The most arrogant line in hip hop is...


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 03-28-2005, 10:41 AM         #101
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The world is mine
fag**t that's a real dream
Me against the top five
n*gga that's a real scene
Style P - What They Want

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 03-28-2005, 10:55 AM         #102
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"I read somewhere, I'm homophobic, shiiit
Go through the hood, there's mad n*ggas on my d*ck"

-50 Cent "Ryder Music"

 04-04-2005, 08:07 PM         #103
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that whole 50 cent intro on sirius radio,
"god made only on-n-e of these n*ggas...every ten years, it take ten more years, so my competition is ten years behind me, only way he'll be able to beat me is if i slow down, feel me, i told n*ggas i was on they heels and they slowed down, i got em now. daamn! if i wasnt me i'd shoot me, godamn it i love being me...."
"i'm glad u love me, but if i didnt love me i'm sure u wouldnt love me, u mistake my confidence for arrogance, es ok even god was misunderstood."

 15 years ago '05        #104
MSSoldier  3 heat pts3
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"I'll have you gaspin' for air after that shell hit your vest, Fear me like you
fear God cause I bring death."
-50 Cent

C'mon now ain't nobody scared of this bi*ch n*gga.

 15 years ago '04        #105
Skilllz  1 heat pts1
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"I only know one n*gga that can come next to me
No, that's a tattle, cause I can't count my own shadow"

- Big Daddy Kane

"Non resistable, non compatible
I'm not saying I'm the best, I'm just saying I'm fu*kin incredible
And let's just get one more thing understood
If I fart on a record, trust me n*gga, that sh*t gon' sound good"

- Big Daddy Kane

 04-05-2005, 12:17 AM         #106
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Damn...the only ones that were good were the Chino ones...Chino IS up there with the most arrogant...But I think the crown goes to either Rise, Copywrite, or maybe Cani...

I'm bout to post a whole bunch of lines lol...here we go...

"I never said that battling me, would be impossible,
I just think it's highly mothafu*kin improbable
You talkin to a n*gga that could split molecules
Subatomic particles
Strong enough to stop a bull
Body slam two oxes and drop a mule
Urinating rocket fuel, freestyling over gospel tunes" - Canibus

"Y'all n*ggas can't be serious, I was nice before ice
Before Christ, before the words let there be light
and the light took over the night
I was born wit a mic, lord of the mic before all plant and animal life" - Canibus

"I defend my horse, my men, my friends
My family AND my offspring so bring it on then...
So I could show you how I devour,
n*ggas like a rockwilder wit acidic saliva
Step yo sh*t up, n*gga, the ripper's much iller
Cuz when I write rhymes I use the MIND to pick the pen up - Canibus

"It is mentally unimaginable, mathematically incalculable, inextricably infallible..let's not forget, utterly impossible and morally unsermountable to a*sume that I could lose if I battle you..." - Canibus

"Half the square root of my I.Q. is beyond you" - Canibus

"Representing the east coast from border to border/I'll battle this world in alphabetical order" - Canibus

"Trying to shine wit the shine I invent...I know I ain't perfect, but I'm 99.9 percent" - Canibus

"If you one of them n*ggas that only trust what you could touch/When you see me, give me a pound and shut the fu*k up" - Canibus

"And nothing about my physical matrix is basic
I kick flavor beyond what your tongue is capable of tasting
You'll be so surprised, you won't believe your own eyes
It's like, explaining color to a man that was born blind" - Canibus

"Yo, if I'm hawking you like a bird...
It's not cuz I respect you gawd
It's cuz I'm looking for a perfect place for me to sh*t on" - Canibus

"Kick a rhyme that will melt the earth, then ask you in the afterlife if you felt the verse/Sippin on sizzurp/Tryin to stay alert, belch and burp/I know I'm the illest, I dunno if it helps or hurts" - Canibus

"I go On & On like Erika Badu
a hundred times nicer than the best is
twice as arrogant as KRS is, who wanna test this
fu*k yall you dont impress me and no one can test me
An Emcee so ill, I got AIDS scared to catch me
All that sh*t you poppin will stop, when I put you in a headlock,
and apply pressure until I crush your mutha fu*kin noggin
I grab mics and push n*ggas to the left
so fast their hearts end up on the right side of their chests"
- Canibus

