*Read 1st Before Posting* REVISED: 08.28.06 Rules of 'General Discussion (Off Topic)'

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*Read 1st Before Posting* REVISED: 08.28.06 Rules of 'General Discussion (Off Topic)'

The NEW Rules of the "General Discussion (Off-Topic)" Section

It is the user's responsibility to be aware of these rules. It is a*sumed that all users, especially in the "General Discussion (Off-Topic)" section, are aware of the following rules. If one or more are broken, users will be warned/banned.

These rules will be strictly enforced.

  • #1 - Mods will delete every thread that's not original, this includes duplicate threads. (Example: Countless threads popping up when an album is being anticipated or comes out or countless threads about an event on television.)

  • #2 - All Prop threads will be deleted. Free posting is beat... Props are earned, not free. Prop Threads or Random Props = Banned.

  • #3 -The only advertising allowed is within your own personal signature. There are to be No threads posted within the general discussion forum that advertise / promote beefing with other websites.

    This includes promoting a personal forum or starting unnecessary wars with other forums (hip-hop forums and white power forums specifically)"

  • #4 – Racism will be dealt on a case by case basis. Given that slang terms are generally accepted among communities that are present on this board, words used in casual greeting will not be warned. Any racist term used in HATE however will result in a 5 point warning. After 4 warnings, you will be banned. Each incident will be determined by moderators whether or not it is racism and will be treated as such. (Don’t press or challenge us with this rule, moderators will not be lenient with the slightest use of racism on this board.)

    Examples of Non Racism:

    Whats good my n*gga?
    You a crazy asian, son.

    Examples of Racism:

    Stfu you dumb a*s N*gga.
    Get back on your rice patty, stupid ch*nk.
    The fu*k you talking about stupid white boi
    You aint black you fu*king Wigga!
    You came over on a raft you stupid sp*ck

  • #5 - ALL previously banned users can be insta-ban'd without prior warning if it is shown that the user is still acting in a manner in which he was previously banned for.

    Previously banned users do not have an endless amount of new username chances. If a user has been banned more than their fair share of times, that previously banned user will be insta-ban'd with prejudice and w/o warning and may be IP banned as well.

  • #6 - Regarding alias'. Alias that are meant to be funny will not be banned unless they break the rules or disturb the forum. Once again, this will be judged on a case by case basis depending on the alias. Any other alias' that are created by banned members to create havoc on the site, see above rule and below rule.

  • #7 - Any threads containing blatant homos*xuallity which are meant to be stupid, funny and/or degrading (especially posting under an aliases ) will be closed. The thread starters can be insta-ban'd w/o warning depending on the severity of the post.

  • #8 - No false predictions without legitimate proof. This will alleviate flooding of the boards with nonsense. If you begin false hype you will be banned!

  • #9 - If your thread/post is deleted, DO NOT POST IT AGAIN! Take it as a warning that something was definitely wrong with it. If you don't agree that something was wrong with your post, contact a General Discussion (Off-Topic) aka Streets Moderator.

  • #10 - The streets are for general discussion and off-topic conversations. There have been threads created in the streets that either belong in Silicon Valley, Box-rizon, Da HipHop Spot, or BX Sportscenter. Therefore, do not post SPECIFIC questions asking for the latest scores, advice on a cell phone, album release questions, etc. in this section. Threads are subject to be moved to the correct forum or deleted without notice. Repeat offenders will be warned.

  • #11 No requesting for Illegal Software. Request for links to torrent/mirc links/sites are also againts the rules. Repeat offenders will be warned and then banned.

  • #12 - If your account was banned, or if you need some help with a username or your account, post in the Account Help section, not here.

  • #13 - Spamming will get you banned. Enough said.

  • #14 - If a thread with a dedicated topic (this topic is listed as the thread title) goes WAY off-topic, any and all off-topic posts/replies in that thread will be deleted. If a user persists with off-topic (anything from random comments to hate) replies/comments, that user will be warned/banned.

  • #15 - Keep e-beef in the slaughterhouse.

Thank you,
the MODs of General Discussion (Off-Topic), aka the "Streets"

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