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Nov 14 - Nas' Street's Disciple Packed With Something For Everybody

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 11-14-2004, 05:05 AM         #1
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Nov 14 - Nas' Street's Disciple Packed With Something For Everybody

His highly anticipated double LP has been pushed back to the last day of this month and in the process, he has left the streets hungry. No, scratch that, they're starving.

Consequently, select members of online and print media were invited to midtown New York's Sony Studios yesterday afternoon (November 10) for an exclusive sneak preview of Nas' Street's Disciple album, to find out if the album lives up to its hype.

Although Nas himself was not present, as soon as the ba$s hit, everyone in the room knew that the fans wouldn't be disappointed. On this double album, Nas has something for everyone. As usual Nas takes it back to the streets with some hood narration, but like he did on the God's Son LP he's introspective, delivers soul and of course, he's saying something.

"Nazareth Savage," produced by Salaam Remi, has Nas rhyming gritty reality-driven lyrics over a hard beat. "Don't get it confused/None of ya'll can fit in my sh0es," Nas rhymes with serious intent on the track. Think back to the God's Son album because this cut is like "The Cross Part II."

On the Busta Rhymes-assisted "su1cide Bounce," two Nas rides the hard infectious beat with ease. And get this, Nas produced it. He gave himself the one of the hottest beats on the album. The cut is like a prelude to death, in which the combination of Nas and Busta shine on.

Nas absolutely ki1ls his verses while Busta is in his energized essence on the hook yelling, "su1cide Bounce, C'mon!" The track was very well received by those in attendance and in due time will be blasting out of people's rides.

Aside from the cuts for the streets, Nas shines on deeper tracks as well. On "These Are Our Heroes," produced by Buck Wild, Nas questions why there are no more good people for young urban youth to look up to as role models. In his first verse he attacks Kobe Bryant for failing to live up to role model status. He also pokes fun at Bryant for falling for the trap and being a traitor to Shaquille O' Neal. "Who would have known Mr. Goodie Two-Sh0es?" Nas says about the Lakers star. At the end of the track Nas thanks role models like Tiger Woods and Cuba Gooding Jr.

The questions keep coming on "Just a Moment" featuring talented MC, Quan. "Can we have another moment of silence for brothers that died for black-on-black violence!?" a poignant Nas asks. "Can we have a moment of truth for soldiers and troops in helmets and boots?"

The poignant rhymes continue on "Sekou Story," which also features a very talented female MC named Scarlett. The interesting aspect of this cut is in the middle a throwback beat replaces a previous bass-heavy bounce, making the track feel like two songs in one.

Soul takes over with, "The Reason" featuring Emily (an R&B artist). The song is classic Nas narration. "I know a girl/Her boyfriend is a fugitive/She's intuitive," Nas flows on the beat.

Of course there's the street anthem and throwback to the raw Illmatic days, in "Thief's Theme." All while, "Bridging the Gap" and "Street's Disciple" feature Nas' greatest influence, his father, jazz great Olu Dara. Two very intriguing cuts that fans are going to find different are "U.B.R." and "Virgo."

"The Unauthorized Biography of Rakim" is special. It's not something fans hear on a regular basis. On the track Nas educates the public about one of the pioneering MCs, Rakim. At the end of the track Nas promises book two to be about KRS-One.

On "Virgo," also produced by Salaam Remi, Nas goes throwback, '80s style with Doug E. Fresh and Ludacris. Just like Nas, Luda rhymes Old Skool. First Nas says, "At the club scene where I met Ms. Green Eyes/She asked are you Nas?" Then later on the track, Luda ends his verse warning the ladies, "We can have s3x, but I can't be your loverrrr." The song is contagious and catchy.

The album even has something for the ladies with, "No One Else In The Room" featuring Maxwell. And not to be left out, Nas' calls on his fiancée Kelis on the track, "American Way."

All in all, Street's Disciple, sounds like another classic and that's after only listening to half the album which was played at Sony Studios.

The Queensbridge native's level of lyricism is as high as ever, if not better. The lyrics, the flows, the artistry - Nas is the game's premier street narrator and his style is greater. Street's Disciple is going to be a must-have for hip-hop fans.

Street's Disciple is slated for November 30.


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