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 10 years ago '06        #61
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^^ fu*k outta here
 07-28-2008, 11:52 PM         #62
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all the lines yall posted so far are garbage

joe budden is wack
^^^^don't let this dude fool you, he's the biggest budden fan EVER, he's just a lil mad cuz budden dissed him and his little brother one night after a show and budden didn't sign his little brother starter cap, hey shakobe, he didn't see you fam, he wasn't trynna diss you ok
 10 years ago '06        #63
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post was supposed to be @ shakobe, my bad pos ..
 10 years ago '08        #64
Nov 1 heat pts
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its gettin hard 2 live wit the anger
...and home aint home when u live wit a stranger
thought i knew u like the back of my hand
fast-forward 3 years & i got smacked wit the back of her hand
caught wit my out without sagging my pants
allow yaself to get caught like that wit that man
find out ur wife that u sleepin herself start creepin wit
one of ur dudes, u confused u don't know who 2 get even with
maybe u aint the same broad that i was even wit
when u cheatin wit dudes i see & sh*t
n*ggas i'm fly wit, work wit, we speak & sh*t
u the broad that would ride for me...look me in the eyes
transformed in to Shaggy. bi*ch how u gon lie 2 me?
fell for the allure...thas my bad
u broke in somethin so secure...i'm now scarred
see u make it type hard for me 2 see the next broad
& not think that she aint jus another hoe or slore...but thanks
see relationships in a different View, son
to get over the old girl...gotta get a new one
half of me still with you... & I dont care ya'll
other half wit her, i'm stuck, so i compare ya'll
me & her's now, me & u got memories
me & you got love, me & her got chemistry
she's like a friend 2 me, u like the enemy
or maybe she's there jus 2 cover that resentment, B
or maybe she aint as fake as u
& won't take me thru that same faze as u
or.......maybe it's simple
...she seen all that pain i was in & won't make the same mistake as u
i mean i never had an issue wit trust, never knew u had an issue wit lust
we can get thru anything in the world if the issue's discussed
was it a whole seperate issue? or an issue wit us?

but it gets bigger, u doubtin' u, u like sh*t n*gga!
was his money longer? or his d*ck bigger?
u gettin sick n*gga...
when u alone with jus u & ur imagination u paint a sick picture

-where did it go wrong

along with like every other deep budden track

"the jails a revolving door....but the caskets not"
-cold cold world

whatever it takes...the whole track

Last edited by Nov; 07-28-2008 at 11:56 PM..
 07-28-2008, 11:53 PM         #65
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I think this is the best most should agree

"they say you soft when you move out the hood, so my goal is to make all of my loved ones punks." thugs cry .....
 10 years ago '07        #66
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i think my lifes bad picking up the pieces/ some folk already got they appointment to see Jesus/ in this world full of diseases, i've learned not to bite my tongue, or have seizures/ depression tells me I suck, so i reply 'i ain't hear cause i fell down, i'm here cause i got up......" - all of me

Last edited by Pos; 07-29-2008 at 12:11 AM..
 07-29-2008, 01:08 AM         #67
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 crmlbywonder said:
O sh*t!!! i knew i never really understood that line like i should've OH sh*t

i just never thought about it. i always thought he said he got locked so n*ggaz aint find him and he wanted to get arrested or some dumb sh*t WOW
I still don't get it...

Continuin on, addin' sumden new...

..."Dudes wanna shoot him till he nailed
Threaten me, ruin my health
Let me teach you somethin' bout depression...
Ain't sh*t you could do to me
I ain't already thought about doin' to myself..."

