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Nov 16 - Roy Jones Steps To Fat Joe/Luda's Limit/Terror Alert Brown

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 11-16-2004, 07:46 AM         #1
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icon Nov 16 - Roy Jones Steps To Fat Joe/Luda's Limit/Terror Alert Brown

1.Roy Jones Steps To Fat Joe
Word is that boxer Roy Jones Jr. stepped to Fat Joe during Ja Rule's
album release party earlier this week. Reports say Roy was inquiring about Joe's line "...even Roy Jones was forced to lean back..." from Ja's
street-single "New York, New York," Apparently, Ed Lover had front row seats and shared the encounter with his listeners on Power 105.1's morning show earlier this week. After pausing briefly upon being questioned, Fat Joe reportedly told Jones, "you were forced to lean back. Twice." Jones left, visibly pissed off.

2.Luda's Limit: Ludacris told Rolling Stones Magazine he wont do pr0n but his videos are close enough.Ludacris said "Well, the hip-hop industry and the pr0n industry are two very large industries that no one expected to get that big. With that being said, I don't want anything negative to come out of it. It depends on the individual rapper -- whether it's right or wrong is something for them to decide, know what I mean? I've stretched the limits by having videos that are kind of on the edge and play late-night, but I haven't stretched it to the pr0n industry. And I don't think that's something I would want to do."

3.Terror Alert Brown:Word is that Condoleezza Rice will be blasted in the memoir that ex- CIA director George Tenet is peddling.The former CIA head "trashes" the national security adviser in his book proposal."He claims she was incompetent, that she didn't do her job" when it came to protecting the country from terrorists,according to inside sources."The book proposal is confidential," says Harlow, the author of the military thriller "Circle William." "But that is not an accurate rendition of the proposal."Tenet, who spent two weeks meeting with publishing-house editors, is also said to lay odds that Al Qaeda will strike next with a radioactive "dirty bomb." "He says they're looking for a symbolic, high-value target - presumably in Washington or New York," says our source. "He says the terrorists' only difficulty is getting it into the country."


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