Quotables of Real Sh*t (not metaphors/punchlines/similies/etc)

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 10-05-2008, 01:55 AM         #1
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Quotables of Real Sh*t (not metaphors/punchlines/similies/etc)

I'm trying to live for today,
but tomorrow is just a repeat of yesterday
- Joell Ortiz

I Never Cared, I Was Careless, Feared Being Afraid,
Naw, Maybe I'm Afraid To Be Fearless, Or Fear Being Fearless,
But Fearful, So Even In My Carelessness, I Gotta Be Careful
- Joe Budden

I'm capable of anything, my imagination can give me wings
- Nas

They say an eye for an eye, we both lose our sight
And two wrongs don't make a right
But when you been wrong
and you know all along
that it's just one life
At what point does one f!ght?
- Jay-Z

Why try to fit in when you a stand out?
- Joe Budden

83 comments for "Quotables of Real Sh*t (not metaphors/punchlines/similies/etc)"

 10-05-2008, 02:42 AM         #2
OnE3nD  OP
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Joe Budden lines will own this thread.
 10-05-2008, 03:04 AM         #3
Cheeze  OP
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As a little kid taught to follow Jesus
Get to the front of the line I'm bein' lead by elitists
So when I speak words that I don't mean
It's like I'm only in a cloud to wonder what serene is
Unable to wake and delete the reasons
Or be the same bed I made up to sleep with demons
Whether sick sane of a pattern repeated
If I spit pain I knew how to relieve it
If at sixteen I had started to treat it
Till my sh*t changed whether or not I would need it
To trace back to the face before the fetus
If the departure was wrong from the gate then she is......

While no nooses long enough to hang my excuses
Whether I'm dead, gun to my head, or reclusive
The end is close almost no need for money
Yet when I wished for death nobody took my life from me
If I cannot see what's right in front of me
And the lights on there still wouldn't be enough to leave
I fixed me when I broke the aggression
But I'm still attracted to my beautiful depression
If I felt emotions I learned to suppress 'em
Till I'm ready to sleep I'll have found a place to rest then
No thanks to angst I learned my lesson
And can erase the face that can't answer the questions
- Cage "Shoot Frank"
 9 years ago '06        #4
LYTE 125 heat pts125
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life is every man's freedom, a dying man's past
& a newborn the first time to be here at last

reading history but who' author???
 9 years ago '07        #5
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I foget what Budden song it was

But it went something like

"I tried to live right, but society isn't made for a n*gga to live right"
 10-05-2008, 05:48 AM         #6
youngholla  OP
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sh*t load of quotables in coporate takeover freestyle.....
 10-05-2008, 05:54 AM         #7
Motivated  OP
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Homie shot me 3 weeks later he got shot down/
now it's clear that im here for a real reason/
cus he got hit like i got hit but he aint fu*kin breathing-50 cent

bi*ches left me cus they thought i was finished/
should have knew she wasn't true,
she came to me when her man caught a sentence- Nas

the whole mathematics song by mos def

Can't knock the hustle, but I've seen street dreams deferred
Dark spots in my mind where the scene occured
Some say I'm too deep, I'm in too deep to sleep
Through me, Muhammed will forever speak
Greet brothers with handshakes in ghetto landscapes
Where a man is determined by how much a man make- Common

Now as I open up my story
with the blaze a your blunts
And you can picture thoughts slowly
up on phrases I wrote
And I can walk you through the days that I done
I often wish that I could save everyone
but I'm a dreamer
Have you ever seen a n*gga who was strong in the game
overlookin' his tomorrows and they finally came?
- Face, deep sh*t right here

And where the block im from n*ggas be damn near 40 and still tuckin
And n*ggas baby mama is pregnant and still fu*kin
It's eithier cause their boyfriend is a scrub like brillow
Or cuz banks is cooler than the other side of the pillow- lloyd banks

See we do it for that boi that graduated
That looked you in your eyes real tough and said 'preciate it
And that he wouldn'ta made it if it wasn't for your CD number 9
And he's standing with his baby momma Kiki and she cryin' talkinbout
That they used to get high to me in high school
And they used to make love to me in college
Then they told me 'bout they first date, listenin' to my tunes
And how he, like to finger nail polish- 3 stacks, he ripped that lol

Then I heard her moan, honey I'm home
Yep, tote chrome for situations like this
I'm up in his broad I know he won't like this
Now I'm like bi*ch you better talk to him
Before this fist put a spark to him
[ Find more Lyrics at ]
fu*k around sh*t get dark to him, put a part through him
Lose a major part to him, arm, leg
She beggin me to stop but this cat gettin closer
Gettin hot like a toaster, I c*cks the toast, uhh
Before my eyes could blink
She screams out, "Honey bring me up somethin to drink!"
He go back downstairs more time to think
Her brain racin, she's tellin me to stay patient
She don't know I'm, cool as a fan
Gat in hand, I don't wanna blast her man
But I can and I will doe, I probably chill doe
Even though situation lookin kinda ill yo
It came to me like a song I wrote
Told the bi*ch gimme your scarf, pillowcase and rope
Got dressed quick, tied the scarf around my face
Roped the bi*ch up, gagged her mouth with the pillowcase
Play the cut, n*gga comin off some love potion sh*t
Flash the heat on em, he stood emotionless
Dropped the glass screamin, "Don't blast here's the stash,
a hundred cash just don't shoot my a.ss, please!"
n*gga pullin mad G's out the floor
Put stacks in a Prater knapsack, hit the door
Grab the keys to the five, call my n*ggaz on the cell
Bring some weed I got a story to tell, uhh...-

