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 9 years ago '04        #41
HUMAN_CRACK 4 heat pts
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$6,365 | Props total: 120 120
Rapper for the hell of it, hella rich, never have to sell a brick again must I tell a b***h again
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 9 years ago '05        #42
toojive4u 3 heat pts
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$1,304 | Props total: 370 370
Rick Ross - Yacht club

they say that he aint bigger than biggie, b***h im bigger than you
 9 years ago '07        #43
Grave 3 heat pts
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$7,788 | Props total: 207 207
Best first line, berst first verse, best f**kin flow, best coming into a song outa nowhere. Classic

 9 years ago '05        #44
CO Butta 4 heat pts
$6,396 | Props total: 1 1
I aint a k!lla But dont push me
Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to get p***y/

Hopin my true motha f**kaz know
this be the realest s**t i ever wrote
Up in the studio gettin blowed
the truest s**t i ever spoke.

-Tupac Shakur

It was all a dream
I used to read Word Up magazine
Salt'n'Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine
Hangin' pictures on my wall
Every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl

-Christoper Wallace

I came into this world high as a bird
From second hand cocain powder
i know it sounds absurd
I never tooted but its in my veins
While the rest of the country bungies off bridges
Without no snap back
and b***hes they say they need that
To shake they fannies in the a.ss clubs

-Andre Benjamin

Till I collapse I知 spillin' these raps, long as you feel 'em
Till the day that I drop you値l never say that I知 not k!lling 'em
Cause when I am not then I am stop pennin them
And I am not hip-hop and I知 just not Eminem.

-Marshall Mathers

Another sunny day, another bright blue sky -
Another day, another muthaf**ka die
These are the things I went through when I was growin up
There's only one hood, and n*ggas sh*t be throwin' up

-Warren G

Don't call it a comeback
I been here for years
Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear
Makin the tears rain down like a MON-soon
Listen to the bass go BOOM

-James Todd Smith

Life is but a dream to me
Gun shots sing to these
Other guys but lullabies
Don't mean a thing to me
I'm not afraid of dying
I'm afraid of not trying
Everyday hit every wave
Like I'm Hawaiian

-Sean Carter

Brace yourself for the main event
Y'all impatiently waiting
It's like an AIDS test, what's the results?
Not positive, who's the best? Pac, Nas and Big


Lord, you left me stranded
And I don't know why
Told me to live my life
Now I'm ready to die
Ready to fly
I cry, but I shed no tears
You told me you would dead those fears, it's been years

 9 years ago '08        #45
Tecnique 27 heat pts27
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$11,439 | Props total: 371 371
Respect a G, my clique clap at you excessively
I lay back and drink alcohol excessively
It ain't a rapper that's alive today that's testing me
I got degrees in being ignorant and weaponry
A 40 oz of Dutch Master is the recipe
That's my s**t there, that'll be the death of me
Give me a death mask, better yet an effigy
I understand the math of death and it's complexity
I understand how you was violently murked
I understand how you was raised under the lies of the church (laughter)
But understand I recognize that I'm cursed
With the ability to end your f**king lives with a verse
 9 years ago '07        #46
Jersey732 6 heat pts
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$4,629 | Props total: 405 405

"Go ahead and grip glocks, I'll snap ya trigger finger in 6 spots
You'll have to liplock with hypodermic needles to lick shots"

"when krs-one comes to spit
you dj's with no breaks, i dont wanna hear that s**t
the radio, i cant even bare that s**t
gucci prada, i dont even wear that s**t"
 9 years ago '06        #47
01seay 84 heat pts84
avatar space
$21,278 | Props total: 4713 4713
why do i feel so alone
like everybody passin thru the studio is in character
as if he actin out a movie role
talkin bulls**t as if it was for you to know
and i don't have the heart to give these b***h n*ggas
the cue to go
so they stick around kickin out feed back
and i entertain it as if i need that
i had a talk wit my uncle and he agreed that
my privacy about the only thing i need back
 9 years ago '04        #48
dirty v 
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$1,120 | Props total: 1 1
I'm a giant in a game fulla midgets/ yall n*ggas is trash I wouldn't listen 2 ur snippets/ - ya boy

I'm from the dirty bur I stay so fresh so clean/ with all these throwbacks ud think I got a time machine/- chopper aka yung city

I go the hardest flow so retard/ I'm disgusted with myself I mean uhhhhh where do I start/ 1st I spin around vomit/ then I s**t up on it f**k the beat up so bad won't nobody else get up on it/-Kayne west go hard verus 1

I aint never been scured/ never been the type 2 bite my words/ when I came up yall gave me s**t now I'm fittin 2 make yall eat them turds/ always said what the f**k I felt gone head spit that murder I wrote/ man I don't care what u felt f**k u n*gga I no I'm dope/ - kayne west go hard verus 2

