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Don't faint y'all but Percy is out for the Spring with that heel sh*t and he's getting surgery on it to finally get it correct so that he has no issues with it in the future. If he gets the sh*t done now he won't miss any time when Fall rolls around.
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What's up with Tebow's knee and I wonder how Carl Moore will fit in with all of those receivers

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Sorry I'm late but the last few practice reports...

Day 5: Defense Report

The temperature gauge read about 75 degrees with plenty of sunshine Wednesday, great weather for football practice. The Florida Gators got after it a bit on Wednesday and produced some exciting moments as well as some changes in the way things have been going so far this spring. Here is a close play-by play of the action and then a report on the defense following today's action.

Here is my best rendition of what happened at practice by each segment of practice.

Goal line running drill (on opposite field): These were three-back sets with two of the running backs and a fullback. Here is what I saw…

Play 1: Brandon James takes the ball off of the right side for a short touchdown.
Play 2: Emmanuel Moody gets stuffed at the line on the second play.
Play 3: Kestahn Moore gets stopped inches short on third and threeish.
Play 4: Kestahn Moore runs out of a triple I set for a TD.

Second Team

Play 5: Brandon James stopped short.
Play 6: Mon Williams stopped short.
Play 7: Another stop short, couldn’t tell who the back was.
Play 8: Brandon James bounces it outside twice and gets into the end zone.

First Team
Play 9: Moody bounces outside left for a touchdown.
Play 10: Brandon Spikes pops into the backfield and Kestahn Moore loses a lot of yardage.
Play 11: Moody, nice hard earned touchdown run off of the left guard.

They immediately broke into the field goal portion of practice where Caleb Sturgis kept kicking and kicking FGs. Finally from 57 yards out and a defense in pursuit he went two for four with room to spare on most of them.

After a break to do some individual action, the skill guys on both sides of the ball met at the middle of the close practice field and squared off in the 15-yard tackling drill. The offensive skill player gets the ball 15 yards away from the defender and has about a five-yard path in which to stay in the lines. He has to make it with the ball the fifteen yards and stay inside the cones. Here is what I saw…

Chris Rainey made Lorenzo Edwards grab air ... Carl Moore bounced right off of some defender and went for the 15 ... Wondy Pierre-Louis got a hold of Deonte Thompson ... Brandon Hicks drove Brandon James out of bounds ... Justin Williams tackled by Moses Jenkins ... Brandon James makes Dustin Doe miss ... Mon Williams gets by Lorenzo Edwards ... Rainey gets by Brendan Beal ... David Nelson dragged down by John Curtis ... Jeremy Brown makes a nice tackle on Deonte Thompson ... Lorenzo Edwards lays out Mon Williams ... Kestahn Moore drug Brendan Beal for three yards and a score ... Rainey gets by Edwards ... Mon Williams trucked Hicks and scored ... Nelson by Hornsby for a score ... Brandon James by Dustin Doe for a score ... Moody got clobbered by Hicks ... Beal whiffs on Moody ... Doe tackles Mon Williams … Carl Moore puts a spin move on Janoris Jenkins and scores ... Lorenzo Edwards picks up Rainey and tosses him ... Justin Williams makes Jeremy Brown whiff ... Lorenzo Edwards gets Mon Williams ... David Nelson gets by Moses Jenkins ... Doe tackles Moody ... Hicks gets nothing but air as Rainey scoots 15 yards for the score ... Edwards gets Mon rather easily.

Running Game (9 on 7): I went to video for this one which plays the front seven plus a safety and the running portion of the offense. The offense pretty much dominated this portion of practice again. One notable was the insertion of Phil Trautwein during this portion of full contact drills.

This portion was caught on camera and we will show the entire segment minus a couple of plays. If there was a plus on defense during this portion it was starting middle linebacker Brandon Spikes who is a presence every time he is on the field. He made his presence known on the first play tackling Kestahn Moore well behind the line of scrimmage. Chris Rainey and Cam Newton were the offensive stars during this period and the offense controlled it for the most part.

Seven-on-Seven Passing Drills:

Major Wright was not out there today, so John Curtis got the starting nod at safety in his absence. A.J. Jones was in on this drill starting at strong side linebacker. The offense was successful completing the short routes, but when they started to go long they ran into the same issues as Monday. The defensive secondary was all over them.

Markihe Anderson had an interception of Cam Newton early in this segment of practice ... Bryan Thomas had a breakup of a medium range out pass on a zone blitz play ... Hornsby makes a quick tackle Hernandez near the line of scrimmage ... John Brantley made a very nice roll out deep corner or wheel route pass to Brandon James on the fly ... Carl Moore turned in a couple of nice catches in coverage ... Wondy Pierre-Louis broke up a pass to Carl Moore ... Wondy breaks up another pass, this time to Justin Williams ... Newton throws a bullet deep in the end zone to what looked to be a wide open Cade Holliday, but Brandon Spikes dropped quickly in his zone coverage and broke up the pass ... John Curtis was right there on a corner pattern pass to Riley Cooper and he forced Cooper to catch the ball out of bounds ... Janoris Jenkins breaks up a Newton pass in the middle of the field ... Markihe breaks up a pass to Brandon James and then taunts him afterwards ... Tebow was back as quarterback and Louis Murphy catches a deep crossing pattern in the back of the end zone ahead of John Curtis ... Joe Haden picked off an ill-advised Tebow pass after the play was broken down ... Tebow finished his time in the segment off with a nice touchdown pass to Louis Murphy in the end zone ... Newton throws a crossing pattern to Brandon James who was crossing opposite of everyone else and he beat A.J. Jones around the end for a touchdown ... Jeremy Brown made a nice diving tip of the ball of a Cam Newton pass in the middle of the field ... Brantley throws a mid-range out pass to Justin Williams who makes a very nice one handed grab near the sideline ... the next pass Brantley again to Williams except Haden was there to cause a dropped ball ... Jacques Rickerson breaks up a Brantley post pass in the back of the end zone ... Wondy intercepts a Brantley pass in the end zone ... Kestahn Moore makes a short catch and a defender whiffed for a touchdown ... Bryan Thomas almost had a Tebow interception in front of Cornelius Ingram ... Tebow threaded the needle for Murphy in the back of the end zone…

Eleven on Eleven (with scoring): This was plainly the entire offense vs. the entire defense.
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As you will see the defense continued it’s bright play from the previous two drills and really made life miserable for the offense and especially the quarterbacks and receivers.

Tebow runs the first play for positive yardage ... Bad snap on offense ... Wondy batted down a Tebow pass ... Shovel pass to Kestahn Moore for a yard (defense score) ... Carlos Dunlap in the backfield for a sack ... Deonte Thompson drops a Tebow fastball ... Lorenzo Edwards busts through the line of scrimmage to get Rainey behind the line of scrimmage ... Torrey Davis blows up the line for a tackle of no gain ... Newton completes a nice 12-yard out pass to Carl Moore in front of Moses Jenkins ... Rainey runs option pitch around the right side and looked like the fastest guy on the field going the distance ... Cunningham and Trattou combine for a sack of Tebow. Offensive coordinator Dan Mullen was vocally upset about his pass protection ... Wondy picked off Tebow deep ... Spikes knocked Jim Tartt back three yards and blew up one play ... Wondy with another pass break up of a Tebow pass ... Ahmad black playing with the first team defense and makes the tackle on Brandon James on a short pass at the line of scrimmage and follows that up with a pass break up of a long pass to Cornelius Ingram ... Marsh and Okine combine to tackle Cam Newton behind the line of scrimmage on a quarterback keeper run ... Munroe and Haden break up a deep pass to Ingram from Tebow ... Kestahn Moore gains about 12 yards on an option pitch from Tebow around the right side ... Ahmad Black helps stop a medium length pass in the middle of the field with a hard hit ... Newton bad pitch to Moody and Brendan Beal pounces on it for the defense ... Troy Epps and Dustin Doe all over Cam Newton in the backfield on an option keeper.