-Broken Wings
 10 years ago '08        #68
slimdogg3325 1 heat pts
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i heard joey gives handjobs 4 gumdrops
 07-29-2008, 01:30 AM         #69
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thank you joey thank you
 07-29-2008, 01:34 AM         #70
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 slimdogg3325 said:
i heard joey gives handjobs 4 gumdrops
^^^wow that's all you had???? if you gonna be a hater at least be cleaver or funny that was just corny
 07-29-2008, 04:47 AM         #71
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these lyrics are trying to figure the internet hype of this guy.
 10 years ago '06        #72
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^^^ lol, it's cause you don't understand sh*t, go listen to hurricane chris
 10 years ago '07        #73
dnycem 3 heat pts
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TV went real
Music went fake
 10 years ago '04        #74
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well i was bored at work so i decided to attempt to type out the lyrics to who p1 thru p3.... some sh*t may be jacked up but i tried my best.... yall figure the rest out... for all my budden fans, here we goo........

Im doin all these interviews
everybody wanna know what i think about the state of hiphop
whether i think its dead or not
question aint whether its dead
its more like who k!lled it
and when.....

look, can anybody pinpoint the day it wrong
i used to blame reggatone
i cant front i thought all that was corny
was it ja's fault
lil mo said she aint get paid for put it on me
look, bring it up and dudes get on some poise sh*t
or was it t-pain with that funny voice sh*t
or was it lil wayne wit that funny voice sh*t
the whole game d*ckrode that funny voice sh*t
i cant tell when it happened
was it when lil jon showed dudes u can sell without rappin
was it laffy taffy, i thought they was kiddin
shawty lo said they know, i really didnt
dancing became cool again, then came walk it out
but i aint know what the fu*k n*ggas was talkin about
unit kicked game out, they aint give a fu*k
then we seen the same sh*t happen to buck
it was a few years ago but i remember the summer
fifty made the fans start lookin at the numbers
a and r's wont take risks they wont sign n*ggas
the word swag came out, started to blind n*ggas
rap dudes want reality shows
and my dumb thinkin that reality sold
did it start wit the ipod
or when rappers had to pay djs for them to do they job
i mean, all the content is the same, it wont differ
everybody sold some drugs, or pulled triggers
the more you think about it, you gon just get sicker
and why the fu*k would nas wanna call his sh*t n*gga, n*gga!
was it when the Wu broke up
pac, big, pun went to sleep neva woke up
lupe doin a tribute, choked up
but some of the stupid fans was like so what
some of them aint educated
but fu*k blamin the south, we aint segregated
i mean, it was all good around the kiss and bean sh*t
took a left turn around the kiss and green sh*t
maybe it all started when rocafella parted....ways
is it substancial to sh*t talk fame?
i watched every last one a dudes sh*t on dame
kinda got that in common, i can dig that pain
when they gave jay a desk and suit
they finally gave a rapper a chance to come execute
but something told me the suits at the table was hurtin
they fired everybody, lables started merging
as far as sales, the decline is strong
ask the experts, they'll say the climate is wrong
i mean some n*ggas rhymes is gone
i peeped it when n*ggas started puttin fake diamonds on
you can tell a dude i spit better then you
but then he'll say im richer for whatever i do
i seen all this comin i knew what we were in for
back when erik shermon had jumped outta window
was it when mase retired and couldnt hack it
tip could he just needed some more ratchets
djs,producers, the ones that get us the fartherest
said fu*k rappers, and they became the artists
i gotta talk candid
did we start havin issues around the same time jimmy and cam did
was it when chingy thought he aint need ludacris
the next album found out that that was ludicrous
pappose and clipse both survived
inkin wit jive, then gettin jived
the man jhood rep that dblock gang
then i seen dude draggin his dblock chain
or did one hit wonders change it all along
they made labels only wanna sign a dude song
and you really dont know sh*t
if you think the fans pick the videos on 106
im just statin the truth
did it start when fox stayed in the news more then she did the booth
or was it when lil kim stop exploiting s3x
and what the fu*k is up wit dmx i hope dude straight
have an opinion and they gon say you hate
i cant front, im missin the old clue tapes
the underground sunk further
