay demonstration, Stig took questions from the press. Here they are (paraphrased – I can only type so fast!):

Gamespot: How will you catch people up to the story?

Stig: One of the criteria of the game is to “bridge the series.” Some recent games were confusing if you missed certain chapters in the story. I don’t want that to happen with God of War III.

Game Revolution: Has the ESRB gone too far?

Stig: People have to stop looking at games like they’re a toy. There are a lot of mature games and a lot of mature gamers. We look at these like movies. I’m a husband with 2 baby twins, and we’re not making this game for them, we’re making it for people like you. Everything we do is in the character of Kratos. We’re not doing gore just to do gore.

Gamepro: I didn’t see red experience orbs coming off enemies, is it just too early to show?

Stig: It’s just too early to show, expect all that to come back.

UGO: You mentioned this will be the “epic finale.” Is this the final God of War?

Stig: I don’t know about the future of God of War, I’m just focused on God of War III.

Playboy: Gamers don’t want long load times or storylines, do you plan to recap everything?

Stig: For the most part in God of War games, we’ve never made people watch very long movies. Don’t expect God of War III to change that. As far as loading, it’s something we take pride in. We’re a streaming game, we don’t have load times.

G4: Are you going to strip down Kratos’ abilities in the beginning of the game again?

Stig: As a gamer, I’d like to start with everything Kratos has. But as a game designer, it’s not good for gamers who have never played before. We’re still deciding.

IGN: Large-scale puzzle sequences could get people lost because of the scale of the game. How do you keep people focused?

Stig: I’ve never seen anyone else work on this kind of scale. Because of that, we don’t have anything to refer to. We don’t plan on something where you go to a marker and get a hint. We want to design it so that it has a flow, and we won’t have to drop hints. We also do extensive playtesting. Working on these Titans is tough. When we first started we realized we’re doing something we’ve never done before. When you’re on these titans, it doesn’t change how Kratos handles –he can still pull cranks and ride Cyclopes and fight bosses.

 http://img37.imageshack.u .. 3354b01281.jpg

 http://img200.imageshack. .. 745c5b65a0.jpg

 http://img268.imageshack. .. 205c51d3be.jpg

 http://img200.imageshack. .. 49da714ae6.jpg

 http://img20.imageshack.u .. eeac6af349.jpg

 http://img195.imageshack. .. 7098772766.jpg

-In the Hades boss fight. Hades tries to steal Kratos' soul (You have to tap R1+L1 to stop it) In return, Kratos rips Hades' organs in a "possible" kill animation. (Yes, He uses his hands to dig in his stomach

-The circular room you fight Hades in, the walls are covered with souls. Hades rips one out and throws them at you. Its will also be kind of annoying since ghostly hands will grab you.

-The room in which kratos is fighting a satyr is "called" the "hub". A room you have to go through again and again to get to new places. It is stated that the island of rhodes in god of war 2 could fit in this circular room.

-2 more weapons have been confirmed.

-Kratos fights Hades' rabid dogs (they have great detail...foaming mouths,half rotting skin etc.)

-Magic will now be important just like the combat system.

-Stig confirmed that the player could "throw down the controller out of frustration" alot of times while playing the hardest difficulty mode. This also goes with the complex puzzles.

-Kratos can pound the Cestus to unleash a massive wave of destruction in front of him.

-The graphics you see is NOT yet the final build.

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