Defense --- What I liked and didn’t like:

Defensive Line:
First Team --- DE Justin Trattou, DT Troy Epps, DT Lawrence Marsh, DE Jermaine Cunningham
Second Team --- DE Carlos Dunlap, DT John Brown, DT Torrey Davis, DE Duke Lemmens
Third Team --- DE Jaye Howard, DT Terron Sanders, DE Matt Patchan

What I Liked: They got better as the day wore on. I think the depth on the defensive line may actually be taking a toll on the offensive linemen during the day and they shuffled in guys liberally as Davis and Brown were sometimes with the first team ends and vice versa. Epps continues to be the best DT in my opinion, although Davis and Brown both made a few plays and broke down the pocket a few times. I really think the interior push got better today.

The ends played really well and Dunlap seemed everywhere when he was on the field. Trattou wasn’t far behind and his name was called out a few times today. Matt Patchan got some play and was in contact at defensive end.

I think this front seven as a whole really plays well wide because of all the speed they possess.

What I Didn’t Like: They got pushed around again early on when everyone and their neighbor knew that the offense was going to run the ball. When push comes to shove on the interior the defensive line lost the battles. They just have to get tougher when someone comes to shove it down their throats.

First team --- Dustin Doe, Brandon Spikes, Brandon Hicks
Backups --- Lorenzo Edwards, Brendan Beal, John Jones, Jerimy Finch, Chris Pintado

What I Liked: Spikes is absolutely the man on defense. He creates such havoc in different ways. Coming out of high school I would have never thought he would be so good at breaking up passes and pass coverage, but he is good at everything. I think the second biggest playmaker at linebacker is Lorenzo Edwards, who continues to shine. He got beat twice in a row to start off the 15-yard tackle drill, and then he dominated everyone he faced after that. Hicks is growing up in the starting role vacated most of the time by A.J. Jones while his hand is healing. I thought Brendan Beal made an impression today as well.

Like the defensive line, when the ball goes wide, this group is usually all over the ball. They run sideline to sideline as well as any group we have had in my opinion.

What I Didn’t Like: Stamper and A.J. Jones were in yellow jerseys again and missed most of the live action. That early running game drill was just brutal on the front seven and it all can’t be pinned on the line. Side to side these guys are terrors with their speed, but I am not sure if it is a.ssignments or what, but they get lost in the shuffle on inside runs a lot.

First team --- CB Wondy Pierre-Louis, S John Curtis, S Dorian Munroe, CB Joe Haden
Second Team --- CB Jacques Rickerson, S Ahmad Black (moved to first by end of practice), S Jamar Hornsby, CB Markihe Anderson
Third Team --- CB Jeremy Brown, CB Moses Jenkins, S Bryan Thomas, CB Janoris Jenkins

What I Liked: This was the best day out of the safeties that I can remember since a certain eraser was wandering the field. They made more pass breakups and tackles close to the line of scrimmage than they have in two years and that was great to see. I saw plays by Thomas, Hornsby, Curtis, and Munroe. But, for the third time this week, sophomore Ahmad Black made several great plays and was awarded with playing with the first unit near the end of practice. So far Black looks like the hardest hitter in the group and he is by far the smallest of the group. He also jumps passes and plays smart.

The corners continue to shine and there were several interceptions today. Joe Haden had another, Wondy had two, Rickerson had one and I believe Markihe Anderson had one. Janoris Jenkins, Moses Jenkins, and Jeremy Brown all had nice pass break ups.

The secondary as a whole is making life miserable for the quarterbacks and receivers at practice.

What I Didn’t Like: No Major Wright as he was battling the flu. You could pick a play here or there, but honestly the secondary was on fire today in my opinion.

Player of the Day on Defense: I am going to go with Brandon Spikes. There is just a huge difference with the whole defense when he is on the team and he showed his versatility playing up and then tackling behind the line of scrimmage or playing deep in coverage.

Runner Up: Wondy had two interceptions and played very well today throughout the practice.
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Day 5: Offense Report

The Florida offense has had its way with the young defense although the past two practice sessions things have gotten more competitive and difficult. The offense has fared better against the front seven, where the Gators veteran offensive line has the advantage. However, they found the going tough against a secondary that is much improved Wednesday afternoon.

Injuries: James Wilson (knee), Paul Wilson (knee)

Quarterbacks: Tim Tebow, Cam Newton, John Brantley

What I liked: The fact that the defensive backs are making practice challenging for the Florida quarterbacks and receivers. You might be scratching your head after reading that, but I have to believe that the competition will only serve to make this offense better overall. I thought that each of the quarterbacks threw some wonderful passes downfield in the drills. But, things got significantly more difficult as the day went along. There were some nice runs by Newton after he found the receivers covered.

What I didn’t like: I didn’t think that any of the quarterbacks were especially sharp and consistent during the practice. Tebow threw a couple of picks. Newton threw one. I don’t recall Brantley throwing one today, but I could be wrong. Perhaps it’s just me, as I stated, the quarterbacks have to work much harder to find an open receiver. Again, that should be beneficial.

Running back: Kestahn Moore, Brandon James, Chris Rainey, Mon Williams, Emmanuel Moody.

What I liked: Early in today’s practice when the offense was working on the running game they looked awfully good. There were some nice holes. There were some creases that they found and turned into holes. They did a nice job.

I really like the running of Rainey. He has been so much more impressive than he was in August. He runs with a sense of urgency and that’s always a plus for backs. The hit by Justin Trattou on Brandon James, who had stayed in the backfield to block for Tebow, was brutal. James was on his back in a hurry and the collision seemingly echoed throughout the practice field and the surrounding counties.

What I didn’t like: As much pressure as the defense was getting on the quarterbacks, especially Newton later in the scrimmage, there was either little effort to get additional pass protection from a fullback or running back. I’d love to see a few more passes to the backs to keep the defense honest. Rainey and James would be deadly in some space.

Receivers: Louis Murphy, Deonte Thompson, Riley Cooper, David Nelson, Carl Moore, Cade Holliday

Tight Ends: Cornelius Ingram, Aaron Hernandez, Tate Casey

What I liked: Louis Murphy and Carl Moore made some very good catches in solid to tight coverage today. Moore also threw a nice block that enabled running back Chris Rainey to find a seam and sprint down the right sideline. Murphy had a good day in the red zone and hurry-up scrimmage session. There were two times where Tebow seemed to lock onto him in consecutive passes and Murphy got separation from the coverage and made the tough catch. Murph also made a nice run in the hurry-up scrimmage on a reverse pitch from Tebow.

What I didn’t like: It seemed at times that the receivers weren’t f!ghting to get that separation from the defender. They also missed a few blocks that could have helped the backs.

Offensive Line: LT Carl Johnson, LG Jim Tartt, C Markice Pouncey, RG Mike Pouncey, RT Jason Watkins. Reserves: LT Kyle Newell, LG Jim Barrie, C Corey Hobbs, RG Brad Hiers, RT Marcus Gilbert

What I liked: The offensive line looked pretty good in the early portion of the scrimmage. They moved the defensive line and established a bit of a running game. The interior front of Tartt and the Pouncey twins are absolutely devastating when they want to be. There were some very good blocks by tackle Jason Watkins. One in particular, sprung Brandon James, who had taken the pitch from Tebow running left. Watkins block allowed James to run to the safeties. There was a point in practice a year ago when the lights seemed to come on for Watkins. I just hope that we can also so clearly see the same thing occur on a few other players. Tartt picked up a blitz by Brandon Spikes and bought Tebow time on the roll to find an open receiver. Great block.

What I didn’t like: The offensive line didn’t play with much intensity today. I thought that they could have gotten a little more fire in their bellies as the practice went along. As I said, initially they did some very good things, but were unable to maintain that edge. Once the defense made a few plays and rallied, their enthusiasm drastically increased. The same cannot be said for the offense.

At some point rather early in the scrimmage, Carl Johnson was replaced by Jason Watkins, who jumped over from his right tackle spot. Marcus Gilbert came in at right tackle and continued to see substantial action with the second unit. Reserve tackle Kyle Newell nearly got Newton k!lled. He missed a block that allowed Jaye Howard to draw a bead on the quarterback, wrap him up, and take him down. Coach John Hevesy had a discussion with Newell immediately afterward.