the feds was on irv, so the ink dropped murder
ill never blame fab, jeezy, rick ross
did sh*t get lost when shyne when up north
ill never understand the hiphop police
when hiphop is what hiphop needs to police
these blatant radio attempts sound so bland
twista kept tryina recreate slow jams
then we send the wrong message wit our slang
its broke n*ggas blowin they rent to make it rain (make it rain)
and you walk in give a bi*ch a few 20s
and she'll smirk her face up lookin at u funny
this chick told me she only take new money
mmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn i snatched my sh*t back so fast!
or did it start when rappers said fu*k it
sacrafice music, started rapin their budget
nothin wrong wit dudes bein candid or pop somethin
its wrong when joc hit the candy shop(fu*k is wrong wit em)
we buyin our own records, maybe no ones the blame
but we a business that we cant afford to maintain
the second week show that boy numbers aint high
i hate to break it to ya, numbers always lie
or when ortiz signed to aftermath
now hes feelin the aftermath
was it f!ght club fu*kin wit them battle raps
but not too many of em gettin signed after that
i mean, some cant stay afloat
a million busta albums, and he still not mentioned wit the goat
fu*k lookin for answers time will tell
was it when def jam didnt wanna resign L
15 year old told me cass was
rather then spaz, all dude could do was laugh
or was it when the whole east coast fell off
or got comfortable, maybe dudes was too well off
the more n*ggas sayin they aint write down lyrics
the more it started to sound like they didnt
but do whatever you can to keep the lights on
but dumbin down just became the new dialon
honestly i aint know what to think
a few years ago we had the young kids wearin pink
i cant blame the fans for not knowing a damn thing
when we trained them to be this way
i mean, showed them whatever to sell wit no limits
since the early 90s showed them a false image
and when some sh*t comes that dont fit the mold
its like a mold, n*gga you wont even do gold
they watch the video, see you on the corner wit a whole bunch of people and think that u good
they turn on the tv and see these video bi*ches, and they think n*ggas girls really look that good
i mean they get so many free verses
when the album drops, sh*ts more like a bonus
why pay for it why take home this
with one click of a mouse they can own this
i mean some of them are fooled so easy
by whatever we say or whatevers on tv
but that was all part of the plan
or was when emeniem made stan i swear some of these fans
they put they whole life on the line
its like they cant like more then one rapper at a time
less about the product more about the digits
dog its a business, we got less fans, and more critics
 10 years ago '04        #75
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maybe we at a cross
canibus made one of the dopest diss records and some still say he lost
i aint believe my ears when n*ggas tryina tell me
when krs1 had a rap beef wit nelly
if rap was alive, we'd be tryina be the best rapper ever
not the best rapper alive
but you wont get accepted at all if you aint street tough
onyx was the hardest til sticky got beat up
now ima thugs how i gotta behave
if i wanna be paid
if i wanna see praise
you know somethings wrong when n*ggas is gettin shot
you gotta sit and wonder if the whole things staged
it aint real no more
or did we just expand on our audience
maybe we appeal to more
or did we think yall just gettin dumber
we even tried makin older gettin younger
or did we lose our hunger
something gotta give
did we outgrow ourselves
is hiphop for kids?
if it is, then turn on mtv cribs
and think thats where these mothafu*kas really live
or was it when lauren hill dropped a classic
so did the fugees til wyclef tapped it
songs dont do it no more the sh*ts shocking
seen it when lean back had the whole world rocking
now its fu*k the bars if ur hook is fly
so we look at crooked i's wit a crooked eye
dope rappers aint seen no dough
if everythings commerical
where the fu*ks the show
but anybody makin a dime see ima wish well
still we took a big L losing big L
or was it when youtube came in the game
now nobody from they living room can make a name
or when indies like koch came and blew up
n*ggas at the majors, they literaly grew up
to some it aint fun no more
you know its fu*ked up when dmc dont talk to run no more
too many egos, like we aint 1 no more
sh*ts predictable, n*ggas aint stunttin no more
we startin to see sh*t we aint seen before
at one point we even had the magazines at war
or was it street dvds like smack
showed you just how stupid your favorite rapper would act
did sh*t get lifeless
when mtv made a list of the hottest and ignored the nicest
changed the whole steelo