"Exposin yourself to the verbal radiations
Sayin you can defeat me is nothin but speculation
Lyrics unravel, faster than bullets travel through barrels
n*ggaz be diggin my styles like fossils and pterodactyls
Who wanna battle?
I'm bad to the bone marrow
The Earth got one sun but I walk with three shadows" - Canibus

"I'll run up on you and set it for no reason
My flows are like body-blows that cause internal bleeding
Cause I'm the baddest motherfu*ker, above average
With alien deoxyribonucleic acid
A blood spore, with meatphors of all sorts
So fly I need a pass port just to walk" - Canibus

"Y'all n*ggaz is wack, rappin over microphone feedback
My intelligence begins where yours peaks at" - Canibus

HOLY sh*t thats a whole bunch of lines...I'ma do Copy next...

 04-05-2005, 12:27 AM         #107
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Ight now I'ma post sum ill Copywrite lines...

"Yo, yo the best this year
To bless this here mic til your brain burst
I'll guest appear twice and the check will clear three times from the same verse
I was always a demon
I took the form of a fetus the second my pop's balls spread his semen
Lost my marbles at six
fu*k swollowin my nut, I make bi*ches gargle my piss" - Copywrite

"I preach each word on the mic like it's my last word i'll recite
So I'll be famous tomorrow if I'm murdered tonight" - Copy

"And you can love me, or you can judge me
But dissin me's like, Beetlejuice in a cape, Super Ugly
Trust me, I'ma sh*t on my foes
And sit on my throne
So hop off my d*ck and get on your own" - Copy

"So bet the money you got MY ALBUM'S LIKE HELL!
You don't know when it's comin but you know it's gonna be hot" - Copy

"What's a nice girl like you doin suckin my c*ck?
Or gettin pulled over for speedin and fu*kin a cop?
Whether you loved it or not, you still did it to get out of a ticket
Now suck my d*ck before I beat the sh*t outta you with it
Want a milkshake? Suck the sh*t out and you'll get it
Six four and I'll fu*k the sh*t out of a midget
Lived out most men's dreams when I was seventeen
Been through more sh*t than most pr0n stars ever seen" - Copy

"When the mic is near me, you've got every right to fear me
So ahead of my time not even a psychic hears me
When his hand drops my brain unlocks
And you're dodgin this insane a*sault, I wouldn't entertain the thought
Battle scars I'll leave you stuck with it
My style's like a pu**y with AIDS, you don't wanna fu*k with it" - Copy

 04-05-2005, 12:37 AM         #108
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 Krypt said
"cos you shaped so beautifully, and your almost as cute as me" ~ Cassidy

and both those Jada ones are true, the KRS line is just stupid
The KRS one is great and both the Jada ones are stupid...

First of all, one sh*tty album, and it was a sh*tty album, doesn't put you in the put anyone in the top 5 all time list.

Second of all how else would you take someone calling you the best? It is obviously a compliment. Who would take it as an insult? A moron maybe?

I like Jada, but I hate how so many people ion here put him on such a high pedistal. He should have to drop a classic album before he is eligable for anyone's top 5 list. It should be about performance, not potential.

So many rappers in the game today are better than him... he may be one of the best punchline MC's of today, but he's definately not the greatest ever.

Jada doesn't have sh*t on the likes of Biggie, Big Pun or Big L that's three and that's just rappers who's names start with "big". Add Rakim to that list along with Tupac, Nas or Jigga and Jada is out of the top 5. I could go on, but I won't.

Even if you don't like those rappers they have all done something Jada will likely never do and that is drop a classic...

Remember performance, not potential.

I know this rant was off topic, but I needed to say it.

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 04-05-2005, 01:00 AM         #109
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Here are some Rise quotes...

"I recycle old verses if I think nobody heard it
In this rap game, I'm nobody...NOBODY'S PERFECT."