Player of the Day: That’s a tough call. I’d say probably Louis Murphy. There was no absolute standout offensively, but Murph was about as solid as you get. He caught several passes and gained positive yardage after catching the football.
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DAY 6: Defense in-depth report

The Gators weren't in full pads today but the intensity was ratcheted up for day six of spring practice. Three f!ghts broke out among players as the competitive fires showed that they are burning brightly. The defense seemed to be the big winner again on Friday.

Lucky for me I was covering the defense and have quite a bit to share. Here is our defensive report from the Florida Gators sixth spring practice of 2008.

This is a chronological look at what was going on. After individual drills, the offense and defense front seven squared off in front of the media.

HALF LINE BLOCKING DRILLS: The drills consist of two or three offensive linemen vs. two to three defensive players. It gets a little tough and every practice so far, the offense has dominated the drill. It was no different today. Among the highlights, James Wilson was with the second group and he got the better of John Brown on one snap and the coaches and teammates mobbed him after the play. Wilson has been doing a whole bunch of contact. Offensive line coach John Hevesy jumped Steven Wilks, who seemed to make a nice block on one linebacker but didn’t follow all the way through and drive him away. The Pounceys and Jim Tartt just refuse to give an inch in this drill, ever.

Then the skill guys on both sides of the ball lined up against each other in one of my favorite drills. They did this one on Wednesday and the object is for the offensive player to get the ball and run 15 yards for a score. He has about a five-yard path to stay in and it is the defense’s duty to not let him get the 15 yards without going down or out of bounds first.

15-YARD TACKLE DRILL (Rapid fire, I missed some of them): Brandon Hicks drags Kestahn Moore out of bounds ... Bryan Thomas gets the best of Carl Moore ... Joe Haden whiffed on a walk on receiver ... Chris Rainey made Brendan Beal grab for air ... Brandon Spikes mauls Brandon James ... Kestahn Moore gets by Dustin Doe ... Jeremy Brown gets Justin Williams ... Mon Williams gets by Jerimy Finch ... Kestahn Moore tackled by Dustin Doe ... Mon Williams absolutely trucks over Jerimy Finch ... Finch whiffs on Mon ... Lorenzo Edwards knocks Rainey out of bounds ... Finch gets Moody ... Beal just gets Rainey ... Deonte Thompson gets by Wondy Pierre-Louis ... Brandon Spikes laid out Kestahn Moore on a devastating hit

The team next practiced punt blocking and punt protection. The highlights were the first two punts. Chaz Henry hit two consecutive rockets, one for 70 plus yards in the air beyond the line of scrimmage, the next for 60 plus yards beyond the line of scrimmage. He then proceeded to shank his third try into the stands about 30 yards total.

The team then moved on to a drill that is designed to help the offensive linemen with blitz schemes. They usually don’t run this one exactly full speed but somewhat fast. The blitz protection drill doesn’t really show a whole lot, but as a whole I think the offensive line and backs protected pretty well.

11-ON-11 PASSING SESSION: The offense and defense squared off for some passing action the defense was really scrambling around the rotations out there. The first nickel they allowed Moses Jenkins to play instead of Joe Haden. They had Wondy out there with Jacques Rickerson in the nickel position. The starting defensive line was Trattou and Cunningham at ends, and John Brown and Lawrence Marsh at defensive tackles. From there they substituted freely and every which way.

They then proceeded to do kick return practice and the notable returners were Brandon James, Chris Rainey, Deonte Thompson, and Mon Williams. There are schools that would die for just one of those.

9-ON-7 DRILL: This drill combats the front seven of the defense against the running portion of the offense. The offense dominated again, and the first three plays the running backs went untouched. The only other highlight or lowlight in the action was that Emmanuel Moody did fumble the ball during the drill.

The teams then split into skills vs skills and did their usual 7-on-7 passing drill. The defense, which has dominated the last few practices in this drill, came out ahead again although this time it was more due to the offense dropping so many balls. Here are the plays that stood out one way or the other.

SEVEN-ON-SEVEN PASSING: Carl Moore makes a nice medium distance grab ... Brandon Hicks picks off a tipped ball from David Nelson’s hands. Nelson is a little gimpy from a slight injury incurred during one on ones ... Cornelius Ingram dropped a wide open pass from John Brantley in the deep middle of the field ... Wondy blitzes and blocks a pass from John Brantley ... Deonte Thompson dropped a mid-range post pattern ... David Nelson dropped a short pass, still struggling from injury incurred earlier ... Long pass to Deonte Thompson was covered well by Moses Jenkins and went incomplete … Brantley back in and fires a long streak pattern to Deonte Thompson over Moses Jenkins that would have resulted in a touchdown ... Jacques Rickerson followed that up with a nice pass breakup of a Cam Newton pass ... Jeremy Brown had tight coverage on Deonte Thompson and broke up a Brantley pass ... Nice mid-range pass to Carl Moore complete from Tebow in front of Joe Haden ... Tebow comes back to Moore again and Haden intercepts this time ... Wondy breaks up a pass intended for Carl Moore from Tebow ...Tate Casey drops a short pass from Newton ... Justin Williams held on Moses Jenkins who was covering Williams like a blanket, and still couldn’t get to the ball ... Jamar Hornsby makes a quick hit on Louis Murphy less than five yards beyond the line of scrimmage.

11-ON-11 OFFENSE VS. DEFENSE: Cunningham got caught in a bad match up and covering Hernandez. The ball was thrown over the top to Hernandez for a really long gainer ... Tebow gets sacked waiting on receivers to get open ... Next play a hard hit happens and the running back’s mouthpiece pops out and a f!ght ensues (couldn’t tell who any of them were) ... Tebow slightly overthrows Justin Williams who would have lost his lunch from Ahmad Black had this been a true hitting drill ... Newton breaks contain and rolls out to complete a long bomb to Tate Casey who was wide open along the right hand side ... Lorenzo Edwards causes a bad pitch of an option and then reels in the loose ball…

TWO MINUTE DRILL (11-ON-11): Short pass from Tebow complete to Louis Murphy, but in the middle of the field, clock is running ... Everyone covered, Kestahn Moore gets a hot pass from Tebow that was almost tipped into the hands of two linebackers but incomplete ... Tebow and Ingram beat Dorian Munroe on a 25-yard corner pass and out of bounds to stop the clock ... Brandon Hicks breaks up a short pass to Murphy, but Coach Charlie Strong was still on him because he was slightly out of position and should have been able to make the catch ... Cornelius Ingram dropped a deep post route, but Dorian Munroe and Jamar Hornsby would have made him pay for catching that one ... Tebow throws just a tad deep for Justin Williams and Hornsby was a tad late getting there ... Caleb Sturgis steps up and kicks a 57 yard field goal.

Carl Moore makes a nice long post pattern catch for a first down ... Newton scrambles out of bounds and stops the clock ... Newton hits Butch Rowley on a 20-yard deep out route and out of bounds to stop the clock ... Newton on a quarterback keeper, doesn’t get much ... Jonathan Phillips misses a 45 yard FG.

Tebow was just off target throwing to Murphy but was hit as he threw ... Wondy blitzed from the back side and hit Tebow as he threw the next one. The ball John Brown, who was dropping into coverage, in the hands, a near interception ... Tebow scrambles and rushes a pitch that loses yardage ... Hornsby is there on a deep fly pattern to Justin Williams. Hornsby knocks the ball away. (End of series)

New set of downs ... Tebow gets a short out pass to James who gets out of bounds quick ... Tebow off balance, throws the ball 70 yards in the air, but Dorian Munroe is there to break up the pass ... Sturgis hits the top of the goal post from 55 yards and it bounces in for a FG. Then he follows it with a very short kick that wasn’t close. Then Jonathan Phillips tries from 57 yards and makes it, barely.

Newton in, first pass, short and incomplete ... Bryan Thomas breaks up a medium pass to Carl Moore along the left sideline ... Deonte Thompson on a deep pass, paused to fool the defense, took two steps in to catch the deep ball. He would have scored, but they called him down ... Jonathan Phillips then lines up for two 28-yard field goals and makes them both.
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That was the end of practice and here is what I liked and disliked from each position at practice. The starters and backups were substituted all day, so no need to post a depth chart on any of the positions.


