May 7 - Hugh Hefner Selects 1st African Playmate of The Year!!!

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 9 years ago '05        #101
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why are we talking about racial history in a Hugh Hefner thread?

Only jatay does racial s**t like this.
 05-15-2009, 01:24 PM         #102
jataylorlfc  OP
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nah i think youll find i reacted 2 some1 else.

and why are u posting in threads just 2 say what some1 else does? only jaimega would do that with his net grudges.
 9 years ago '04        #103
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damn she BADDD...she should do pr0n lol
 9 years ago '06        #104
Da Realness 2 heat pts
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How the hell did this s**t turn into a debate? lol
 9 years ago '07        #105
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 Scorp said:
 9 years ago '05        #106
SyDuck 8 heat pts
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 05-17-2009, 03:26 AM         #107
ElMarroAfamado  OP
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i was wondering why this thread was still alive if the b***h wasnt even all that

but then i read the 6th page and realized it became a race discussion
 9 years ago '98        #108
ronnie|A 10 heat pts10
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^ hes right. Beware of page 6!!
 05-17-2009, 04:56 AM         #109
jataylorlfc  OP
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[QUOTE=Peterparker;13812250]it's the same in the U.S. not the exact same..which I never stated that the 2 places are the exact same when it comes to class or racism..but there alike enough..and matter fact I remember a thread you made awhile back speaking on the Irish struggle is similiar to the black struggle..

i posted an article which said that, and in many ways it is.

and no there not alike for the very reason that the importance or at least the perception of each factors importance is different in each country, i.e. americans place a higher value on race when it comes 2 educational attainment, economic prosperity, even stereotypes of behavior.

wheras in the uk alot of the stereotypes u would see applied to blacks and hispanics are applied to the working class in general, education is weighted in the favour of the middle classes as in america, except in america it is also weighted more in the favour of whites regardless of economic background.

its to do with restricted and elaborated language code, cultural capital etc.

its why the group that performs the worst in the uks educational system are the working class (in general) and topping the least of underachievement are working class white boys followed by working class black boys.

the highest achievers in britain today are female, middle class and of indian descent.

and how blacks(there u go again singling out blacks)n others who were oppressed shouldn't say one's greater then the other and oppression is oppression..
show me where i singled out blacks? again every time u make a baseless accusation i ask u 2 back it up and u just ignore it, u continually say im racist yet offer no examples of my racism, wheras i do when talking about your racism.

well shouldn't RACISM BE matter if one incident of racism happens in the UK compared to's still racism..since oppression is still oppression..I mean this is ur reasoning..
and no u moron, this stems from YOU calling ME a cracker, and thinking thats fine, so isnt it a bit hypocritical of u to then say "shouldnt RACISM BE RACISM" well yes it should and youre a racist.

my argument is that your stereotypes/racial slurs arnet applicable to me as the relationship with race is different outside america, which u cant seem 2 get your head around.

but you talk about Africans and black Carribbeans still have a higher proverty rate then whites in the UK..
what do u mean by poverty rate? that a higher percentage are impoverished? yes, so what? they still make up a very small amount of britains impoverished,

the percentage of britains population that is black is something like 6%, theres bound to be more middle class whites than blacks, thats just maths.
so do other miniority groups in the UK..I know about the Oldham, Burnley, and Bradford and Brixton Asian communities and white communities are against each other..
brixton was black youths, and they werent against white communities u ignorant prick, they were against the police, they were helped by white youths in attacking the police.

and toxteth riots, which happened in the same year was labeled a race riot even tho people from the entire city, a majority white city came 2 riot (it lasted 9 days)

2 show how much they hated the way the police treated EVERYONE in that area, which was full of impoverished blacks and whites.

how hooligans beat up on asians based on wouldn't even see s**t like that in the States..

what? what about after 9/11 what about the kkk, racist skinhead gangs? lynchings,
anti chinese riots etc.

burnley and bradford was stirred up by the national front (a racist organisation)

I know about the BNP..I've heard many complaints from miniorities on the BNP..and how many racist whites support BNP...

and i made a thread 2 days ago about the bnp in the knowledge corner.

and most of them arnet racist, because the BNP says its not racist, it manipulates the FACT, that labour has abandoned its original founders, the working class for middle england (southern, middle class etc.)

most people see the BNP as a last resort, and the racist party (because thats what the BNP is) manipulates this discontent,the crime, the drugs, the lack of jobs the knife crime the gun crime etc.

and that place doesnt even compare 2 places in glasgow, liverpool, manchester etc.

