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Jan 30 - Mom says son influenced by Satan on day of Benton City slayings

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Jan 30 - Mom says son influenced by Satan on day of Benton City slayings

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Satan made him do it, says an accused murderer's mother.

Joshua Tucker, who's charged with ki1ling a Benton City mother and daughter, talked to Satan for about 45 minutes through a Ouija board before the devil possessed him, his mother told the Herald on Friday.

When the 16-year-old allegedly slashed the throat of 13-year-old Elizabeth Schalchlin and stabbed her mother Ellen "Lori" Schalchlin 90 times, "it was like Satan was using his hands," Shannon Harrington said. "He said he was watching down on him and not doing it."

Harrington, a 42-year-old paraplegic who's in a Seattle nursing home, said she's communicated with her son through letters. He's in the Benton County jail on $1 million bail.

"When the cops showed up, Joshua said he was speaking in tongues and saying stuff about the future and God," Harrington said. "He didn't know what he was saying. That's another sign of being possessed."

Tucker is charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the Dec. 19 deaths of the 41-year-old mother and her daughter. Schalchlin's son Donald, 15, is accused of helping Tucker try to hide Elizabeth's body after he ki1led her and trying to help Tucker escape.

The teens were arrested by deputies who were responding to investigate a 911 hang-up call from Schalchlin's Ruppert Road home. Tucker is being tried as an adult. Donald Schalchlin's case will stay in juvenile court.

Harrington, who said she's been following news reports of the case, also said Donald Schalchlin isn't the victim that some reports have said he might be. She said Tucker's accounts were that Schalchlin was more involved than what's been reported.

"I think Donald is just as guilty as Joshua," she said.

She also said no one knows what her son really is like.

"Joshua, ever since he was a baby, he's been so good to me," she said. "Even when I had to have my bandage changed on my pressure sores, he'd help. And he pushed me around in the wheelchair.

"He was like the man of the house because I was a single mom. He was always looking after me, making sure everything was taken care of," Harrington added. "He's a good kid and has such a good heart, but nothing's been said about him, just Donald."

Harrington, a 1983 Richland High School graduate, said she broke her back two days before her 16th birthday when she was innertubing in Roslyn and went over a 60-foot waterfall. She had been living in an apartment in Kennewick until she had to go to the nursing home in October.

Several years ago, Harrington had to go into a nursing home for a while and Tucker went to live with her brother. He didn't stay long and has been in foster care ever since.

Tucker has a history of running away from foster homes, and Harrington said that's because he ran away to be with her.

"If they would just let me and Joshua be together, this wouldn't have happened," she said. "I just talked to him a day before (the murders) and everything was fine."

Tucker's smart, and when he went to school in Benton City he made the honor roll, she said. He has two younger brothers and an older sister who just had a baby.

"Joshua was an uncle. He was so excited about that," she said.

Harrington knows her son had run-ins with the law. She said his problems started when he entered the foster care system. His history includes malicious mischief, attempting to elude police, minor driving after consuming alcohol, taking a vehicle without permission, hit-and-run, possession of marijuana under 40 grams and theft.

"He went joy-riding in a truck. That wasn't that big of a deal. It was stupid. I told him that," she said. "He never did any stuff like Donald did, like post a thing on MySpace saying he was going to ki1l (students at a dance). For the judge to put the $1 million bail and said Joshua poses a serious threat -- I would say Donald does more than Joshua."

In addition to the school threats, Schalchlin's criminal history includes reckless burning, malicious mischief, vehicle prowling and possessing stolen property.

Tucker and Schalchlin met because they shared an interest in Satanism, Harrington said. She thinks Tucker got interested in Satanism through friends he met in juvenile detention.

She said Tucker told her they had been playing with the Ouija board a week before the murders, which is different than what court documents say Schalchlin told investigators. Schalchlin said he bought the Ouija board the day before his mother and sister were ki1led, documents said.

Harrington said she warned Tucker about the Ouija board.

"I said don't be messing around with that because it could open up portals and stuff," she said. "He said he feels no remorse, another reason I think it was a possession."

Her son is supposed to take medication for a mental problem, and he told her he was diagnosed with a drug-induced psychotic disorder and depressive bipolar disorder, Harrington said.

She believes a mental hospital would be better than jail for her son.

"Joshua is a really good kid. He was up visiting me not too long ago, and my friends over here thought he's not an animal. He's not a murderer," Harrington said.

She admits it might be hard to believe that a 16-year-old accused of ki1ling the family that took him in is a good kid.

"Joshua, he got into something that he couldn't handle with the Ouija board thing," she said. "The devil, as far as with teenagers and stuff, because they're so emotional, the devil can invade their minds so easily."


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