He said....I write what I see/ write 2 make it right don't like where I be/ I'd like 2 make it like the sites on tv/ quite the great life so nice n easy/ - lupe -hip hop saved my life
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 06-07-2009, 04:52 PM         #49
$n/a | Props total:  
"Listen up gangstas and honeys with ya hair done
Pull up a chair hon' and put it in the air son
Dog, whatever they call you, god, just listen
I spit a story backwards, it starts at the ending"

 9 years ago '04        #50
Ace Tu 7 heat pts
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$2,269 | Props total: 279 279
Eminem -

The one man on the planet that'll drive off of the Grand Canyon
Hop out of a Grand Am and land in it handstandin
Any man plannin to battle will get snatched out of his clothes
So fast it'll look like an invisible man standin
I'm headed for Hell, I'd rather be dead or in jail
Bill Clinton, hit this, and you better inhale
Cause any MC that chooses to go against me
Is gettin takin advantage of like Monica Lewinksy (Leave me alone!)

Run DMC -

Now Peter Piper picked peppers but Run rocked rhymes
Humpty Dumpty fell down that's his hard time
Jack B. Nimble what nimble and he was quick
But Jam Master cut faster Jack's on Jay's d**k

Jay-Z (At his best) -

Yo, yo...yo, I blacks out, I pulls the mack out
Scream "Whats that about," then I clap out
I get my plot on, in my drop on
Through the rotten, dont even hate on those who hate me
I got popped on, feelin' it (feelin' it)
Chickens are ice grillin' it
Cops pullin' it over, Jigga react militant
Speed off, officer told me to turn the beat off
I turned it a level higher, then return the devils fire
I'm raised different, reactin' situations
n*ggas lay stiff and, rookies blame it on the age difference
My subliminal flows create criminal O's
Sing along if you with me, til the end of the road
I'm cynical when in the view of the public
And this is because, I'm defensive when I'm in interviews
The percentage who dont understand is higher than the percentage who do
Check yourself, what percentage is you?

Tupac -

Come listen to my truest thoughts, my truest feelings
All my peers doing years beyond drug dealing
How many caskets can we witness
Before we see it's hard to live
This life without God, so we must ask forgiveness

Nas -

I woke up early on my born day, I'm twenty years of blessing
The essence of adolescent leaves my body now I'm fresh in
My physical frame is celebrated cause I made it
One quarter through life some God-ly like thing created
Got rhymes 365 days annual plus some
Load up the mic and bust one, cuss while I puffs from
my skull cause it's pain in my brain vein money maintain
Don't go against the grain simple and plain

Biggie -

Armed and dangerous
ain't too many can bang with us.
Straight up weed,
No angel dust.
Label us

Eminem -

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti
He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready
To drop bombs, but he keeps on forgettin
What he wrote down, the whole crowd goes so loud
He opens his mouth, but the words won't come out
He's choking how, everybody's joking now
The clock's run out, time's up, over, blauw!


No more games, I'ma change what you call rage
Tear this motherf**king roof off like two dogs caged
I was playing in the beginning, the mood all changed
I been chewed up and spit out and booed off stage

Big L -

Aiyyo, you betta flee hobbes, or get your head flown three blocks
L keep rappers hearts pumpin like reeboks
And every year I gain clout and my name sprouts
Some brothersd still be large if the crack never came out
I got the wild style, always been a foul child
My guns go boom-boom, and yo guns go pow-pow

Eminem -

I'm the devil - if ever there was such a thing
The results of much too many drugs what you're seeing
I'm a mindf**k, completely dis-(gus)-ting
I'm (white), a human mutt, f**k a being

Royce Da 5'9" -

I'm in the drop wit the top up wit cash
Mashin the pot wit the glock in the stash
You boxin you possibly got you a shot in yo a.ss
Dropped in a box in the trash
Chopped into pieces... stabbed
Wit the top of you leaking...
Feet from the opposite half of you reekin,
 9 years ago '08        #51
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$285 | Props total: 94 94
check it out, im still pimp c b***h so wut da f**k is up
puttin powder on da streets cuz i got big f**kin nuts
...south texas muthaf**ka dats where i stay
gettin money from yo b***hes every gotdamn day
big paper im foldin(foldin)
hoes is on my muthaf**kin jock for all dis d**k dat i b holdin


i got a 64 chevy in my yard
a white drop top pearl paint job is hard
white plush inside but da mold is french
triple gold double 8 daytons is da best uhh
- pimp c