What I Liked: For the most part the defensive line was making the quarterbacks scramble a lot during the passing drills. That means they were getting the pressure that has been wanted. Combine that with the elevated play of the secondary, and this is a welcome sight. Again, we see when the defensive line is not combined to tight spaces it performs well in conjunction with the other parts of the defense. John Brown seemed particularly active today.

What I Didn’t Like: With all the pressure the front was getting, they were not able to contain the quarterbacks in the pocket very much. This is something to work on, but the rush itself is so welcome, the other will come. Carlos Dunlap was not dressed out today and no Torrey Davis either. This may have contributed to the liberal substitution patterns. The defensive line is still getting pushed around in the interior running game. Cunningham got matched up bad on the one play that went for a touchdown, a smart quarterback is going to get that one every time.

LINEBACKERS (for the most part the starters were still Spikes, Doe, and Hicks):

What I Liked: Brandon Spikes is so good in the 15-yard tackling drill and you wouldn’t think a guy with his size would be so good against the smaller guys. Instead he is able to tattoo the running backs in the middle of their chest and has the best hits in the drill almost every time. His instincts at linebacker and tackling in general are superb. Brandon Hicks was making plays today and that was good. Lorenzo Edwards continues on his roll and playing well in my opinion. Also, I think Brendan Beal is heating up and going to start making a name for himself.

What I Didn’t Like: A.J. Jones and Ryan Stamper hardly practiced at all. That is a starter and a key backup missing a lot of action so far. In the running drills, the linebackers were covered up several times allowing outside runs to take it to the house. This happened on Wednesday as well. I couldn’t tell if it was Doe, Hicks or Spikes that was the issue, but it could have been all three. Honestly there is too much speed at linebacker for this to happen and they just need to get off blocks better or avoid them altogether.

SECONDARY (A lot of subs, but the constant was Munroe at safety and Wondy Pierre-Louis at corner):

What I Liked: This was exciting for him, but Jamar Hornsby was getting work in the 2-minute drill with the first unit. For most of the day though John Curtis was back out as the starter at safety along with Dorian Munroe with the absence of Major Wright due to the flu. There were a few more interceptions today. Wondy and Haden had one each that I remember. Hornsby and Bryan Thomas are starting to make more noise at safety. A little more quiet from Ahmad black, but he still made a couple of plays today. I thought Moses Jenkins was thrown into the fire and really played well at cornerback. He played with the first unit a bunch today and he has prototype size that they like to play the position.

What I Didn’t Like: Major Wright still out with the flu ... Markihe Anderson was not out there participating after being dinged up at practice on Wednesday. As good as it seemed the secondary played, the offense helped them a great deal. There were almost double digit dropped balls today and most were wide open receivers that normally would not have dropped the balls. If they make those catches, this was a horrible day for the defensive secondary.

ODDS AND ENDS: David Nelson, after being dinged and not playing near the end of practice, was helping Carl Moore with his patterns and everything before each play. He stood behind him during the play and would make sure he was lined up and knew what he was doing.

NOTABLE RECRUITS: DT Gary Brown (Gator commitment), OL Kyle Koehne, OL Jared Wheeler, and RB Ben Axon were all in attendance at practice.

QUOTABLE: After an offensive lineman was hit in the nose and under his face mask and came up a little hurt, offensive line coach Steve Addazio didn’t want to hear any of it when he yelled out, “If you broke your nose, it’s good for you!!”
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DAY 6: Offense in-depth report

Our latest report on what happened at practice on the offense in detail:

Quarterbacks- Tim Tebow, Cameron Newton, John Brantley

What I liked: Cameron Newton looks comfortable in the pocket. He doesn’t get happy feet very often, looks poised while scanning the field and throws to the best option almost all of the time. He’s a very smart player. All three of the quarterbacks have shown good knowledge of when to tuck the ball and run. Most of the interceptions thrown have been through the hands of receivers and not completely the quarterbacks fault.

What I didn’t like: The quarterbacks didn’t look crisp and really haven’t all spring. The practices haven’t had a great rhythm to them, and the quarterbacks are having a rough time finding their touch. Tebow overthrew Justin Williams at least once on a deep route and his throws are usually not the most accurate. The receivers didn’t help them out by dropping plenty of passes, but the quarterback play has to pick up as the spring continues.

Running backs- Kestahn Moore, Brandon James, Chris Rainey, Mon Williams, Emmanuel Moody.

What I liked: Ball security. I can remember two fumbles on the day, both by Moody. One was on an option he dropped and the other one a goal line carry. Moore continues to be the best back at practice, partially because Moody seems to be getting limited reps since he is near the bottom of the depth chart. Moore, James and Rainey look like they’re running with the ball a lot closer to their body. Hopefully ball security has sunk in as a necessity. Rainey is running the ball hard this spring. He got in a head-to-head collision with Spikes, didn’t look fazed, and continued the run for a touchdown. Rainey also embarrassed Brendan Beal in one-on-one tackling drills by faking right and spinning back to his left, leaving Beal holding only Rainey’s towel in his hands. He also took a few runs and made the defense think he was going outside the tackles, only to spin back through the line. His change of the direction is unreal. Kestahn Moore hasn’t gotten a ton of publicity this spring, but he’s doing everything he’s been asked. His fumbles have been cut down, and he is running the ball well.

What I didn’t like: Moore is the only running back who looks like he has a clue when it comes to blocking in the backfield. Rainey and James just don’t have the size to stop a blitzing Brandon Spikes through the middle. Moody got yelled at a few times for being either on the wrong side of the quarterback or out of position to block. Besides that, the running backs had a solid day.

Wide receivers- Louis Murphy, Carl Moore, Deonte Thompson, Justin Willams, David Nelson
Tight ends- Cornelius Ingram, Aaron Hernandez, Tate Casey

What I liked: Lots of athleticism to go around even when the most electric player in the nation, Percy Harvin, is out. Louis Murphy looks like our solid go-to receiver and a good one at that. He’s a guy that they can run any play with, be it a receiver screen or a deep throw. Carl Moore got most of his reps with the first team offense. The firs team was juggled around a bit, with Deonte Thompson and Justin Williams also trading off time as the second receiver in a two receiver set. That same set they worked out of for a good portion of practice featured two tight ends, Hernandez and Ingram most of the time. It was a dangerous package, one that allowed Ingram to do whatever he wanted. He ran a fly pattern from his tight end position and caught a perfect lob from Tebow over the linebacker. That’s the danger of having him there, as opposing defenses have to pick their poison when covering him with a linebacker or safety. Hernandez has the body of a playmaker. He looks a little trimmed down from last season and made some impressive catches, going up in the air to make some plays.

What I didn’t like: The amount of dropped passes was ridiculous. Thompson, Nelson and Hernandez each had at least one drop that I saw. The passes aren’t perfect, but they are ones that need to be caught in the fall. That’s the only thing this group is struggling with right now. They just need to catch the football.

Offensive line-
Tackles- Jason Watkins, Phil Trautwein, Carl Johnson, Marcus Gilbert
Guards- Jim Tartt, Mike Pouncey, James Wilson, Jim Barrie
Center- Maurkice Pouncey, Corey Hobbs

What I liked: The interior line wasn’t even fair today. Tartt and the two Pounceys came out in the offensive line vs. defensive line running drills and threw the defensive tackles around. The best sign to me was James Wilson getting in on the drills. He came in and threw John Brown backwards from the snap. He then started jumping around with his teammates who were supporting him. Phil Trautwein also looked good. He opened up a few holes on the outside by pushing the defensive end inside and taking him out of the play. He being back with the starting line should only develop more chemistry for the fall. Backups Carl Johnson and Marcus Gilbert have had good springs as well, developing some sort of depth at the tackle position that will be very necessary for the 2009 season. The offensive line was called out by Meyer after Wednesday’s practice to make more plays, and I thought they did just that. The line opened up holes for the running backs and gave them gaping holes to walk through into the end zone.