I know about countless racist attacks against aslyum seekers in GLASGOW..matter fact I keep up on black treatment across the planet..didn't whites in Ireland(Irish)attack black taxi drivers??
so what? u dont get blacks attacking whites in america and vice versa? is it suddenly a racist crime when a white attacks a black and not if a black attacks a white?

and u clearly dont(black treatment), otherwise u would know what i had 2 tell u about south africa.

then u got white ppl from all over the planet..from ur country...condoning these attacks on blacks..UK is not racist..but they got plenty of members on stormfront tho

who ever said the uk doesnt have racism??? show me where ive said that and stop just making s**te up

never see any s**t like that on any pro-black web-site..

well yeah, u see it on boxden and this isnt even supposed to be a "pro black" website.

but the thing about usually when there's a conflict against classes..racism is always there..when u see racism in America..u'll see class right there..they both go hand and miss me w/ that it's mostly or it's just about class
well no its not, its often used 2 explain away working class discontent, as "oh look at them f!ghting like tribes over colour and whatnot" they will never change.

and yes, but thats because, as ive continually pointed out race has supplanted/perverted the notion of class, i implore u watch the documentary -racism a history, it shows why you never have working class solidarity in america.

it might also help u 2 get rid of these racist beliefs or at least inform u 2 a level where youre not continually showing yourself 2 be an idiot.

actually Black people gained power and white people thru out the history of South Africa have oppressed blacks..

yes, and whats the situation now?
not only that but k!lled many of the natives of the land(like they do everywhere else they go)
what? people? i think youll find black africans have k!lled far more black africans than white europeans ever could.

forced them to live by there standards..and now the blacks of South Africa are taking back there can you say some s**t like that when whites have been doing it to blacks in South Africa for decades...
taking back their land? so youre fine with dead babies, people being r*ped? etc. you are a cast iron, horrible, deplorable racist.

I mean do you know anything about Apartheid...Whites under British rule restricted blacks of damn near anything..booo hooo the poor whites of South Africa..f**k em..yep I said it..and I'll scream it in person..f**k matter how many blacks who are in power in SA are "racist" against white, it can't overshadow the treatment whites caused against blacks
so apartheid was under british rule was it?

and so what u aspire to the ideals of genocide then do u? because something happened in the past it justifies the maltreatment of innocent people, simply because of the colour of their skin/religion etc.?

yeah and if you did that in south africa you would probably be attacked by whites or blacks, they want a fresh start, the new south africa, where blacks are now in a prominent position

..blacks to this day are f**ked up just like every where else because of colonial rule and there childrens childrens carrying on those whites are still f**king over blacks in SA..
errr, again south africa,arguably rich because of colonial rule.

are they? i think youll find its now blacks f**king over blacks and whites in south africa.

Last edited by jataylorlfc; 05-17-2009 at 04:58 AM..
 05-17-2009, 04:57 AM         #110
jataylorlfc  OP
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prove it to me..
natural barriers. NATURAL BARRIERS, e.g. oceans, mountains, rivers u think these were created by white people??????

it's like this basically all people of African descent
which technically means the entire human population

of the Diaspora unite together as one people so we can solve global problems against us the African people of the African Diaspora
but why would they solve anything? uniting on the basis of race is ludicrous, its why america is so f**ked up, and i love how u think africans would want 2 side with americans simply because they share a skin colour when they dont even want 2 work with other african nations, or other african peoples.