i mean the average fan never heard of a goodie mob or a cee-lo
but they heard of knarles barkley
and dr carter still say we gotta heartbeat
i aint gonna lie i was scared to death straight up
started hearin rumors of an outcast breakup
i was like that aint true it sounds desperate
til i started seein bigboy and 3k seperate
had periods we were dryer then the desert
are we all k!llin this sh*t, is it a group effort
are we alive and well or barely surviving
is it rnbs fault, man them n*ggas is private
and then alotta people go and blame limewire
i dont think its downloadin dog lines tired
or did the fans just get tired of the outcome
one dope single and a bullsh*t album
so they share albums wit eachother
was it master p with them ugly album covers
or when we started appearing in the news
timbaland said they aint want black n*ggas wearin they boots
i mean i know it got foggy at least blurry
when a label dude got knocked out by keith murray
or was it when we became obcessed with the brand name
had the kids tryina buy sh*t they cant name
and some think the evidence is ample
did it start when puff took advantage of the sample
is it all watered down wit no fire
if u had enough money you could buy a ghost writer
or the diamond district, jacob the jeweler
had to buy his watch to be looked at as cooler
fu*kin wit them trends
our stupid a.sses wasted 100 grand on sh*t that aint even in
look, is the game now as bad as its ever been
its not ringtones, just the songs that they represent
i hear all of em
sad part is i wouldnt recognize most of theses n*ggas if i saw em
i cant explain it, i dont know what to tell ya
now goin gold is looked at as a failure
maybe old heads in charge werent able
djs is spinnin now wit no turntables
maybe the fans are just bored of us
or maybe there aint enough room for all of us
its like even our friendships will stop at a point
mike jones went platnium off of slim thug joint
but its so many ways to get fu*kin rich
supahead caked off by just suckin d*ck
did we sellout just to get in demand more
did we go against everything we used to stand for
Both the lightly, its two sides to the coin
who you rollin wit solja boy or ice T
some n*ggas wanna sit around and complain about
id rather analyze think how it came about it
if we could rewind the world
we wouldnt have to watch flava flav try to find his girl
look today its all about marketing and promo
i remember vh1 was just for old folk
wit no maam, if i aint know no better i would think that mix was now programmed
we let the power of a dolla anilate us
now the size of our chain gonna validate us
its too simple they cant think we really deep
i just heard chris brown on the a milli beat
seen a video its called lookin n*gga
grabbed the remote, im tired of lookin at n*ggas
but that'll let a n*gga know that if we aint dead
maybe half alive, maybe brain dead
did it start when capone left nore
na he went to jail thats a whole different story
or maybe somethin really wrong wit our ears
obie trice got dropped, so much for cheers
female mcs they dont never hit the target
somebody said they seen amil workin at a target
the sad part is we already lost remi
or did we go wrong when eve got skinny
wassup wit jackie O, rah digga that i can figga
trina aint been the same since nann n*gga
i know it had to do somethin to its heartbeat
when lady of rage started doin steve harvey
i know he caught a lil drama
somewhere between yo yo boss and lil mamma
a lotta females found another way to extort
most our video models have turned escort
do anything to see dough
so they'll exchange s3x wit a artist or director for a lead role
or should we get back to basics
wheres the rakim or the masta aces
the big daddy kane or did we never recover
wit dre not being on the side of ed lover
or when rap dudes started signing they friends
instead of going out tryina find n*ggas wit skill
seen it when d12 put out purple pill
while the whole hood laughed, them n*ggas sold a mill
some artists aint prepared for somethin so lucrative
i just heard yung berg say some stupid sh*t
like we almost caught one in the torso
when each bone thug never took they own crossroad
some disagree, some gotta see to say it
or maybe hiphop died on aaliyahs plane
if it reloc n*gga where did it move to
i still love her the way common used to
or did bill orielly come fu*k up the spirit
wit negative remarks about everbodys lyrics
spend all ya time dissin us
n*gga u 95 years old mothafu*ka shouldnt be a listener
lost jam master who was tougher then leather
or did it start when treach was fu*kin peppa
as her jeans got tighter and her tees got larger
tryina figure out which age group do we belong to
or did we all go astray
the second dr dre left nwa
i mean in my opinion we was on easy street
when he was beefin wit easy e
