Best Multi Syllable Rapper of ALL TIME???!!!

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dopest multi syllable user in rap history
Big Daddy Kane 3 1.05%
Rakim 8 2.81%
Biggie Smalls 7 2.46%
Eminem 140 49.12%
Lloyd Banks 8 2.81%
Big L 11 3.86%
Big Punisher 32 11.23%
Percee P 0 0%
T.I. 2 0.70%
Ra The Rugged Man 3 1.05%
AZ 13 4.56%
Tech Nine 8 2.81%
Kool G Rap 14 4.91%
Tone Deff 5 1.75%
Black Thought 2 0.70%
Inspectah Deck 1 0.35%
Cam'Ron 5 1.75%
Murda Mase 0 0%
Chino XL 4 1.40%
OTHER......... 19 6.67%
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Props Slaps
 12-06-2009, 12:01 PM         #61
Sam Rothstein  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
Eminem wins

I used to think lines like these were hot

these n*ggas don't wanna see me blow//
flamboyant entertainment CEO//

you know why rhyming simple as tic tac toe//
cause n*ggas is dumb and that's the s**t that blow

but these rappers that rhyme like these don't really have an emotional side to them they care about the rhymes too much.

I'm glad this part of hip-hop faded because at one point a lot emcees were trying to rhyme like these, people to put their emotions on tracks like Budden.

Last edited by Sam Rothstein; 12-06-2009 at 12:06 PM..
 8 years ago '06        #62
KC2NC 2 heat pts
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$1,803 | Props total: 78 78
 Verse said:
Big Pun
Kool G. Rap
Elzhi (surprised no one's mention him yet.)
Elzhi should definitely be on that list....dude is slept on major.
 8 years ago '04        #63
psylence2k 59 heat pts59
$13,038 | Props total: 2266 2266

nevermind his current stuff but Ghetto Fabolous + Street Dreams = some of the longest and consistent multisyllable rhyme schemes on an album. By some of the replies i dont think ppl in here really know what multi syllable rhyming is

" Ya Seen John in Tau
Wit A Mean Blond Eatin Green Prons At Chow
Somethin Clean On, See Bling On From Miles
Pair Of Jeans On Neva Seen On Canal "

" dont know if it's the cash im carrying
but I'm one flashy arrogant, dominicano slash american
that use to dash to maryland"
 8 years ago '05        #64
Nickel 118 heat pts118
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$11,231 | Props total: 179 179
s**t i forgot about elzhi too
 12-06-2009, 01:34 PM         #65
Rowe  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
Em, Pun, Cam'ron
 8 years ago '09        #66
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$2,440 | Props total: 224 224
dis ol' biased thread. how da f**k u aint got bun b on here. bun b on murder or high life will smash any song yall puttin up ( not seriously but somebody gotta put on for da south in here)
ChoAssUp gave props
 8 years ago '06        #67
beanbryant24 4 heat pts
$1,696 | Props total: 0 0
Eminem and Kool G Rap..... dudes like that
 8 years ago '08        #68
UnkleLuc_ 3 heat pts
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$6,472 | Props total: 175 175
 8 years ago '06        #69
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$2,761 | Props total: 3 3
 R. Joven said:
I don't think there's anything impressive with those "-ated" rhymes. The last two syllables are already there for you, and there's tons of words like that.

When I think of multis, I think of rappers like Em, Pun, and Fab.

"It's easy to look at my life and don't see no pain
I remember takin' three, four trains to re cocaine
Standing in the lobby during sleet, snow, rain
Waiting for fiends with a pint of beef lo mein
Breaking day on the grind, I used to be so drained..."

Fab continues with those three syllables for that entire verse.
Bra a syllable is pronounced within one word. And dont sit here and talk about impressive then tell me about verse where dude rhyme the same 3 sounds through the whole thing.

But s**t if it dont got to be one word then we can go by that:

[video - click to view]

I'm on an everlasting money mission, million dollar premenition
Got my own coalition, pack my own ammunition
20's on the Lexus glisten, I'm driven to mob life
Hella n*ggas want me murdered, but cant do the job right
Razor blades, Ak's, if its lethal I carry it
Killin for a hobby like some medeival barbarian
When will the disaster stop? Never, n*gga pass the glock
Illustrated k!llin live in color like its Magnavox
Now I got em hot, from the plot to put the block on lock
Set up shop wit over 50, 000 dollars worth of rocks
Ammunition c*cked, prepared to pop, Ill even shoot at cops
Stash away the heat and then retreat off in my drop top
Mind your own business, or the gat'll make yo clock stop
One Eight Seven from the Wesson and get yo f**kin block mopped
You gone have to tangle wit a Hypnotized improvised
Good for makin money off this s**t to stay the f**k alive.

