which rapper started what trend?

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I doubt Kanye hittin kim right
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Meek hurt Drake more than I thought..
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 10 years ago '05        #61
LBoogie2122 20 heat pts20 OP
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 PIRU'N'BONE said:
bone thugs started the singing and rapping

see i didnt think of that, yea i think bone started the trend tho i can remember slick rick and doug e fresh doin it back in the day with the la di da di, matter of fact that track right there started up a bunch of sh*t too even the title
 09-06-2008, 04:51 PM         #62
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Cormega started the Mitchell & Ness throwbacks.

and what kinda retard gives credit 2 wayne for dreads.
 10 years ago '04        #63
BackBlock_OG 35 heat pts35
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(Even though I think the thread starter is not looking to far back for his answers, a lot of you don't understand what he's asking. He's not saying who was the first person to do things, he's asking who made it a trend.)

With that said:

Big Boi - Throwbacks (young kids think it was Fab, but Big Boi really was doing it way before fab)

Prodigy - long chains (before P, everybody's chain came down to their chest)

Jim/Juelz - tight jeans/ rockstar look

Jay-Z - button ups, maybachs, rapper/CEO, "I'm not a rapper, I'm a hustler"

Puff - Mohawks
 10 years ago '05        #64
YARKONE 4 heat pts
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 LBoogie2122 said:
i think its kinda interesting to kno who influenced the things we wear, drive, etc,etc,etc if you kno who started what then add on and if any1 is wrong correct that n*gga!

few things i know

young berg got n*ggas rockin mohawks forreal, i aint never seen it till the s3xy lady vid prove me wrong

made it wack to rock a m-class benz or an x-class bmw, i remember back in the 90's when the baby mama benzez 1st came out n*ggas was drivin them sh*ts in video's but when jigga gave it that name nobody was coppin them sh*ts lol

is lil wayne the reason all these n*ggas got dreads?

dipset stay makin trends yet n*ggas love to hate em, few things i kno
jeff hamilton sports team leather with all the patches i 1st seen it on the oh boy video, never stopped seein it since
n*ggas rockin pink
flashy a.ss beltbuckels
the rockstar look n*ggas fiend to rock today(v-neck tee, tight a.ss jeans, wallet chain etc.)
scarfes on dudes heads nowadays

busta rymes was the 1st to try at his own clothing with bushi back when got u all in check came out. Didnt go nowhere but after that n*ggas hopped the bandwagon

not only did Wu tang intoduce gold fronts to the east coast, mef and odb were the 1st n*ggas i seen around the world with custom fronts (name on the front, fangs etc) i think that plays a major part in these fronts n*ggas is rockin today

puffy introduced rap to white gold and platinum, bentleys and rolls royces not jay z, biggie started the cristal craze

im not sure but i think usher got n*ggas drinkin patron

mary j blidge is the reason why black girls rock blonde hair

thank fat joe when u get some free money in the club cause he started this "make it rain" sh*t i even heard cheney say it on that lil bush cartoon on comedy central

every gangsta rapper got a tattoo on they belly cause of pac

any1 else kno sommore things? like who was the 1st to rock jacob watches, throwback jerseys and who started this 80's sh*t? is it kanye?
The pink was Nas, when he appeared on Tv with the pink Polo RL jacket.
 10 years ago '04        #65
kg81 8 heat pts
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Naw Diddy got n*ggas rockin mohawks way before Yung Berg was even on the scene.
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