"Arrogant, used to be shy, but then I lost it
Now I draw a line on the floor & dare you to cross it
You forefeit, as long as my crew's breathin'
your clique will be shook at home talkin' turns sleepin'
Paranoid, scared, waitin' for the attack
in the mirror tellin' yourself that your better than that
I'm wreckin' the tracks, I represent a rhyme for the streets
Your whole song is phat except for the rhymes and the beats" - Rise

"If you ever flowin' with Rise, my level's goin' so high
to the average human eye, I'm just a spot in the sky
Makin it tho, Parade wit my face on the floats
behind bulletproof glass I'm encased like the Pope
I'm too, big for these pawns can't stand it in here
n*gga you too small, your feet still dangle in chairs" - Rise

I got more rhymes than there's rain drops in a storm
I'm a...head of my time and can't wait till I'm born
So I can stand strong, hold my ground, nobody can budge Rise
I was hit by a bus...ten people on that bus died
- Rise

"Outrageous, a man of respect, get in phases
I'm sick, rappers try to touch me thinkin I'm contagious" - Rise

"Dealt a bad hand, but I'm playin it smart
Move from state of confusion, to state of the art" - Rise

"In a class by myself, proffesors? Non-essential
To get half as nice you need twice your brain's potential" - Rise

"Your life span will shrink, pride goes down the drain...I'm so hot, I stay dry when I walk in the rain" - Rise

"IF you don't like my style, you got the wrong taste
Rise, my mind state is bigger than Spawn's cape" - Rise

"To know me is to love me, but some people can't stand me
Conceited creep, I take weeks to answer my beeps
I'm the king, I should be fed grapes and fanned wit a leaf" - Rise

"I'm a honor to rhyme wit, but a jerk to talk to
Mad quiet, you won't even know that I'm there
My closet's full of skeletons, I hang my coats in a chair
Legendary, people won't believe I exist
One day I'll be your favorite rapper and your reason to quit
In cyphers, you get skipped when they pass it to me
You write your illest wack sh*t when you're thinking of me" - Rise

Ight fu*k this, I'm done...there are arrogant lines there to last for years...now give me props! lol...

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 15 years ago '04        #110
likwitcrewmembe  2 heat pts2
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" my girl said she doesnt like usher because he's getting too c*cky i told her to shut up cause that's exactly how she got me"- CANIBUS

 15 years ago '04        #111
Young Fab  2 heat pts2
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didn't feel like readin all them pages so if someone already this one........so da fu*k wut, naw i'm playin but

"if i ain't betta than BIG then i'm da closest one"-Jayz a.k.a Hov a.k.a Jigga a.k.a wuteva da fu*k u wanna call him

 04-05-2005, 07:08 PM         #112
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Im so far ahead of my time, Im bout to start another life
Look behind you, Im bout to pass you twice
Back to the future and gotta slow up for the present
Im fast, n*ggaz cant get past my past
How they propose to deal with my perfect present?
When I unwrap "The Gift & the Curse" in one session
Aint no livin person can test him
Only two restin in heaven can be mentioned in the same breath as him
Seven straight summers, critics might not admit it
But nobody in rap did it, quite like I did it
If you did it I done it before, you get I had it
Got mad at it and dont want it no more
And that goes for everything from flippin that raw
Flippin wh*res, flippin vocal chords, dont get it twisted
Get it right, did different, did it better, did it nice Jay-z

this n*gga serious

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 04-05-2005, 07:22 PM         #113
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" how can the devil take a brother if he's close to me" and all of tupacs other allusions to being jesus

 04-05-2005, 07:26 PM         #114
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 MegaTON said
krs one had some quote

"these emcees are like stars but none of that matters when the sun comes, when the sun comes out you cant even see the stars anymore and im the sun"

he k*lled it
GODAMN!! *faints*

 04-05-2005, 07:44 PM         #115
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Yo I'm strictly about skills and dope lyrical coastin'
Relying on talent, not marketing and promotion
If a dope lyrical flow is a must
You gots to go with a name you can quickly trust

I'm not sayin I'm number one, uhh I'm sorry, I lied
I'm number one, two, three, four and five

 15 years ago '04        #116
MegaTON  22 heat pts22
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heres the closest to the quote by krs i found im pretty sure the quote is in ego trips big book of rap lists somewhere so ill find it in their this week

"Let's get back to the hip-hop
You come into the place you can't LOOK in my face
Cause the light is bright and I'm towering in height
See there are millions of stars in the sky
When the sun appears none are visible to the eye
Why, the reason is the sun is the sun
You can't possibly rock, until I'm done
and finished, and like the evening I'll fade
But when I return you'll cry for more shade
So check the dancestyle cause I am not
Softening up it's time that I rock and sing
Not about my ding-a-ling-a-ling!
But instead bring intellect pon ting
Cause you can inject ignorance in rap
But Kenny Parker ain't tryin to hear that"

 04-05-2005, 07:52 PM         #117
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 C-CANNON said
WOW! Someone needs to get there ear not so god damn close to the speaker, who gives a fu*k what the excact lyric is you homothug, its close enough...stop rydin musical c*ck before i shove my 7 in your heaven, got it chump? dont test me tonight you son of a bi*ch i've had it with you homothugs!


