What are the best tools/paint 2 use 2 customize kicks??

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What are the best tools/paint 2 use 2 customize kicks??

I want to start customizing some shoes do you guys know any tool i may need or the best paint 2 use 4 a clean look?? any help appreciated..

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i heard angelus paints are good to use.
and you'll need somethin to strip the paint off the original shoes. acetone i think. not sure.
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i got this from ISS....so props to those guys for putting this together....this is what i used to get started...


-Angelus Leather PAINT
-Acetone (or shoe preparer) (home depot or hardware stores)
-Brushes (Medium, Fine, and Broad) (art stores)Buy the type called "shader" brushes
-Cotton Balls (for acetone) (pharmacies)
-Finish Coat (Waxy layer) (foot locker, shoe repair shops)

[pic - click to view]

LEATHER MAY DIFFER FROM DIFFERENT SHOES. Feel the leather after acetoning and make sure the feel is NOT slippery. It should feel semi-rough and un-slippery.

(For flat colors add Liquitex Textile Medium (or matte) to your paint...maybe a 3:1 ratio of paint to medium. for gloss coat and gloss medium to the mixture)

Step 1: Put Acetone on the Cotton Ball (be careful this ish is harmful use gloves) and rub area where you will apply paint. Make sure the waxy layer is off the leather (it will turn grey.. if not look at the cotton ball and if there is a paste like substance it is the waxy layer) Sometimes it will not be grey. Feel the surface of the leather to make sure it is not slippery. If the leather feels slippery, then you must acetone more.
***This is relli an important step in the process of customization in general. Cleaning the object is always important for the durability of the job. Be sure to clean it very well***

Step 2: Get paint ready (mix colors for ur needs) Now take your brush and apply paint once to your area (it mite be uneven DONT WORRY) and make sure it isn't bumpy or relli thick. LET DRY

Step 3: Apply another coat of paint to the area (it should look better now but not completely the best) LET DRY

Step 4: Apply the last coat but put the least amount of paint on your brush and this will be the last layer of paint. LET DRY.

Step 5: This step is optional. Angelus alreadi has a waterproofed coat but for a professional finish spray a waxy layer on the paint area. this will not make it shiny or dull and will not affect the colors.

*** waxy layer is another term for a waterproofer.***
-If you would like to use dyes, it is not recommended. Dye is if you would wanna fix up some old black shoes. Paints enable you to create custom colors.

::::notes on COLORS::::
-Primary colors: RED BLUE YELLOW.
-Neutral colors: BLACK WHITE GREY (get these 6 colors as the starters kit)
-MIXING IRREGULAR COLORS: here are sum irregular colors that u mite run into while tryin to mix
-TO GET TAN/GUM--- 65% yellow_30% brown_3%white_2%orange
-TO GET LIGHT RED--- 85% red_22% orange_3% white
-TO GET CAROLINA BLUE--- 65% blue_33% white_2% magenta(ppl mite object to this. but trust me. if u just mix 50% blue and 50% white with angelus u will get a blue more on the aqua side)
-TO GET LIME GREEN--- 85% green_15% yellow

:::notes on PAINTING::: (tips)
-do NOT paint in ONE thick coat. DO paint several thin coats
-DO wipe brush on side of jar after dipping in paint. This prevents thick, drippy, coats.
-DO use medium brush when painting areas that are not small nor big. (eg a swoosh)
-if u wish to paint the midsole, please understand that it will NOT stay on the rubber for a lasted amount of time and MAY crack. But if you do not care (or if you would just like to display them) you can use angelus paints to paint the midsole. but clean the surface well and paints about 5 coats. THen spray (or apply) varnish (longer lasting protection) after you are finish painting the midsole. Again, please note it is not recommended you paint the midsoles.
-if you would like to change the color of the stitching on the shoe (such as on the NIKE AIR sign on the back of an AF1, you must noe that the stichting will harden once painted on. Use a fine tipped brush for this or a fine tipped paint marker.
-PAINTING LOGOS: one material needed. TALENT
-DO use creativity when you are customizing.
-DO put alot of effort when you are customizing. Even if u are sloppy, if you show alot of effort and thought into your sneaker you wont get clowned on. if you just put sum paint on a swoosh and toe, and say u customized a sneaker, thats not showing that u put alot of time into ur sneaker.

:::notes on CUSTOM ITEMS:::
-custom boxes. turn a box inside out. and let ur imagination do the rest.
-shirts. if u want to paint a shirt. u can use basically any kind of paint except for watercolors.

::notes to NEWBIES:::
-do NOT post questions that hav been answered here
-do NOT gravedig
-do NOT ask stupid questions
-DO show interest

SUEDE: Can be dyed using fabric dye, or watered down paint. It will harden if you use too much.
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I was just gonna say hit up ISS, but that post works lol


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