and so youre only interested in black people?
...from the Alantic Slave Trade and the Arab slave trade..every black or African person living in this world were affected by that Diaspora....
errr what about the whites enslaved under the arab slave trade were they not affected?

and as youve said before ur ancestors were also white slave traders as well as black slaves.

and no they werent, and it also depends on your definition of black.
and yes you're a racist because u've displayed it in this thread and many other threads..
then prove it, should be easy 2 get a quote seeing as ive displayed it many times.otherwise stop saying it.

you won't find me in as many race related threads as I see u in..ur obsessed w/ race..
and thats because as youve stated,youre only interested when black people are being mistreated, or racially attacked, that doesnt happen very often on boxden.

as far as Africans history in America.. (black/African american)most of our traditions originate out of have black ppl in South Carolina and Georgia low county on the Gullah islands who still have strong African linguistic and cultural heritage with other group of africans in the states comes close to that except maybe in Southern Louisiana..since they were under Spanish colonial rule..and the Spaniards were a lil bit more laid back when it came to you got these ppl who identify w/ Africa because whites had less rule over them in the islands..less contact w/ how can you break them off from Africa? or any of us in the western world?
stop using african for black americans, its the wrong terminology and more importantly confusing in this context.

and they identify with what they think africa is, and what they think race is, they see africa as some sort of black utopia where everything was at peace before white people ruined it (like u do)

a lack of education in history, african and european, makes u ignorant and so make ignorant generalisations about races and history.

You no nothing of tribes out of Africa..

well i know a bit,

you're wholre reasoning as to why blacks in america aren't africa is based more so off of political man made barriers that were created by racist Europeans..
no, its based on the fact that you are born in america, race and nationality are two different things, its that simple.

America is not Africa.. but the African descent people that live in America are African..
i mean i dont know what to do, youve disproved yourself there in that sentence.

matter fact the term Africa was invented by the Romans..before that it was alkebulan..many Africans that live in Africa now..lost there identity due to colonialism..
as Britain, germany was, point?

and no they may have lost a previous identity and that identity will have probably replaced an older one at some point, or do u think all the people in the ghanian empire were all ghanian to begin with,

or that all those within the kingdom of zulu, who were conquered by the zulu warrior culture were zulu to begin with.

it seems u can only equate, conquering, cruelty etc. with white people, which is where ur hatred stems from.
also were r*ped by Europeans..thats why you have Africans who speak langauges out of Europe.. so exactly what is ur point?
u think english in native to the british isles?

and it was beneficial for africans to speak the language of their conquerors, and if u actually looked into it many ancient african languages are preserved and practiced today, like susutu in south africa for example.

how so? and there's only one true race..the human race
well no theres slightly different races either as a construct of society or otherwise, im saying your attatching a shared history, ideology and traits to these races, which is idiotic.

but my computer is trippin so I'll continue this later on..but for now sit on this..either way i'm getting my point across..everytime I log on I got brothas and sistas propping me n thanking me for s**tting on you..I know i'm not going to convince you..I deal with white people about matters of race all the time..we rarley if ever see eye to eye..but aslong as my brothas and sistas show love..i'm all for that..but I'll continue later..ha
maybe thats why u hate them somuch then? because theyre not racist and you are?

and what does that prove? most people are idiots, youre even worse in being a racist idiot.

how have u been s**tting on me? u post a link 2 a thread in which you are seen 2 be an idiot, every claim u make is disproved, i mean are u that oblivious to your own failure?

or are u that aware of your own failure u need 2 try and support yourself with other peoples (supposed) comments.
 9 years ago '04        #111
DramaKing 1 heat pts
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uhhhh she is smoke

 9 years ago '08        #112
illmatic_kid 9 heat pts
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 9 years ago '07        #113
Adam Is BeTTeR 2 heat pts
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damn, that b***h is bad
 9 years ago '06        #114
Manny05 1 heat pts
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wow..she is fine.
 9 years ago '09        #115
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Change really has come. He definitely started off with the right one. That's for damn sure. Anyone!


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