I only f**k wit real n*ggas, all the haters can burn in hell
If you aint affiliated, dont come wit packs to sell
Object of this hustlin is bubbling stacks of mail
Situations turn sour, rivals'll blast then bail
When I hit the block I'm seein J's, driven insane
Crunker than Montana wit some anna for ounces of caine
ATL n*ggas blowin brains, simple and plain
Sippin golden grain, makin stangs, inflictin the pain
Smokin, gettin into it, livin ruthless, the feds are clueless
We the ones who keep the city crunker than engine fluid
Hypnotize n*ggas ridin vettes, sippin moets
Strapped up wit a vest and giant tecs to lower the stress
51 n*ggas got my back, so nevertheless
Ima get this anna off my chest and smoke on this cess
Puttin bit*hes on the track, witness a pimp in the flesh
Solid as a rock for advesaries who wishin to test

My scandalous recipe make n*ggas be scared of me
If there has been treachery dont try to get next to me
Yo life is in jeopardy when f**kin wit family
We turnin psychotic using all of our insanity
Break bread off of greenery, releasin the skeem in me
Keep me from the weapons, Ill be f**kin up the scenery
Deport bullets like immigrants, bit*h n*ggas dont attempt to flinch
Money is the motive, let my sinning end the innocence
Ima let the missile rip, ballistic wit hollow tips
You wont see me comin, keep yo fingers on the pistol grip
Smoke blindin my enemies, give em fearful tendencies
You can kiss they life goodbye when T-Rock hit the hennesey
I'm in it for the presidents, luxurious residence
Hooked up wit the camp, Ive been a mercerary ever since
Atlanta my stompin grounds, Old National's where I'm found
Moving bricks, and f**kin tricks, and smokin reefer by the pounds
ChoAssUp gave props
 8 years ago '08        #70
UnkleLuc_ 3 heat pts
avatar space
$6,472 | Props total: 175 175
Canibus and Cory gunz should be listed
 12-06-2009, 04:56 PM         #71
KrayLay  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
 DoMieD said:
The multi-syllable rappers of today >>>>>>>> all old school multi-syllable rappers

they use to use that simple s**t

Em >>> Fab >>>>>>>>>>
You complain about simple s**t, and the cite

Monch, Rakim, G Rap and Eminem are all up there.
 12-06-2009, 05:05 PM         #72
KrayLay  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
I'm a outlaw, the motherf**kin villain doin k!llings,I won't stop
until the morgue got bodies stacked up to the f**kin ceiling
And ain't no drivebys, a mag and a bag lady, disguised and surprise
you got a hole between your f**kin eyes
n*ggaz is grazed, catchin strays from the blaze
Amazed by the ways I lays em down when my s**t sprays
Crazy brains hangin, and n*ggaz veins are swingin
Bangin and gunslingin, even my own f**kin ears are ringin
cause what I carry's much bigger than Dirty Harry's
Do a Hail Mary, I make Bloody Mary's out of your capillaries
Pieces of flesh, hangin off a n*ggaz chest, cause the vest
that he dress, couldn't f**k with the Smith and Wess'

G Rap gets my vote.

Last edited by KrayLay; 12-06-2009 at 05:10 PM..
 8 years ago '08        #73
Imagin3 3 heat pts
avatar space
$9,475 | Props total: 3475 3475
I can't feel a field n1gger's pain,
devious skill to make a strong willed n*gga wane,
since a lil n*gga hang, with the k!llers and distributors of 'caine,
they dismemberers of swishas then refill it with the jane,
then they tilt it and they lit it with a flame,
then they took a pull of k!lla to the brain like...

