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 14 years ago '04        #61
JayHovMan 8 heat pts
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$2,990 | Props total: 8 8
bi*ch n*ggas go and warn cops
Sing to em like the four tops
You sweet doggy like corn pops
Slapped your hoe up at the wh0ore block
pr0n shop, more cops, flip flops
Shoot you with the hip glock
Now they got my wrists locked
Clink Clink think pink
enough coke to make the boat sink
 14 years ago '04        #62
JayHovMan 8 heat pts
avatar space
$2,990 | Props total: 8 8
Laser shooters on our razor scooters
I had to grade her she had greater hooters
I degrade her while you ate her (stupid)
Got the play-do and potato shooters
Killa cam got a bunch of hoes
That we fu*k in bungalos
And I got a bunch of flows
fu*k bi*ches in my underclothes
All pink, All stink
just like what's in their panty hose
Dungarees, Dunkaroos
Come through and blast the pump at you
 14 years ago '04        #63
JayHovMan 8 heat pts
avatar space
$2,990 | Props total: 8 8
Killa hit it from the rooty to the tooty
yea your bi*ch, I did her b00ty (where at?)
In Dijibuti, It was poopy
Rutti Tutti Fresh and fruity
Dipset, you know are rap be real
Drive thru and get a happy meal
Apple pies, Frie guys
Yea doggy we Fly guys
Get high in the high rise
see squalie when they drive by
Their rules we don't abide by
In the whip I fly by
and on my d!ck a fly chick
who like it like she like the c*it
so i call her fly bi come through and fu*k the whole clique
 14 years ago '04        #64
JayHovMan 8 heat pts
avatar space
$2,990 | Props total: 8 8
Killa cam got them blammas fam
Cook you like green eggs and Ham
So you could call me Cam I Am
Stupid n*gga, you don't know me fam
Spam Can for breakfast
Pink Bling on my necklace
Thing Thing'll leave your breathless
chestless, restless, cross you of my check list
You just a dummy dun
Killa got that bubble gum
Taste like a bubble yum
The bi*ch got a bubble yum
Move the packs and bundles son
I met a swiss miss so I gave her swiss miss
R kelly p!ss missed, Now the bi*ch was dismissed
Yea I dissed miss when i sniffed the p!ss mist
Told the bi*ch that this ain't christmas
why you got me on your wish list
 14 years ago '04        #65
dj X 34 heat pts34
avatar space
$19,093 | Props total: 7764 7764
killa cam dispet bi*ch
couple grand richer
just for sucking his d!ck
cant deny that im gay
and i fu*k guys in pink tees
it makes me do the hokey pokey
when they pee on me
baby, i aint got HIV
im forella as they come
lace up my purple forces
and jerk off in the corner bodega
cop me a couple segas
cuz its tha genisis kid
im ur arch nemesis ya dig
the black magento
the great bambino
hit a couple homers
n now im feeling like a Simpson
Dip's most prolific
the one n only gifted
prodigy of harlem's slum
suck a couple c*cks
to increase the amount of incum
Juelz is the laziest bum
chea chea chea
man just shut the fu*k up
and swallow my cum.............

hit tha props, cuz u know dat sh*t was hot........... ~1~
 14 years ago '04        #66
JayHovMan 8 heat pts
avatar space
$2,990 | Props total: 8 8
Stop frontin take your rags off
No homo but you mad soft
Mattresses we take the tags off
turn left and the you f*gs cough
go to the club...flash my gun...never get in line
get out of line...get to clappin...and it's hammer time
I call em hammer pants (why)
That's where the hammer slants (oh)
You just a bamma fam
Banana in Pajamma fan
You walkin hand in hand
.....with another man
I snatch your chain and leave you clueless like i'm Brother Man
We makin samiches
yea....that's what a sandwhich is
but u ain't know cuz eat sloppy joe and manwhiches
 12-04-2004, 05:27 PM         #67
Ameen  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
These people say i'm getting with the sticky icky
I'm with the purple haze and in a crew with the ippy dippy
I got some diamonds in my chain, colours pink and blue
Never seen so much mystery since watchin scooby doo
Santana out back countin that stacks and fillin gats
Flowing better than leakeage from broken taps
 14 years ago '04        #68
DeeJay 1 heat pts
avatar space
$863 | Props total: 66 66
The coke I made deposits with it
Killa came the closet with it (NO HOMO)
Now I lace them broads up with it
Pinky ring is pink, no gimmick...........
 14 years ago '04        #69
R-iZZy 13 heat pts13
avatar space
$4,131 | Props total: 796 796
[Cam'ron]Dipset y'all. CHEA CHEA CHEA CHEA!!! i love pink... it's cool to be feminine. CHEA!