LOL now you see why BIG was that dude
 9 years ago '05        #8
THEINFAMOUS 19 heat pts19
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People fear what they dont undersand/Hate what they can't conquer/Guess its just the theory of man ~Nas
 9 years ago '08        #9
Loyalist 2 heat pts
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joe budden - when thugs cry

the whole song
 9 years ago '06        #10
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need a clear head just to think
and fuk a drink and a 2 step
nucca im 2 steps from a drink
Joe Budden
 9 years ago '08        #11
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"If every n*gga in your clique is rich your clique is rugged
Nobody will fall cause everyone will be each others crutches"

"Nine to five is how to survive, I ain't trying to survive
I'm trying to live it to the limit and love it a lot"

"Hate the price of fame cause it cost too much
Can I live without y'all n*ggas saying I floss too much?
Hate the way you make this hate flow all through us
Steady looking for flaws through us...."

"n*gga see you in the street, pretend to be friendly
But I know any type of success breeds envy
I know in the back of your mind your conjuring ways to hen me
Leave my friends in a circle pouring out that Henny"

"Where you can't put your vest away and say you'll wear it tomorrow
Cause the day after we'll be saying, damn I was just with him yesterday"

"See I'm influenced by the ghetto you ruined
That same dude you gave nothin, I made somethin doin..."

"They call me this misogynist, but they don't call me the dude
To take his dollars to give gifts at the projects
These dudes is all politics, depositing checks
they put in they pocket, all you get in return is a lot of lip"

"So don't believe everything your earlobe captures; it's mostly backwards
Unless it happens to be as accurate as me
And everything said in song you happen to see
Then, actually, believe half of what you see
None of what you hear, even if it's spat by me"

"The irony of selling drugs ss sort of like you using it
Guess it's two sides to what substance abuse is"
 10-05-2008, 10:25 AM         #12
allstar32  OP
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"Fake n*ggas never tell the same story twice" - Stacks
 9 years ago '08        #13
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"And he kept askin me, what kind of car you drive, I know you paid
I know y'all got beaucoup of hoes from all them songs that y'all done made
And I replied that I had been going through the same thing that he had
True I got more fans than the average man, but not enough loot to last me
to the end of the week, I live by the beat like you live check to check
If you don't move yo' foot then I don't eat, so we like neck to neck"
 9 years ago '06        #14
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Play yourself go head
if you don't no the ledge, It's like spittin' to God
Get it in your face fu*kin' with n*ggas over your head

Had to hustle in a world of trouble
trapped in, clostrophobic the only way out was rapping

I'm like G-Rap with better transportation
On the road to the riches, reach my +Final Destination+

Why that, why this, n*ggaz wanna hijack the flyness
I'm on a whole 'nother plane

So I'm cruisin in the car with this boozy broad
She said, "Jigga-Man you rich, take the doo-rag off"
Hit a U-turn; ma I'm droppin you back off
Front of the club, "Jigga why you do that for?"
Thug n*gga til the end, tell a friend bi*ch
Won't change for no paper plus I been rich

I put my feet in the footprints left to me
Without sayin a word, the ghetto's got a mental telepathy
Man my brother hustled so, naturally
Up next is me, but what perplexes me
sh*t I know how this movie ends, still I play
the starrin role in "Hovito's Way"
 9 years ago '07        #15
Jayceon 492 heat pts492
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"lifes a bi*ch but god forbid the bi*ch divorce me"

"damn, why they wanna stick me for my paper"
 9 years ago '06        #16
I hug the strip 8 heat pts
$2,099 | Props total: 434 434
"A boy needs a father that's the most important part of his life"-big pun

"There's no regrets, remorse, only results into loneliness
Only the strong survivors strive through life as warriors"-big pun
 9 years ago '08        #17
Loyalist 2 heat pts
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whole buncha zro aswell
 10-05-2008, 03:19 PM         #18
Rhyme n Tekniq  OP
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all of yayos verse on the "my mind playin tricks" song

he was talkin bout how he felt when his home boy fif got clapped
you can hear the emotion in that track

 9 years ago '05        #19
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"A Couple Of Mistakes Here & There, Not Always Right// But I'm Always Real, Thats How I Sleep At Night - Jay-Z - Sweet

"I'm Making Moves, But This Treadmill Lifestyle Aint Working For Me - Phonte -Speed
 10-05-2008, 05:12 PM         #20
youngholla  OP
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they say only the strongest survive // and i got whole world on my shoulder, guess that means i'm the strongest alive - yung holla(myself)

Last edited by youngholla; 10-05-2008 at 05:14 PM..


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