What I didn’t like: Not much depth on the inside past the starters. The Pounceys have cemented themselves into the right guard and center position, and the left guard of Tartt and Wilson will create havoc this season and longer. This just showed me how bad Maurice Hurt needs to get healthy.

Player of the Day: Chris Rainey. He looks completely different in only a year. He runs with a purpose and has just embarrassed people trying to tackle him. Offensive coordinator Dan Mullen is going to have a hard time keeping the ball out of his hands.
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Day 7: In-depth offensive report

Saturday the Gators held their second full contact scrimmage of the spring. It was a day of mixed results for the offensive unit which saw greater resistance this Saturday than they did in their first scrimmage last week. Here is a report on the offensive performances.

QUARTERBACKS: Tim Tebow, Cameron Newton, John Brantley

What I liked: Lots of Cameron Newton. There isn’t much of a need to press Tebow into playing a lot this spring, so may as well give the reps to someone who could use them. I didn’t see much John Brantley today. It was about 60 percent Newton and 40 percent Tebow. Newton was comfortable in blitz recognition most of the time. He got a blitz from the cornerback on a play and dumped the ball off to Chris Rainey, who made a great play to take it about 50 yards for a touchdown.

What I didn’t like: This group still isn’t sharp. I can’t even put a number on how many quick slants I’ve seen launched over wide open receivers’ heads or right at their feet. A lot of the passes that fell incomplete should be credited to excellent coverage by the defensive secondary. They’re making it a lot tougher for the quarterbacks or receivers to stand out so far this spring. Newton looked to be forcing the ball a little today. He drove the team down into the red zone, tried to force a throw and got it intercepted. He also left Tate Casey hanging out to dry, allowing Jamar Hornsby to make the biggest hit of the spring. This area needs to play better, but as was stated by many people yesterday, if we’re complaining about quarterback play from this group then the team must be in pretty good shape.

RUNNING BACKS: Kestahn Moore, Brandon James, Chris Rainey, Emmanuel Moody, Mon Williams

What I liked: This set of running backs provides a perfect group. They each have their own individual strengths and can be subbed into the game whenever needed. Chris Rainey continues to shine. I hate to keep harping on it, but he made some extraordinary plays yet again. The play I already mentioned where Newton dumped off to Rainey and showed some nice moves to get into the second level and turn on the jets. One situation during the scrimmage showed the offense taking the ball from their one yard line and needing to get a first down. The last back you would expect to get carries in this situation is Rainey, but he took them and gained four yards on both of his carries. He forced the pile forward and always fell forward. The blocking by the running backs looked better today, and Emmanuel Moody looked a lot better blocking. Moore had a good day today, outside of a fumble in the two-minute drill situation. He stays low at contact and makes it tough for the defense to drive him backward. Mon Williams also made a few nice plays outside the tackles. He can make people miss, even though he’s one of the largest backs on the team.

What I didn’t like: A lot of the runs were stuffed at the line. Most of the fault for that goes on the offensive line, but sometimes I was questioning how much Moore can make people miss. He’s still listed as the number one running back, but he needs to step up a little bit. His fumble during the two-minute drill is inexcusable, and it’s the timing of his fumbles last year that got him on the bench.

WIDE RECEIVERS: Louis Murphy, Deonte Thompson, Carl Moore, Justin Williams, Butch Rowley, David Nelson
TIGHT END: Cornelius Ingram, Aaron Hernandez, Tate Casey

What I liked: The first team offense started with only two receivers, Deonte Thompson and Louis Murphy. They continued using a two tight end set from Friday, with Ingram and Hernandez both lining up with their hands on the ground. Carl Moore gives this offense something they didn’t have much of last year when Riley Cooper went down. There is now a legitimate deep threat if Cooper goes down again. Moore is at least 6-3, and the rumor is he has the best vertical on the team. He went up over Janoris Jenkins and caught a fade from Tebow in the scrimmage. Murphy had a good day, catching multiple passes in heavy traffic and wasn’t scared to make the catch and get hit. He got banged up at one point in practice and scared everyone in attendance that the offense could lose another playmaker for the spring. He jumped up and finished practice with the regulars. He f!ghts for the football when it’s in the air, and you love to see that from a go-to guy. Hernandez had a great day from his position. He had a few nice blocks and was one of the only players who could actually put a decent block on Brandon Spikes. Hernandez also went up in the air to make a nice catch, then stiff armed Dustin Doe to gain 15 more yards. Ingram also had some nice catches, one of which he ripped right out of the hands of Brandon Hicks. Ingram also took a jet sweep from Tebow and ran to the right side of the field. After running about ten feet to the right, he turned and threw the ball back to Tebow, who was on a dead sprint to the end zone. Unfortunately, the pass was just a few inches too far.

What I didn’t like: The receivers just weren’t open very much today. The credit again should go to the defensive secondary, and I think it’s a great sign that the defense has grown up enough to already stay with these guys.

OT: Jason Watkins, Phil Trautwein, Carl Johnson, Marcus Gilbert
OG: Jim Tartt, Mike Pouncey, James Wilson, Jim Barrie
C: Maurkice Pouncey, Corey Hobbs

What I liked: James Wilson continues to impress me. He dominated John Brown on multiple plays, and the interaction with some of his teammates is fun to watch. Jason Watkins is another one that impresses me. Thinking about the transformation he’s made in his career makes it that much easier to root for him. Another plus was Jim Barrie. I’m not sure if he’s big enough to play the guard position, but he’s beginning to show signs of becoming a player. He may not be on first team level right now, but he’s starting to show signs of becoming a quality backup that this line is going to need.

What I didn’t like: Running backs were getting blown up or stuffed at the line all the time today. Troy Epps was in the backfield over and over again. The negatives from the line came mostly on the second team. James Wilson was really the only consistent contributor in the group.

Player of the Day: This is just getting repetitive, but it’s Chris Rainey again. No receivers or running backs had the impact on the scrimmage that he had, and there was an anticipatory feeling from the crowd every time he touched the football. It’s no surprise Coach Meyer said after practice that he will absolutely play in the fall.
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Day 7: In-depth defensive report

Saturday's second scrimmage of the spring featured plenty of jawing, a lot of hitting and a whole lot of football. It seems you can't have one without the other. The defense once again seemed to take control with a number of big plays. The defense is coming around rather nicely as players at every level and every position are stepping up to make plays. There is still have a spring to go but it is obvious the defense has made improvements.


First Team (for most of the day): DE Jermaine Cunningham, DE Justin Trattou, DT John Brown, DT Torrey Davis
Second team: DE Dunlap, DE Lemmens, DE Jaye Howard (got a lot of reps), DT Troy Epps, DT Lawrence Marsh, DT Terron Sanders (also seemed to get a lot of reps)

Highlights from today: Justin Trattou comes from the blind side of QB Cameron Newton who caught him out of his eye at the last second and stepped up right into the grasp of Terron Sanders for a sack ... Rushing from the left side of the defensive line, Trattou blocks a pass from QB Tim Tebow ... Newton was sacked by two defensive linemen (not sure who) ... Carlos Dunlap was back too fast in the backfield and clobbered Newton who did get the ball off on a flare pass but was rushed and the play went for not much of a gain because he couldn’t lead him correctly ... Defensive line flushes Newton outside where Jerimy Finch is there to collect a sack ... Coverage sack on Newton. Troy Epps gets the sack ... Epps and Finch get Chris Rainey in the backfield on a toss right ... Dunlap sacks Tebow on first play of new series, he blew right by Jason Watkins ... Emmanuel Moody runs hard up the middle for a few yards—Moody then dances around with nowhere to go as the defensive line caved in the play

What I Liked: Carlos Dunlap and Torrey Davis were back ... As evidenced by the plays listed above, the pressure came from inside and out on the day. Dunlap showed his quickness and I wonder if the day off Wednesday may have helped him with fresher legs. He came off the edge with abandon on the day ... Epps was also active enough to be in several plays behind the line of scrimmage, besides the fact I think John Brown played first team most of the day and got more reps. Of course that meant that Brown was going against the first team offense much more than Epps ... Brown was active, but didn’t seem to make to many finishes on plays. He was still disruptive, which is what you ask from your defensive tackles ... Trattou was also mentioned quite a few times and as shown he tends to make those extra plays, the blocks, or pass break ups, etc. He is a fun player to watch ... Jaye Howard was really active and forced some things. I like his progress.