i got the roota da toota, wit the dooda da dooda/
you can muter the loser, if he chose-a to lose-a./
I got shoes thatta lose ya with the glue that'll queue ya./
Muffin's kissin' a loser, but i think Buddha is cuter./
my ruger goes blam-blam, damn-damn, it's Cam Cam./
Jam, ham, ram them and hear them go "Ma'am ma'am"./
Pink, purple, rainbow colors, love 'em, hug 'em, gotta snug 'em./
and if a man's rockin those colors, i gotta suck and fu*k him./ NO HOMO!
dipset, roc-a-fella, drop a fella, shock a fella./
mop a fella, knock a fella, and later on... hop that fella./
Mase, where's my money, dunny? play with me is not funny./
call me Hugh Hefner, cuz i sure love to snuggle bunnies./
i got the meeda deeda, jeeda geeda, beat her, beat her./
i'm high, and a guy might lie with a meat cleaver./
i spit sixteens, that'll kick tixteens.../
mix me with N'Sync and you'll see me, i think, scream!/


Last edited by R-iZZy; 12-04-2004 at 06:53 PM..
 12-06-2004, 03:34 AM         #70
FaceMob  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
Damn Hov you think you did enough....I get another one in later.
 12-06-2004, 10:23 AM         #71
Richie  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
Yes i rock the pink, bust you in your eye, have you squintin like a *****, yes i move them piez, and if u fu*k wit my hustle, i'll make u sink, like the titanic, see you drippin sweat, see you panic, ya'll cant get the girls i get, every where i go girls wanna suck my sh*t, yea they sink on they kneez, they be like cam pleaze, let me get some of your kids, i wanna be one of them hoez, in your vidz, i said well herez the giz all ova ya face, got her in her eye, like r.kelly got maced in his eye, welcome mase back? and why, hope he die, say goodbye to my friend, shoot you twice, cuz we aint friends, fu*k u and ur menz, pop out ya contact lenz, now your blind, me no kind, wit the roc i signed, dip set i represent, working hard, getitn that money like a mexican, one of the greatest mc's yea i'll be next to them.
 14 years ago '04        #72
LilKray 1 heat pts
$1,304 | Props total: 2 2
[Cam at the Awards Show]

Yo, I just wanna thank everybody.....Everybody at Boxden.com, this ones for you!
 14 years ago '04        #73
avatar space
$623 | Props total: 0 0
 JaeMillz said:
my names k!lla /why?
cus afta i fu*k i k!ll the pu**y /oh
and afta i k!ll the pu**y i collect my cash
cus dipset be whippin a.ss
yeah we whippin a.ss,fillin up our stash
on the the harlem streets/ok
wheres tha ladies touch there elbows to they feet/
yeah i bring the heat/
bi*ches luv the c*ck/
yeah they luv the c*ck//
i represent the roc/why
cus e keep it hot on the roc a roc a roc
represent yo block/
killa goes shot fo shot
in da hotel i go in wit my c*ck/wut else?
in da hood i go in wit my glock/
you k!lled it just like cam
 12-06-2004, 03:25 PM         #74
EMS the God  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
 ItZ Nova bi*ch said:
n*ggas say k!llas Commercial, im blowin piff thats purple,
hop out the whip, same color as a ninja turtle
call it Donatello, Michaelango....Master Splinter
Timbs color as beef stew, thats what I had for dinner
you cats aint eatin' it right, Cam bring heat like July
I Take Ya Girl, word....R. Kelly her, pee in her eye
and its no explanation.....believe it im trife
no T.O. or McNabb....all my Eagles are white
thats them birds of coke, you'z a herb and broke
you in the house..while im out on a Virgin Coast...

thank you.
 12-06-2004, 03:38 PM         #75
EMS the God  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
cats told me to a few pages back i honestly forgot about this thread lol...i'll try something off top, nothing special

