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 14 years ago '04        #76
slipnslide85 92 heat pts92
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now lets try to immitate nas...

*crowd goes quiet because now they are now forced to use their brain and rap about something that makes sense*

*many step back*

*dipset fans cry*

*cry very hard*

 12-06-2004, 05:22 PM         #77
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Chicken Fajitas, yum-yum
I rhymes ill, umm-mmm
Make your mama give me all them bacon and grits
cause klla cam and dipset are from NY
and we are THE sh*tS

*Bird/rooster Sounds* CAWWWWW-CAwwwwwwww - cAWWWW


 14 years ago '04        #78
Shady_Red 1 heat pts
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Yea, Yo k!lla, k!lla, k!lla, k!lla

Aye i got that new hobby (tell em)/
it be that spittin and kickin kids with mr. miogy (get em)/
we sippin wasabi (whooo)/

betta call ya mommy/
i got that heat that be packin............ his name is tommy (oooohhh)/

i got the army on me (who else)/
navy seals motha fu*kin marines dipset be the ones that always spot me(yup)/

i spit to be hip and get whips you sip d!ck say lickety-lick/
don't need hits fu*k ya up with one hit and have ya doin the dipsit/
i hit a bi*ch for bein a dumb broad/
slap ya dad for losin hair like captain pikard/

i knew this girl melissa/
tooka out for pizza/
minutes late'a i on her bed ready to freaka/
bought her a pink necklace/
her old boyfriend jelous/
went to his house with the heat........already called to cops ready to arrest us/
doin time now.....made his life restless/
got him while he took my girl tobogin/
shot him in the noggin/
motha fu*ka was tryin to impress by showin off his pop-lockin/

 12-06-2004, 06:25 PM         #79
ByrDo  OP
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killas a k!lla
you know hes a dealer
yea' im dealing to the dealers
from crack ina bottle ta sleeping wit models
dip sets in the tahoe
im da realest 4reel'est
human crackz behind me
writers in da studio rapping just like me
4 tightly you know im nice-e
feeding bi*ches pink cake wit pink iceyz

 14 years ago '04        #80
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now when k!lla says he comes hard/
he does exactly that cums hard/
in ur bi*ch, on her face, in her eye/
call me r. kelly cuz all we do is bump and grind/
do it real slow then speed it up quick/
i give her the p!ss cuz i don't give a sh*t/
now u all mad cuz she got that sticky icky all over her face/
while u were smokin that sticky icky at ur boys place/
now her face is creamed and her a.ss is whipped/
call ur bi*ch Sara Lee & me Redi-whip/
cuz i'm all over her pie in the red whip/
yea its a rover, as i roll her over. and give her the bone like she dover/
yea u heard me right, im callin her a dog/
cuz i got her on all 4's barkin like a dog/
as i hit it from the back, pullin out hair track for track/
shes sayin her man never did her like that/
i'm like bi*ch i ain't your man as i give her a.ss a slap/
i'm just treatin u like Stella and givin u ur groove back/

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