What I Didn’t Like: Jermaine Cunningham where are you? I didn’t see him do much today. Not sure if he didn’t get much time on the field or not ... The offense can still get the short yardage when it needs to. Even when they lined up Chris Rainey in the backfield on fourth and one, he plowed ahead for a first down right up the middle of the defense ... Trattou called for off-sides, but there were very few defensive penalties on the day ... There were a few more times today where the defensive ends lost containment on the quarterback. I guess that is just something that happens with these quarterbacks.


First team: Brandon Spikes, Dustin Doe, Brandon Hicks
Reserves: Jerimy Finch, Lorenzo Edwards, Chris Pintado, Brendan Beal

Highlights from today: Brandon Spikes should have intercepted Tebow pass that was under thrown in the middle of the field ... Newton throws a quick slant over the middle that was almost intercepted by Dustin Doe ... WR Louis Murphy gets zonked by Spikes and Doe on a short crosser over the middle ... Defensive line flushes Newton outside where Jerimy Finch is there to collect a sack ... Option pitch to Rainey, but Finch was there to force the play inside and the play goes for nothing ... Brandon Hicks has great coverage on Cornelius Ingram who reached back and takes it from Hicks and then rounds down field and smashes Jacques Rickerson, who did force him out of bounds. It was great coverage for the most part on a very hard player to defend ... Doe gets a scrambling Tebow for a sack ... Ingram was pressured by Doe and Spikes and overthrows Tebow on a throwback pass … Spikes blows up in the backfield and wallops Rainey right after he gets the ball ... Finch, Beal, and Epps stopped RB Mon Williams for no gain on an outside run ... Hornsby and Doe are there to make the tackle at the line of scrimmage on an option pitch.

What I Liked: Spikes is just a huge force at the line of scrimmage forcing quarterbacks to take notice of him or pay the price. He can be so disruptive with his size and strength up front. Spikes actually dislocated a finger during play and went off to the side to get it put back into place before returning ... Finch seemed to make a statement today and was in on a lot of plays ... Hicks showed again that he is going to be a good one ... The side line to sideline pursuit of the linebackers is great with this group.

Here are a couple of plays the LB’s would like back: Dustin Doe missed a tackle on a sideline pass to TE Aaron Hernandez in short yardage who turns up field for 20 yards or so ... Rainey made three front seven players miss on a screen pass and took the distance for 61 yards down the right sideline.

What I Didn’t Like: Still no A.J. Jones or Ryan Stamper in action ... A few missed tackles on the Rainey screen pass for the touchdown was some sloppy ball. There wasn’t a whole lot of that ... The linebackers, outside of Spikes, have had an issue with the defensive line and blocking the straight ahead short yardage runs. That continued a little bit today. I didn’t notice John Jones out there at all today.


First team: CB Joe Haden, CB Markihe Anderson, S Major Wright, S Dorian Munroe
Second team: CB Jacques Rickerson, CB Moses Jenkins, S Jamar Hornsby (played a lot with first team), S Ahmad Black
Third team: CB Janoris Jenkins, CB Jeremy Brown, S John Curtis, S Bryan Thomas

Highlights from today: WR Louis Murphy made a great catch of a pass along the sideline while being draped by Janoris Jenkins (two good players really making a good play and the offensive player came out on top) ... Dorian Munroe picks off a deep pass from Cam Newton in the end zone ... Carl Moore was being covered big time by Janoris Jenkins who didn’t allow Moore to get to the ball on one play ... Rickerson breaks up a Tebow pass near the defensive left sideline ... Haden breaks up a long pass to Murphy from Tebow ... Ingram pushed off on Ahmad Black on a long pass from Tebow, catches it with no penalty near the goal line --- great coverage from Black and should have been an offensive penalty ... Ahmad Black playing aggressive at the line of scrimmage, jumps a screen pass and almost intercepts it ... Moses Jenkins broke up a deep pass intended for Deonte Thompson ... Haden forces and collects the fumble on Kestahn Moore on a flare out pass ... Jeremy Brown broke up a pass and should have had an interception ... Bryan Thomas breaks up a long pass down the right sideline ... Haden broke up a pass to WR Deonte Thompson … Hornsby lays out Tate Casey on the hit of the day and next to last play of practice, then follows it on the last play with an interception on a deep pass that was ill advised by Newton to Chris Rainey, who was well covered ... Rickerson blitzes from the left side of the defense and gets a sack ... Coverage sack on Newton. Coverage sack on Newton. Epps gets the sack.

What I Liked: There are more pass break ups and interceptions coming right now than I can remember in a long time. One thing is the quarterbacks are aggressive, but the fact is, this secondary is just as aggressive. They only gave up three or four long plays on the day, so that aggressiveness is really paying off ... Jamar Hornsby took two steps forward today and was a star out there ... He has a new attitude this season the staff hasn’t seen from him ... Ahmad Black is still sticking his head I there making plays ... It was good to see Markihe Anderson and Major Wright back out on the field practicing … Janoris Jenkins, Jeremy Brown, and Moses Jenkins are all very good and will be heard from sooner rather than later. It is a very good group of corners.

Here are a couple of plays the secondary would like back: Brandon James beats Ahmad Black on a seam route for a touchdown pass of about 20 yards. Black told us later it was confusion in the coverage ... Newton hit a streaking Chris Rainey about 40 yards in the air and Rainey finished the play off for a touchdown for 62 yards.

What I Didn’t Like: There were the two really long plays that you would hope a fast secondary and defense overall would not give up. But, overall, the plays are coming now, so not much to gripe about on the secondary end right now.


Defensive Tally: Seven sacks, double digit pass break ups, three interceptions, three fumble recoveries, many tackles for loss. It was a good day by the defense.

Defensive Player of the Day: Jamar Hornsby played well all day but really knocked it out of the park on the last two plays of the scrimmage.

Runner Up: Carlos Dunlap was huge up front and faster than anyone could block. It is hard for me to believe he won’t start come the fall.

Quotable: Urban Meyer and Defensive Line Coach Dan McCarney were yelling to the troops before the scrimmage: “We’re playing SEC Caliber today, SEC caliber!!”

Visiting prospects: OL Kyle Koehne, OL Jared Wheeler, OL Kamran Joyer, RB Jarvis Giles
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 1000bluntz said:
Man you know you my boy and I can't even talk any sh*t to you because y'all have owned us here lately but fu*k you my n*gga. Here's hopin' we meet y'all in ATL this season, that would be ill and hopefully we can exact some revenge on you n*ggas.

wat up n*gga

I have a feeling thats gon be the SECCG... the west is ours to lose although LSU will be ranked higher (we got the schedule) and the east will be UGA or UF with maybe USC sneakin up

I know thats the game yall would want since we dont play yall this year :applause: so hyped we get UT next 2 years instead of Florida
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 1000bluntz said:
I can't even talk any sh*t to you because y'all have owned us here lately but fu*k you my n*gga. :
exactly how I feel about UGA

at least Muschamps D wont get exposed again like the last 2 years against them n*ggas
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I honestly think Florida will sh*t on UGAy all over the field next season after that sh*t they pulled last year. Florida will not forget that sh*t and it will drive them to kick the sh*t out of the pups next season. Plus everybody on UGA d*ck but you know them fu*k boys gonna choke and lose a game before UF even gets the chance to dispose them. fu*k Georgia, them n*ggas is some hoes.
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UGA been soft for quite some time now
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I hear our kicker Sturgis is the sh*t, hopefully he can k!ll it when there's 90,000 looking on. Either way I think we'll have a good kicking game for once. Our punter is real good also, maybe one of the best in the nation as a sophomore.
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DAY 8: Defense in-depth report

The defense continued its strong play on Monday afternoon. The defensive line continues to look better after every practice, but the secondary once again stood out above the rest.
Defensive line-