I get the piffers piffin, and get the sniffers sniffin
yall need some white? call me i hit the kitchen
i lynch with the lynchmen, plus hench with the henchman
when yall need a hit, the Dips is the pitchmen
when the album drop they in line just to get it(all day)
i redifine the way that a diamond can glisten
they call me fruity, do he? i aint lyin, i is it
lemon drops to my socks, lime in my fitted(diamond studded)
like Ludacris, my diet is chicken & beer
ride through with whips, i drive with the stick in the rear(no homo)
go ask the cops dog, they wont see me flippin
my white got Rick James & ODB trippin(RIP)
rest in peace but i on-ly(only) need digits
at least 6 figures or the chrome piece be spittin
my sh*t give you the chills, when you snif get sniffles(YAYO)
plus we just signed with koch, yeah the sh*ts official(we gettin cake)
got you shakin & twitchin once you hit the crystals
pitch base balls(crack) liek baseballs, wiffle wiffle

lol if i put more thought into i could do it...cam upped his styles on purple haze too..
 14 years ago '04        #76
slipnslide85 91 heat pts91
avatar space
$8,361 | Props total: 8239 8239
now lets try to immitate nas...

*crowd goes quiet because now they are now forced to use their brain and rap about something that makes sense*

*many step back*

*dipset fans cry*

*cry very hard*
 12-06-2004, 04:22 PM         #77
$n/a | Props total:  
Chicken Fajitas, yum-yum
I rhymes ill, umm-mmm
Make your mama give me all them bacon and grits
cause klla cam and dipset are from NY
and we are THE sh*tS

*Bird/rooster Sounds* CAWWWWW-CAwwwwwwww - cAWWWW

 14 years ago '04        #78
Shady_Red 1 heat pts
$77 | Props total: 0 0
Yea, Yo k!lla, k!lla, k!lla, k!lla

Aye i got that new hobby (tell em)/
it be that spittin and kickin kids with mr. miogy (get em)/
we sippin wasabi (whooo)/

betta call ya mommy/
i got that heat that be packin............ his name is tommy (oooohhh)/

i got the army on me (who else)/
navy seals motha fu*kin marines dipset be the ones that always spot me(yup)/

i spit to be hip and get whips you sip d!ck say lickety-lick/
don't need hits fu*k ya up with one hit and have ya doin the dipsit/
i hit a bi*ch for bein a dumb broad/
slap ya dad for losin hair like captain pikard/

i knew this girl melissa/
tooka out for pizza/
minutes late'a i on her bed ready to freaka/
bought her a pink necklace/
her old boyfriend jelous/
went to his house with the heat........already called to cops ready to arrest us/
doin time now.....made his life restless/
got him while he took my girl tobogin/
shot him in the noggin/
motha fu*ka was tryin to impress by showin off his pop-lockin/
 12-06-2004, 05:25 PM         #79
ByrDo  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
killas a k!lla
you know hes a dealer
yea' im dealing to the dealers
from crack ina bottle ta sleeping wit models
dip sets in the tahoe
im da realest 4reel'est
human crackz behind me
writers in da studio rapping just like me
4 tightly you know im nice-e
feeding bi*ches pink cake wit pink iceyz
 14 years ago '04        #80
avatar space
$472 | Props total: 0 0
now when k!lla says he comes hard/
he does exactly that cums hard/
in ur bi*ch, on her face, in her eye/
call me r. kelly cuz all we do is bump and grind/
do it real slow then speed it up quick/
i give her the p!ss cuz i don't give a sh*t/
now u all mad cuz she got that sticky icky all over her face/
while u were smokin that sticky icky at ur boys place/
now her face is creamed and her a.ss is whipped/
call ur bi*ch Sara Lee & me Redi-whip/
cuz i'm all over her pie in the red whip/
yea its a rover, as i roll her over. and give her the bone like she dover/
yea u heard me right, im callin her a dog/
cuz i got her on all 4's barkin like a dog/
as i hit it from the back, pullin out hair track for track/
shes sayin her man never did her like that/
i'm like bi*ch i ain't your man as i give her a.ss a slap/
i'm just treatin u like Stella and givin u ur groove back/

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