(get on yo knees n*gga, get on yo knees and pray)
increase da doses bustin whoeva closest
its thug livin hell or prison neva losin my focus
im makin money moves mandatory end of discussion
my past records tell a story picture n*ggas we rushin and still bustin
till da cops come runnin duck in abandoned buildins
ditchin my gun, oh wut a muthaf**kin feelin
- pac

i hear you breathin but yo heart no longer sounds strong
but you kinda scared of dyin so you hold on
and you keep on blackin out but the ghost is near
stop tryna f!ght da reaper jus relax and let it go
because theres no way you can f!ght it but youll still try
and you can try untill u f!ght it but youll still die
now your spirit leaves ya body and ya mind clears
then rigamortis starts to set now you outta here
- scarface
 9 years ago '04        #52
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$1,235 | Props total: 313 313
So ima let the world know the truth, you dont want me to shine
You studied my rhyme, then you lays your vocals after mine
Thats a b***h move, somethin that a homo rapper would do
So when you say that you platinum, you only droppin clues
I studied your background, read the book that you wrote
Researched the footnotes, bout how you used to sniff coke
Frontin like a drug free role model, you disgust me
I know b***hes that seen you smoke weed recently


Ay-yo I shatter dreams like jordan, a.ssault and batter your team
Your squadronll be barred from rap like adam & eve from the garden
Im carvin my initials on your forehead
So every night before bed you see the bp shine off the board head
Reverse that, I curse at the first wack n*gga with the worst rap
Cuz he aint worth jack
Hit em with a thousand pounds of pressure per slap
Make his whole body jerk back, watch the earth crack
Hand him his purse back
Im the first latin rapper to baffle your skull
Master the flow, n*ggaz be swearin Im blacker than coal
Like nat king, I be rapping in tongues,
Packing the ones, magnums, cannons and gatling guns
Its big pun

-Big Punisher

I'm in the state of mind where there's no telling what can occur
and I create a rhyme cause there's no telling what can emerge

 9 years ago '05        #53
Da Gooneyz 5 heat pts
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$8,172 | Props total: 1219 1219
Ya Highness, Live from the Brick One Six
 9 years ago '08        #54
MAKAVELI2199 17 heat pts17
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$5,386 | Props total: 195 195
some say i'm crazy, these punk a.ss cops can't fade me
mama tried to raise me but had too many babies
papa was a motherf**kin' joke
used to find dope in his coat, and nearly choked
when he tell me not to smoke
damn don't get me started
my mama smoked so got damn much
when she was pregnant i'm surprised i aint retarded
 9 years ago '08        #55
MAKAVELI2199 17 heat pts17
avatar space
$5,386 | Props total: 195 195
yo dun before the sun set call connect
get all the techs i'm vexed this n*gga soft as s3x
lost respect let's off his neck ....

i sit back with this pack
of zigzags and this bag
of this weed it gives me
the s**t needed to be ....

Last edited by MAKAVELI2199; 06-07-2009 at 09:36 PM..
 9 years ago '05        #56
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$924 | Props total: 0 0
I don't give a f**k who you are, so f**k who you are

-Styles P
 9 years ago '04        #57
$471 | Props total: 0 0
 Hardkore said:
"there's several different levels of devil worshippin'..."
:applause: Em went in on that 1.

Sick thoughts but the delivery and word play was on point.
 9 years ago '07        #58
dnycem 3 heat pts
avatar space
$11,956 | Props total: 2013 2013
"I break bread,ribs,100 dollar bills"
 9 years ago '05        #59
Wasted|M 26 heat pts26
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$12,316 | Props total: 95 95
"Allow me to re-introduce myself, My name is HOV (HOV)
H to the O-V, I used to move snowflakes by the O.Z."

~ Jay Z

"To all the k!llers and the hundred dollar billers
For real, n*ggas who ain't got no feelings
Check it out now"

~ Mobb Deep
 9 years ago '04        #60
wheezyfbaby 9 heat pts
avatar space
$4,410 | Props total: 29 29
 KillaCam06 said:
Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name hov hov h to the ov
First that come to my mind, but another favorite is:

"Watch, as I combine all the juice from the mind
Heel up, wheel up, bring it back, come rewind
Powerful impact BOOM! from the cannon
Not braggin, try to read my mind just imagine
Vo-cab-u-lary's necessary
When diggin into my library
Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!
Eating ayea toadstool like the one Peter Tosh-a
Uh, uh uhh, all over with the track man
Uh, pardon me, uhh, as I come back
As I did it yo I heard you beg your pardon
When I travel to the Sun I roll with the squadron
RRRRRROAW RRRRRRROAW like a dungeon dragon
Change your little drawers cause your pants are saggin
Try to step to this, I will, fits you in a turban
And had you smellin ripe, like some old stale urine
Checkady-choco, the chocolate chicken
The rear c*ck diesel, buttcheeks they were kickin
Yo, bustin out before the Busta bust a nut the rhyme
the rhythm is in sync (UHH!) the rhymes are on time (TIME!)
Rippin up this dance just like a radio
Observe the vibe and check out the scenario!!
Yeah, my man motherf**ker!"

- Busta Rhymes


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