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Dec 9 - Dec 9 - Dec 9 - g@y Rapper Interview WHOA!

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Dec 9 - Dec 9 - Dec 9 - g@y Rapper Interview WHOA!

So what is it you want to know? he asks in a cool voice that sounds like he is trying to put the moves on me. Or maybe I am just a pit paranoid. Though one of Billboard's top selling rap acts has finally agreed to openly talk about his s3xuality with a member of the press fro the first time, he still wishes for his identity to remain a secret. A secret I have promised to carry to my grave.

Truthfully, I am not sure what to ask, since I am supposed to be politically correct and accept homos3xuality. What made you decide that you wanted to come out of the closet? I try to ask without looking interested in a date, but this story. I can not help but judge him by his over-zealous display of homeboy mannerism, Since it would be useless to say that I am straight, I wait for an answer. I always knew that I had an interest in men, he replies. It is just that I could not always act on it. When you come from the projects, brothers are not proud to announce that they are into that kinda sh1t. But once we all got fu#ked up, then there is a different brotherhood going round the room and motherfu#kers will go down on your sh1t and vice versa.

So what you are telling me is that there are many so-called brothers who dabble into other lifestyles under the influence of drugs or alcohol, I probe.

Yo, a nut is a nut. He laughs to himself. You know when you are on lockdown, it is alright to have a sissy suck your d1ck....Yo, you may even fu#k them, but when your a$s is free and everything is supposed to be lovely, you are not wit that kind of sh1t. But yo, that sh1t is like crack. One good whiff and your a$s is whipped. You see, only another brother can satisfy your need. Yo, I believe that a man is made for a woman and a woman is made for a man, but only a man knows what a man needs and feels. Only a man can satisfy another man.

So what about your personal life? Is there a special person in your life?
There is, but when I was on tour last summer, my lover was not too happy about me being away so long. Plus he knew that there were other motherfu#kers on the road who were into it just like me, you now what I am saying. Just cause we swinging like that do not mean we lost our male existences, he says with a wink.
Let me tell you about being on tour:It is like a combination of being in jail - everybody is like on morphine - and being motherfu#kin kids in a toy store. First up, nobody has any scruples or morals and nobody is got their memory anymore, he says. He remembers one night at Freaknic in Atlanta, near the beginning of his career. We did this show at the Coca-Cola parking lot. There was like a million motherfu#kers and they were from everywhere. So after the show we went back to the hotel and sh1t. And we started drinking and getting high; Around 2 O'clock in the morning naggers are fu#ked up! An they are like, Let's go get some pu$$y. So, yo, I may get fu#ked, but I are not no stranger to pu$$y; so I am wit it. My boy wonÕt get mad, we got an understanding as long as I am doing the right thing.

We get in the car and n1ggas are screaming out the window and we just driving to nowhere. I am thinking we are gonna get pulled over by some state troopers and be another group of rap artists going to jail. We pull up to this place and from afar it looks like a Greek Picnic. But up close it is many, many motherfu#kers outside. Some from the concert I remember checkin me out. When we drive by and park on the side street and walk up (we see) it is this guys club named Loretta's. up close it is many, many motherfu#kers outside. Some from the concert I remember checkin me out. When we drive by and park on the side street and walk up (we see) it is this guys club named Loretta's. Yo! My boy told me about it and he told me he did not want my a$s in there.

So now I am buggin; cause here is the hardest of the hard walkin through the door and this n1gga says,Word. Maybe I can get some ****** to suck my joint. They are laughing like it is a game. They turn to me and say, Yo, ya alright with this sh1t? Before I could answer, the n1gga says, Cause I am not no homo, but I will get my sh1t off.

in less than an hour we had picked up three young brothers from the club and we was back up in the hotel room. It is like a fu#kin orgy: n1ggas got their pants around their ankles and there is so much d1ck sucking going on -- And what were you doing during this event? (I was curious because I was being aroused. Funny do not you think ?)

I was just smoking a joint an chilling. Holding my own. Yeah, right. So the next day, we get up and we are hung over and everyone except for me ca not remember anything that happened the night before.

We go into IHOP (International House of Pancakes) and n1ggas are braggin about the pu$$y they had last night. We got back to New York. I told my boy what happened.

Of course curiosity is ki1ling me and I am dying to ask. So I do: Would you care to elaborate a few names? He adjusts his seat and looks me straight in the eye. I try to give him a look to remind him that I am conducting and interview and not trying to get a date. (It is moments like this when I question my relationship with this magazine's publisher - maybe he knows something about me that I do not know yet.)

I do not drop dimes on other people's business, he answers. I do not like them in my business.

Which brings me back to my original question: Why are you coming forward with this? He sits straight up as if heÕs preparing to address an audience at a news conference. Never showing that he is nervous, he removes his sunglasses, showing his light colored eyes for the first time. I was at a party and n1ggas was talking about that Eazy-E sh1t and I got t thinking to myself, How come people still are not face the fact that AIDS is real and it ain't no white ****** disease and it ain't some God damnation or whatever dumb sh1t you put in your head?...

Cause whatever it is, it is here and it are not going nowhere until motherfu#kers, g@y and straight, learn to respect it and respect each other. There is a lot of g@y hip-hop artists out there and the day that any of them drop dead, it is gonna get covered up with some fake story. But the truth is they was fu#king around, just like I was fu#king around before I wanted to be a rapper. sh1t, if I did not have someone in my life, I would be fu#king around with a lot of them myself. An yo, I could name at least three of them who are HIV positive and that bi#ch Wendy Williams (from New York's Hot 97 radio station) fu#kin jokes about who is HIV positive, when you could check the selections from her closet from all the d1ck that she is sucked, she could have AIDS right here and now.

So why is it okay to call out Wendy and other artists? He looks me straight in the face with a force I feel rushing through me and a warmth that actually begins to frighten me Cause I learned the hard way that n1ggas do not think that I can be hard and true to my craft if I am putting a d1ck in my mouth. Yo, I am just as well as any motherfuker out there. I grew up in Brooklyn and been shot up, stabbed and jumped and beat-down - my sh1t is as real as it can be. I thought that being a man was having a girl and a baby and going to jail, but that didnÕt make me a man. But people like her think it is a joke and all she cares about is who is likstening, but are not nobody really listening to what the fu#k is going on.

He seems a little heated. And, for some strange reason, so am I. He is hitting all the right points and I am remembering the time I was playing my junior high school buddy, Terrance and we began experiencing things with each other that I did rather not talk about now.....

So back to this mate. Are you still together? Yeah me and my boy are living happily ever after and all that sh1t. We hang out, we play ball, we go to the Village and shop and more. He comes with me to the studio when I am working on my album or when I am producing somebody else is sh1t. It is the best sh1t. My mom's thinks he is my assistant and my baby's mother calls him my flunky, but that is my little n1gga. He holds me and takes care of me when IÕm sick and rubs my back when IÕve had a rough day and sh1t.

What kind of man turns you on? I am uneasy asking this question for two reasons: 1) It is such a stereotypical thing to ask you)
2) For my own curiosity, I had to ask.

You know that Adina Howard song? I need a ruffneck brother to satisfy me. I can not help but smile to myself. He returns the smile......my heart skips a few beats and I try to imagine what his mate looks like. Judging from his figure, I guess heÕd be interested in Common on one end of the spectrum and AZ on the other. Is this how Scott Pouison Bryant felt when he interviewed LL Cool J

Let me ask you a question, he says. I am taken back by this, but what rapper have you known to be laid back and quiet? You want to ask me a question?


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