Nov 16 - John Gotti's Grandsons Catch A Beat Down

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Nov 16 - John Gotti's Grandsons Catch A Beat Down

Carmine, 18, and John, 17, took a beating last weekend after they allegedly harassed a 15-year-old girl at a Long Island mall.

The 17-year-old brother of the aggrieved girl delivered a beat-down to the Gotti boys after they "pinched her butt and made disgusting comments" at the Roosevelt Field Mall on Saturday, says our source.

The enraged brother and two of his friends approached the Gottis and their 10-person crew after his sister complained about their boorish behavior.

"Next thing you know this kid was really beating the c- -p out of Carmine," a witness to the melee told PAGE SIX. "All the Gotti friends were taking cheap shots, punching and kicking the back of this kid's head, but he didn't care. He just continued to beat Carmine till he was bloody, and then he went after John and whupped him, too.

"He was in a zone, repeating, 'Not my sister. I don't care who you are.' And the Gottis' crew couldn't hold him back. The whole crowd of people was cheering, adults were coming up to the kid after the f*ght and congratulating him. He really showed those boys they aren't above the law."

The Gotti brothers have appeared on their A&E show, "Growing Up Gotti," picking up girls at the mall.

Mall security guards and police broke up the fracas, but no charges have been filed. Our source claimed that mall security had received "several complaints" about the Gottis' behavior prior to the f*ght from fed-up store owners and shoppers.

"One security guard said they got a complaint from the mother of a 12-year-old girl the Gottis and their friends had harassed," another witness said.

The youth who beat up the Gottis "was like 5-foot-10," not that big. Their grandfather [John Gotti] would be rolling over in his grave if he saw that. They not only fought like cowards, they're a bunch of wimps."

Victoria Gotti told PAGE SIX's Fernando Gil the attack on her sons was an unprovoked act caused by sheer jealousy: "Carmine dated a girl he liked. Jealousy makes people do crazy things. This boy was no exception to the rule. It's unfortunate that boys can't talk out their differences."

The father of the 17-year-old boy told us, "This is a private matter between our two families, and I hope that it gets resolved soon. It was an unfortunate incident."

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