SDE-Justin Trattou, Carlos Dunlap, Jaye Howard
DT-Troy Epps, Lawrence Marsh
DT-Terron Sanders, John Brown
WDE- Duke Lemmens, Earl Okine, Matt Patchan

What I liked: Going away from active players first, Brandon Antwine has been at every practice this spring and always has a great attitude. He is always smacking helmets and encouraging his teammates for good work, but also coaching them up when they struggle. Carlos Dunlap is still all over the place. He broke into the backfield chasing Rainey, who was trying to get outside, and wrapped him up not letting him get anywhere. Defensive line coach Dan McCarney rushed out to the other defensive linemen and asked them if anyone other than Carlos could make a play for the defense. McCarney said after Saturday’s practice that if Dunlap goes hard on every play, he will be very tough to stop. He showed signs of that Monday. A surprise to me was the play of Matt Patchan. He went one-on-one with Carl Johnson and held his own with the big offensive tackle. During the running back drills, Patchan burst inside the tackle and wrapped Kestahn Moore up for an impressive tackle. Troy Epps keeps improving his ability to eat space. He’s improving his ability to shed blocks and will absolutely be in the defensive line rotation in the fall. I’m not sure if it was by design or not, but Earl Okine was given every opportunity to succeed Monday. He looks like a freshman at times by being out of place or getting mauled by an offensive lineman, but he’s going to be a really good one. His frame is just impressive.

What I didn’t like: Jermaine Cunningham became absent around the halfway point of practice. He was seen near the trainer’s part of the practice field and looked like he was out with an injury. The defensive line, especially the interior, just can’t make plays against the first team offensive line. The defensive line was dominated during the run drills, but it’s tough to imagine any team having success against Jim Tartt and the two Pounceys.

OLB-Dustin Doe, Chris Pintado
MLB- Brandon Spikes, Lorenzo Edwards, Brendan Beal
OLB- Brandon Hicks, Jerimy Finch

What I liked: Jerimy Finch needs to be at linebacker, and I think the move was cemented with the play of Ahmad Black and Jamar Hornsby. He looked good on Monday, especially during passing drills where his experience at safety benefits him. He had a pass deflection today that looked similar to the interception he made against Tennessee last year, but was unable to come up with the catch. One-on-one tackling drills allowed Finch to make an impressive showing after hitting two ball carriers and driving them solidly to the ground. He wraps up well on his tackles. I’m just guessing, but it looks like Finch, Brandon Hicks and AJ Jones could be battling for that linebacker spot this year. Brandon Spikes is probably the only constant performer in the linebacker group right now, and his energy levels are always through the roof. Lorenzo Edwards has to get on the field some way this season. He is another guy who is showing good speed this spring, and the only knock I’ve seen on him is that he doesn’t wrap up all the time. The coaches have been reminding him of it and he has gotten better.

What I didn’t like: Pass coverage wasn’t as impressive as it has been earlier in spring. Some of the more intermediate routes the offense ran were used with more success, and I don’t recall seeing as many passes batted down by linebackers as there were earlier in the spring. Another guy that gets yelled at by the coaches quite a bit is Brandon Hicks. He has all the athletic ability in the world but seems to be out of position or make wrong reads often. Coach Strong is always on him for being out of position before the play starts.

CB- Wondy Pierre-Louis, Janoris Jenkins,
CB- Jacques Rickerson, Moses Jenkins, Markihe Anderson
S- Dorian Munroe, Jamar Hornsby, Ahmad Black
S- Major Wright, John Curtis, Bryan Thomas

What I liked: Dorian Munroe has stepped up quite a bit this spring, and it’s evident on every level. He even looks outstanding during field goal blocking drills. He’s getting a lot more comfortable in pass coverage and doesn’t have any hesitation getting into the backfield and blowing up a running back. Tebow ran an option with Kestahn Moore and Munroe flew into the backfield to pound Moore into the ground right when he caught the football. He’s becoming a leader for the defense and has no problem jawing with some of the offensive players. Janoris Jenkins had a good day in the secondary. He was very physical with Justin Williams off the line, allowed a three yard catch, and then wrapped Williams up to not let him gain any yards. He was also solid on the deep ball, where he deflected John Brantley’s deep ball away from Williams. Jeremy Brown was matched up with Riley Cooper a lot today and made a few nice plays despite the height differential. He broke up a deep throw from Tebow and looked impressive for the most part. Wondy Pierre-Louis continues to look extremely improved over last season.

What I didn’t like: Joe Haden was out with an injury. I couldn’t tell what was hurt, but he was with the cornerbacks throughout practice and looked to be in good spirits. Jeremy Brown and Janoris Jenkins, as good as they were in coverage, had serious issues in the one-on-one tackling drills. Multiple receivers ran through their arms or just through them. They obviously need to add some strength as soon as possible before they are ready to compete on the field at a high level. Major Wright was taken out on the first possession of the scrimmage when he went for a big hit on Aaron Hernandez, who made a move and went past a helpless Wright. Coach Heater went crazy and took him out for the rest of the scrimmage.
Player of the Day:

We could rename this selection the Brandon Spikes award, but my choice today is Dorian Munroe. He really looks like he is coming into his own and showing great leadership in the secondary.
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DAY 8: Offense in-depth report

Monday was a bit of a catch up day for the offense, and they seemed to do just that in the passing game. Having faltered drastically passing the ball in the last few practices the Gator offense came out to play and threw the ball around the yard quite a bit on Monday. Here is a look at practice and what we liked and didn't like about the offense on Monday.

Practice really started with field goal tries and it could have been a better showing by the kicking game. Freshman kicker Caleb Sturgis struggled for the first time in the drill, while senior Jonathan Phillips was nailing the kicks he made. Chris Rainey and Dorian Munroe both came up with blocked kicks.

The lines went into the Half Line Blocking and Rushing Drill, where the offense seemed to dominate yet again. Here are some key things that we saw in the drill…
Senior Phil Trautwein was out working with the first group at LT and really it turned out to be about his only work for the day...Jason Watkins pancaked Lawrence Marsh...Freshman defensive end / offensive tackle Matt Patchan took on Carl Johnson which was a load for him and held his own pretty well...Maurkice Pouncey runs John Brown about eight yards out of one particular play.

The 15 yard Tackle Drill went something like this...

LB Dustin Doe gets RB Brandon James down...LB Brandon Spikes gets RB Kestahn Moore down...LB Brandon Hicks takes down Rainey...LB Lorenzo Edwards takes down RB Emmanuel Moody...LB Jerimy Finch and RB Mon Williams collide and Finch finally gets him out of bounds...Doe got RB Chris Rainey out of bounds right at the goal line...Saf Bryan Thomas gets WR Justin Williams...Spikes breaks down and nails Brandon James...Rainey gives Hicks the slip...Moody puts a move on Lorenzo Edwards...Edwards comes right back and gets Mon Williams...Kestahn Moore dragged out of bounds by Finch...Nice tackle by Spikes on Brandon James...Lorenzo Edwards knocks Mon Williams out of bounds...Kestahn Moore carries Dustin Doe over the goal line...Finch really takes it to Moody and knocks him at his knees out of bounds...Rainey makes Edwards whiff...Hicks gets Mon Williams and stops him cold in his tracks...Brandon James with an ankle breaking move on Dustin Doe who was a clump on the ground watching him run by...Spikes gets Kestahn Moore...Moody led Finch to one direction and then zinged right by him before he could change direction...Edwards gets Rainey...Mon gets by Dustin Doe…

All in all, it was the best performance by the defense in that drill that I have seen this spring.

9 on 7 (Running Drill with front 7)

This wasn’t much of a drill really as they were not tackling and no one was allowed on the ground. The quarterbacks seemed to keep a lot in the drill and that was the most significant run that was working against the defense. Again, you couldn’t tell very much.

