Dec 1 - Babysitter on drug trip cooks infant in oven.

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Dec 1 - Babysitter on drug trip cooks infant in oven.

Washington (AP) November 31, 2004:

A couple leaves their infant in the charge of a teenage, hippie-type girl while they go out on the town for the evening. When the mother phones home a few hours later to check up on things, the babysitter informs her that everything is fine and that she has put the turkey in the oven. A few moments later the couple recalls that they left no turkey at home; they rush home and find that the babysitter, high on LSD, has cooked their baby in the oven.

The parents had gone out to a very big party and had left this infant at home with this sixteen-year-old girl. So she was babysitting and they phoned just to see if everything was all right. She said, "Oh, fine. Everything's great. The turkey's in the oven. The mother went, "Oh, okay, fine," and she hung up. Then she looked at her husband and went, "The turkey's in the oven? We didn't have a turkey!" He said, "What's the matter?" So they decided they had better go home and see what was the matter. Maybe there was something wrong with the babysitter.

They excused themselves from the party and went home. So they walked in the house and saw the baby-sitter sitting in the chair freaking out. She had put the little infant in the oven and had thought it was a turkey.

The babysitter is a stranger to the couple, either because the parents have never left their child with a sitter before, or because the girl had just been recommended to them by friends or relatives

The parents return home to find the hippie babysitter tripping on LSD, but other substances (such as marijuana and scotch) are sometimes mentioned.

After the parents left, the baby started crying. No matter what the sitter did, the baby would not stop. After a time, the baby's crying drove the sitter mad, and she put the kid in the oven and turned it up as high as it would go.
As with the legend of Blue Star Acid, it contrasts evil drug users and innocent children, with the latter suffering harm due to the depradations of the former.

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this is the most disturbing sh*t i've ever heard in my life...


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