or did we get fu*ked up when producers found a way to cheat
signing unknown n*ggas to start makin they beats
if you sell your own sh*t it gotta go for cheap
just put my name on it so the price increase
or is it cause everybody so self centered
i cant believe hiphop itself aint centered
or have we already seen the sh*t with our own eyes
wit rico swave canman vanillia ice
everybody want in the game so in return
you got label execs fu*kin they interns
and anybody lookin at that new vibe bracket
should see that they dont know a thing about the trap sh*t
or maybe we shoulda stop being proud
when it was no more rawkus and no more loud
try to get concious around vote or die
til they made it look like all our votes was lies
as the years go on its like we keep gettin more voids
we got lost when we lost one of the lost boys
i knew he was impersanating a fraud (WHEN!)
when kay slay slapped my man at the awards
reguardless its hard for the artist
runnin wit all the frauds who act like they never left the projects
who do we wanna target
will they put a uncle murder cd in a walmart or target
you got the nerve to not wanna hear rass kass
but fu*k wit d*ck get silly and that trash
i felt ashamed
when jaequwn said he aint like raequwn cause he stole his name
was back when everybody in the club got tipsy
that way the contract gotta be 360
so fu*k eatin betta scrape the plate
that way the beat gotta at least have a 808
did the lights get dim when we first heard mims and said
another new york rapper on the south tip
is it overcrowded
they keep sayin if its so fu*ked up then do somethin about it
i doubt it
its just one thing they dont understand
a job is way bigger then just one man
or maybe all of this polices is diseases
fu*k it this sh*ts right where it needs to be
maybe we built on somethin that'll last foreva
see face and ghetto boys just got back togetha
maybe no one can stop us
even our pajamas they'll jock us
we even doin songs wit the rockers
hows that for feelin
kanyes amazing ways just sold a million
we closer to the ceiling
how we in a coma
but we the only business you can excell wit no diploma
technology changed made everything simple
myspace is now a dudes bio slash demo
 10 years ago '04        #76
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asides from the raps we generatin more money
i mean we took it global
and penetrated other countries
well then celebrate sip some chriss
the more sh*t we embrace just to end up dead
someone buy the bar out so we can all get bent
someone cop a couple cars but you still pay rent
or heres another great idea to entertain
lets go and put our face on the bottom of a chain
or some of us is just n*gga rich wit n*gga money
while jews keep laughing look at that n*gga dummy
so hiphop will be a stepping stool
til we find another road we can step into
some of us doin movies as a matter of fact
but some just stop to plan life after rap
i mean as im older we stop movin further
around the time snoop dog went on trial for murder
or was it scarface creating these clonies
30 years later everybodys still tony
mainly everybody complainin is deranged
and you expect something to grow and not change
socialy accepted deviated the whole route
simplified it until we all sold out
i think i figured out whose to blame
started out obama ended up mccain
no we could blame ourselves if we defeated
so next time they ask who k!lled it tell em we did
 10 years ago '04        #77
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then we send the wrong message wit our slang
its broke n*ggas blowin they rent to make it rain (make it rain)
and you walk in give a bi*ch a few 20s
and she'll smirk her face up lookin at u funny
this chick told me she only take new money
mmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn i snatched my sh*t back so fast!

most fav part of the song....
 10 years ago '07        #78
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 10 years ago '07        #79
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Flow sicker than Tiki, in front of his TV
Watchin E-Flea, to throw the game winning TD to PB
And just off GP, he off the heezy
You put her on like Jeezy, if need be
I let her Adina Howard freak me see
Dont just give her the balls, I aint CP3 see
 10 years ago '07        #80
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Im vacationing on a beach with no sand
Tryna check the time on a clock with no hands
Feel like im getting close but im no where near
I touch it but dont feel, listen but dont hear it
Staring out a project window under mad stresses
Me and my mental got two different addresses
Ones national, trump international
One is rational, one is still stuck on the avenue......

If you dont understand fine


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