7 on 7 (Passing skill players on offense and defense)

WR Carl Moore goes over the middle and felt the presence of Saf Jamar Hornsby and made a rare drop for the big receiver...QB Cam Newton placed a nice ball over safety John Curtis to Justin Williams...Brandon Spikes breaks up a medium length pass...WR Louis Murphy catches a corner route where he was wide open and QB John Brantley found him as a third receiver...WR David Nelson gets open on the right sideline but is slightly overthrown by Brantley...WR Justin Williams makes a nice catch on a short route that CB Janoris Jenkins was all over...CB Jeremy Brown keeps up with WR Riley Cooper on a Tebow bomb, and Brown breaks it up...Janoris Jenkins breaks up a pass to Justin Williams along the deep left sideline...Excellent coverage by Janoris Jenkins on Justin Williams and when they tangle up, Saf Ahmad Black is back there to intercept the Brantley pass...Brantley drills one into Carl Moore 16 yards down field, Moore had two defenders draping him but came up with the ball...David Nelson catches a delay route along the right side that could possibly have gone the distance...QB Tim Tebow hits TE Cornelius Ingram on a deep post pattern between Saf Major Wright and Jamar Hornsby right in the deep middle of the field...CB Jacques Rickerson broke up a 20 yard pass to David Nelson on the sideline, Hornsby was right there in coverage...Rainey catches a pass as a wide out from Tebow that went a long way...Justin Williams ruins a dig route in the middle of the field, Newton throws just behind him and Williams makes a nice adjustment to slow down and get the ball…

I thought the offense came out and had their best day throwing the ball. Tebow was especially sharp in the drill and made some very nice throws. Brantley certainly looked to multiple receivers and made some nice throws.

Team Drill (11 on 11)

Jim Barrie is the starting left tackle, James Wilson at left guard in this group and eventually moves to right guard for some reps...Tebow throw to TE Aaron Hernandez on a post route about 16 yards down field...DE Carlos Dunlap gets in the backfield really quick to make a tackle on Chris Rainey...Janoris Jenkins forces option run back inside where he had help to make a tackle for no gain...Tebow tries to hit one quick to Hernandez and Finch reaches up to break up the pass...Hornsby with a pass breakup on a pass intended for Carl Moore...Tebow with a nice seam (hash) pass to Ingram about 15 yards down field...Drag route by Hernandez who catches a pass from Tebow in perfect stride and breaks a tackle from LB Brandon Hicks for double digit yardage...Moody has a very stubborn hard run for about ten yards before Major Wright clobbered him...Defense gets a coverage sack on Newton…

Again the quarterbacks were sharper than they have been in a few practices. Brantley again checked to multiple receivers on a couple of plays.

Two Minute Drill...

CB Wondy Pierre-Louis hits Murphy as he is catching the ball and makes him drop it...Moses Jenkins breaks on a Tebow pass who almost tips it to Ahmad Black...Ingram misses a block on a catch by Murphy who still broke a tackle and headed up field for a bit more...Tebow hits a long sideline route to Ingram for about 25 yards but still in bounds...Option right went backwards with linebacker and defensive line pursuit...Tebow throws one up for grabs deep, falls incomplete…

The defense outplayed the offense in the series and didn’t allow them to score.
 10 years ago '04        #118
1000bluntz  OP
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$17,326 | Props total: 11367 11367


Tebow, Newton, Brantley

What I Liked: Tebow was sharp on the day both throwing and running the ball. In all the drills where he was supposed to run it, he seemed to make great decisions of when to keep the ball and when to hand it off...Brantley was noticeably following his progressions when receivers were covered and was hitting his third and fourth receivers at times, he seems ahead of the curve in my book...Newton makes some beautiful throws on the day. He seems to hit his aiming point most of the time.

What I Didn’t Like: Tebow got desperate a few times late in series and threw the ball up fr grabs when his guys were covered...Brantley still throws into coverage sometimes, but I do like his aggressiveness...Newton needs to know sometimes when and when not to take the heat off of his passes. He is also still hesitating more than the others to get rid of the ball.
Running Backs

Kestahn Moore, Brandon James, Chris Rainey, Mon Williams, Emmanuel Moody

What I Liked: In my opinion it was the most noticeable I have seen Moody make a couple of plays. It was nothing that was jaw dropping, but it was enough to let everyone know he has the potential to live up to the hype. We will have to see if he does it, based on the couple of moves he displayed...Rainey continues to impress as a wide out and looks like a bona fide replacement for Percy Harvin when he comes out of the game or moves on to the next level of football…

What I Didn’t Like: I didn’t see a lot out of Moore, Williams, or James today...The backs really didn’t do much as today was primarily a passing day.
Wide Receivers / Tight Ends

1st team: Louis Murphy, Cornelius Ingram, Aaron Hernandez, Deonte Thompson
2nd Team: Justin Williams, David Nelson, Carl Moore, Riley Cooper

What I Liked: There are a few injuries, but the wide receivers are all getting time with the first and second unit. I like that as it builds camaraderie and it also gets the younger and less experienced guys more reps...Ingram and Hernandez both had outstanding days today. Both tight ends were in the game at the same time and started that way and also both caught multiple down field passes in stride...David Nelson also turned in a solid performance after missing the scrimmage Saturday...Carl Moore continues to make difficult catches in practice every day...Justin Williams is getting a few catches every day in the big drills.

What I Didn’t Like: It seems as if Deonte Thompson has disappeared although he is getting reps with the offense...Riley Cooper didn’t do much, but had a couple of catches...Carl Moore dropped one when he knew he was going to get nailed, that is a rare sight, so I needed to point it out...He also needs to work on his blocking and should be a good one with his size and strength.
Offensive Line

LT Trautwein, LG Jim Barrie, C Maurkice Pouncey, RG Mike Pouncey, RT Jason Watkins
LT Carl Johnson, LG James Wilson, C Corey Hobbs, RG James Wilson, Rt Marcus Gilbert

What I Liked: They are building flexibility on the line and some line changes really didn’t seem to effect the action too much. Trautwein didn’t practice much after the half line drill, so Carl Johnson got reps at left tackle for a while. Then Johnson had to leave and Jim Barrie got his first work at tackle this spring. All of them looked pretty good there. Barrie played guard and tackle on the left side. James Wilson saw action at right and left guard. Corey Hobbs saw action at center and left guard. The best thing was there was no time when it was absolutely noticeable that the parts were interchanged...James Wilson again looked like a hoss as he prepares to get into better playing shape...Jim Barrie may be the big surprise here and may be a guy that can depth this year as opposed to down the road.

What I Didn’t Like: It’s a pain in the butt to follow all those moves on the offensive line, so boo to you OL coaches for making me do that...Hobbs had a couple of horrific snaps...Didn’t see Tartt at all today.
Odds and Ends...


Offensive Line Coach Steve Addazio was all over Corey Hobbs for hiking a moon ball to Cam newton, who happens to be the Gators tallest quarterback. Addazio was quite vocal in his displeasure and yelled a few times, “It was way over his head and he is 6 feel-eleven!!”

Assistant Defensive Coordinator Chuck Heater was yelling at wide receiver Louis Murphy late in practice when Murphy kind of ducked out of a throw when there were two of heater’s safeties about to beat down on him. Heater let him have it several times with “Don’t go in there Murphy, don’t do it!!”

Player of the Day on Offense: Tim Tebow was as sharp as I have seen him in eight practices. Except for the couple of throws at the end of the two minute drill, he directed the offense very nicely all day.

Runner Up: James Wilson. Franz told you Saturday that it was believed that James Wilson would be staying now with the Gators and the rumors seemed to have come out Monday that it was indeed a fact. We should have more on that later, and when we can.
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If Harvin is having surgery he needs to have it now..It doesn't sound good though whatever he has
 10 years ago '06        #120
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 randumb0 said:
If Harvin is having surgery he needs to have it now..It doesn't sound good though whatever he has
Harvin is rather fu*ked up according to the Gainesville Sun. They had an article about how whatever is wrong with his ankle is spreading to his knee... Meyer needs to quit fu*king up and realize he's not built to be a tailback, that's why the fu*king brought Moody in. We're gonna have 3 RB's this year, I don't wanna see Harvin running between the tackles like last year. Meyer's quote in the Sun was "Percy is a tailback, and we're gonna use him like a tailback." fu*king stupid if you ask me.


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