 12-06-2009, 05:07 PM         #74
KrayLay  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
 vikvon said:
I sway the tec wit the Tech and Sway
Step away, wet and spray, rep the day
Who over debt to pay get swept away
Across the whole board like checker play
When I blaze your whole sect' arrays
Wake Up Show for those who slept away
n*ggas that met the trey, hit the deck and pray
DJ Revolution, spinnin like lead from out the head decay
Tearin your neck away, flood up the street wit blood redecorate
Until the head of jake investigate

The Godfather of the style has taken it to its limits and no one has ever surpassed what he's done, they can only match up to him.
 8 years ago '08        #75
Imagin3 3 heat pts
avatar space
$9,475 | Props total: 3475 3475
Baby did you hear that, well baby i heard it too,
look out the window golly the sky is electric blue,
Mama earth is dying they crying because of you,
raining cats and jackals on shackles disintegrate, the residue,
silly mortal's haven't a clue, as to what the f**k is going on,
ah oh, the telephone,
down in the dungeon "hello?"
"This Dre, bring the MP and the SP,
meet me at the center of the earth and travel carefully"

It's so hard to write it out because his flow so unorthodox but, Three stacks>>>
ChoAssUp gave props
 12-06-2009, 05:16 PM         #76
KrayLay  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
I keeps my forty-five loaded with dum-dums, in rear I hold this
right at my waist for just in case somebody gots to get exploded
Cause G. Rap ain't that n*gga that try to play so n*gga lay low
or get yourself a pair of wings, a harp, and a halo
Clown, keep f**kin around, and you'll be dead G
I'm spttin out the lead see, to split your f**kin head like the Red Sea
Charged up with anger, six slugs in every chamber
Dangerous stranger, with itchy trigger fingers like Lone Ranger
I'm comin to split your cabbage like a savage
and put two in yo' b**ch
and one inside the wifey and the baby carriage
So head for the hills, I k!lls n*ggaz for thrills
Causin crazy blood spill, when I let one drill in your grill
I will pull out the glock to clear the block when I c*ck it
Get laid and played out of pocket with a rocket in your eye socket
So raise up queers, and say your f**kin prayers
I've been k!llin for years, huntin motherf**kers like reindeers
If one n*gga's left standin, I'll squeeze the cannon (BOOM)
Opened his motherf**kin like the Grand Canyon
Layin f**got n*ggaz like towel when I gets wild and fouol
I'm k!llin executioner style

Last edited by KrayLay; 12-06-2009 at 05:17 PM..
 12-06-2009, 05:20 PM         #77
KrayLay  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
Cleverly beginnin em with synonyms when I went in with homynyms
Extended em out, defendin em with linear raps when enbalmin em
Bendin em back, blendin em with miraculous type
f**k is up? Y'all n*ggaz do like Dracula's bite
Uhh, don't even bother gotta lotta cats who swallow
for dollar raps scholar holla back like a Rawk' wilder
Me get ya hit ya split ya open sit you down
Get you in the ring, sling slang boxing rounds withcha
Snap your bone gristle, Crystal motel
Queens missle pistol-whip you army issue shouldn't f**k witchu
Or get n*ggaz like Yusef, you're useless
Attack back, smack your whole team toothless
Now welcome to the New York Knicks
where Averex are the jerseys and the boots are the kicks
Y'all on the d*ck the way we pose for the flicks
Queens style, Redhook now all in the mix

 12-06-2009, 05:22 PM         #78
KrayLay  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
Yes yes y'all, I still fiend by any means
to flow, and I go through extremes don't intervene
My adventures show like a three dimensional screen
Cause I mention many things and I'm presentin many scenes
Guess I'm telegraphic, motions energentic
Better tell em forget it, cause I'm telekinetic
Crowds is screamin, I choke the mic and keep squeezin
Styles seemin like I used a thousand words without breathin
Bustin techs like Russian Roulette I doubt you win
Freestyles like hand grenades without the pin
Composin, then leave the mic full of corrosion
Don't test this, or best to expects this explosion
At shows I spit flows with seven deadly venoms
Killin syllables with poisonous synonyms in em
Ideas is blowin, mics is blowin
from what I'm showin, see it, I keep it goin when I'm flowin

The God..
 8 years ago '05        #79
Switchc2390 10 heat pts10
avatar space
$18,394 | Props total: 4520 4520
Kool G Rap..and it isn't close.
 12-06-2009, 09:36 PM         #80
Rocafella18  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
pac and it even close.


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