 15 years ago '04        #118
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Fly Guy, Antonio Vaugus.
Porshe’s we ain’t even parkin.
Valet, alligator air forces.
Waves in my head have them chicks getting nauseas.
Let ‘em cause the fame, my dough, your world.
So shake it like a n-n-n-nasty girl. - Nick Cannon

So look Mami Im trying to grind
I'm not trying to romance you
I'm just trying to get them pants loose
Lets get private, 2 way text me
T-Mobile sidekick
One-on-One lets talk and neglect the gossip
I'm as real as they come,Baby girl I got this
My wrist all numb, you can watch the watch gliss
We already bubbly we aint gotta pop Cris' - Nick Cannon

I'm getting money and you hataz don't do nothing for me
Either you with me or against me
n*gga let it show
I get the dough non-stop when the track's hot
And you know
What? Now what?
I ain't even gonna rhyme no more
Y'all get the picture - Lil Zane

 15 years ago '04        #119
marshall law  2 heat pts2
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Y'all covered most of them already--but I had to add two more:

"I d*ck down chicks all immersed in my fame/Jigga been dope since Slick Rick's first chain/ the god, send you back to the earth from whence you came/I'm baking soda, water, fire, merged with caine/ladies don't know me, said "I heard he's vain"/ well guess what, mami? I heard the same"

"Hot sh*t kicker, n*gga, turn these mics out/my jewelry's so bright you can turn these lights out/Hova's like Noah, keep two in the truck/I'm like U-Haul, every bi*ch movin' I fu*k/you movesl*t, I gotta put two in your butt/I'm everything, whens, whys, whos, and whats... n*gga whuuut"

And I propped you for making such a hot thread and SharpShoota for postin so many hot Copy, Chino, and Canibus lines. One.

 15 years ago '04        #120
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Yo the watch too rocky, need shades
Continental sittin on blades, spinnin like waves
Gun too Brock-y, behave
Big shot, plus I'm feelin like Rocky these days
Ice don't melt I could ski through a heatwave
Nights won't help you see Jay, it'll be day
My sh*t too bright, I rip through mics
plus I push more powder than Crystal Light
Chick mad, said I hold my pistol too tight
Get a grip bi*ch, this how I get through life
I buy out the bar, spit Crist' through the mic
See Jigga in the 6 and all the sh*t you like
See Jigga givin d*ck to every bi*ch you like
I told her, "It's Jay-Day and Hit-You-Night"
You wanna, see me again you gotta get two dice
I got rules I can't hit you twice, you heard me?
Watch me - Jay Z

Now if the dude aint the greatest I dont know who is Dead or Alive

 04-05-2005, 08:24 PM         #121
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i think the KRS one 1 is the best IMO

"these emcees are like stars but none of that matters when the sun comes, when the sun comes out you cant even see the stars anymore and im the sun"

 04-05-2005, 08:53 PM         #122
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Some listeners rhyme but after they listen to mine / The list to resign looks like a petition was signed

 15 years ago '04        #123
Aesop730  15 heat pts15
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Nhal Its The Jay Line , Where He Say Somethin Like I Can Fit Ya Whole House In My Apartment , Some Shyt Like That He Was Talking About Game ..shyt Was Ridiculous...

 04-05-2005, 09:52 PM         #124
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In the middle of a war rockin a vest
Who's the illest rappa alive, I confess
-Memphis Bleek-

that was too damn c*cky

 04-06-2005, 07:07 AM         #125
PuNcHLiNE KinGz 
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 JoeyAvalanche said
I wanna hear from all what are some of the most arrogant lines ever used in a verse. These are the top 2 i came up with...

"I aint braggin, but imagine, that you could even fu*k with a n*gga like me BIATCH"
Fabolous - Call Me

"I cant get mad cuz u look at me.... cuz on the real look at me
Mase - Lookin At Me
the fab song is called "damn"

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