The "Official 2008 San Francisco 49ers Thread"

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 01-23-2008, 01:04 PM         #1
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Myles Away 
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>>>>>>The Official 2008 San Francisco 49ers Thread <<<<<<<<<<<


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Whats good Niners fans & hata's!?!?! image 2007 is long gone and the 2008 off season just began and it should be interesting. #28 Draft pick, 30 mil over the cap, new QB? O-Line replacements? D-Line? A LB to replace Derrick Smith? WR's?!?!?! Free Agents? The Draft? How will Mike Martz affect the offense? Will Mike Nolan last? image


Date Opponent Local Time Pacific Time Network
Week 1 @ Oakland TBD TBD CBS- 5
Week 2 Green Bay TBD TBD CBS - 5
Thursday, August 21 @ Chicago 8PM 6PM FOX
Friday, August 29 San Diego TBD TBD CBS - 5


Date Opponent Local Time Pacific Time Network
Sept. 7 Arizona Cardinals 1:15PM FOX
Sept. 14 @ Seattle Seahawks 1:05PM FOX
Sept. 21 Detroit Lions 1:05PM FOX
Sept. 28 @ New Orleans Saints 12:00PM 10AM FOX
Oct. 5 New England Patriots 1:15PM CBS
Oct. 12 Philadelphia Eagles 1:15PM FOX
Oct. 19 @ New York Giants 1:00PM 10AM FOX
Oct. 26 Seattle Seahawks 1:15PM FOX
Nov. 2 BYE
Nov. 10 @ Arizona Cardinals 6:30PM 5:30PM ESPN
Nov. 16 St. Louis Rams 1:05PM # FOX
Nov. 23 @ Dallas Cowboys 12:00PM # 10AM FOX
Nov. 30 @ Buffalo Bills 1:00PM # 10AM FOX
Dec. 7 New York Jets 1:05PM # CBS
Dec. 14 @ Miami Dolphins 1:00PM # 10AM FOX
Dec. 21 @ St. Louis Rams 12:00PM # 10AM FOX
Dec. 28 Washington Redskins 1:15PM # FOX
2008 49ers Draft Picks

Rd Sel Ovr Player Pos Ht Wt School

1 29 29 Kentwan Balmer DT 6-5 298 North Carolina
2 8 39 Chilo Rachal G 6-5 315 Southern California
3 12 75 Reggie Smith CB 6-1 198 Oklahoma
4 8 107 Cody Wallace C 6-4 298 Texas A&M
6 8 174 Josh Morgan WR 6-1 215 Virginia Tech
7 7 214 Larry Grant OLB 6-1 232 Ohio State
08.10.08 49ers Waive Moore, Sign Patrick & Spikes, Place Duckett on I/R
08.02.08 49ers Waive Terry; Sign Booker
07.29.08 49ers Waive Jordan; Sign Ortiz
07.24.08 49ers Sign Balmer
07.23.08 49ers Sign Wallace
07.22.08 49ers Sign CB Smith
07.16.08 49ers Sign G Rachal
07.15.08 49ers Waive Oliver
07.11.08 49ers Sign LB Larry Grant
07.07.08 49ers Waive Olson; Claim Wright
07.01.08 49ers Waive Booker, Richardson
06.26.08 49ers Sign Sims
06.19.08 49ers Sign Morgan
06.17.08 49ers Claim DT Ramsey
06.10.08 49ers Sign Toledo, Waive Mitchell
06.02.08 49ers Sign Reuber
05.27.08 49ers Waive Butler
05.07.08 49ers Waive LB Brandenburgh
05.01.08 49ers Sign 11 Free Agents
04.27.08 49ers Sunday Draft Transactions
04.26.08 49ers Draft Balmer, Rachal
04.14.08 49ers Waive Brewer
03.28.08 Bajema Signs Tender
03.25.08 49ers S G Terry
03.22.08 49ers Re-Sign Strickland
03.17.08 49ers Sign WR Johnson, T Mitchell
03.15.08 49ers Waive WR Jackson
03.13.08 49ers Terminate Dilfer's Contract
03.04.08 49ers Sign WR Bruce
03.03.08 49ers Sign Foster, Thomas and O'Sullivan
03.01.08 49ers Sign DE Smith
02.29.08 49ers Sign Rossum
02.26.08 49ers Re-Sign LB Green
02.19.08 49ers Waive LB Smith, Tender TE Bajema
02.15.08 49ers Hire Foerster, Sign Schmitt
02.07.08 49ers Re-Sign QB Hill
01.29.08 49ers Sign DT Curry
01.15.08 49ers Sign LB Haley
01.14.08 49ers Sign Clayton, Rabb, Wallace and Zeigler
01.02.08 49ers Name McCloughan GM, Fire Jim Hostler
12.28.07 49ers Sign Olson, waive McCoy
12.18.07 49ers Waive Estes, Sign Duckett, Estrada
12.12.07 49ers Sign Weinke, Place Smith on I/R
12.05.07 49ers Sign Dildine to Practice Squad
11.27.07 49ers Waive Alcorn, Sign Curry to Practice Squad
11.20.07 49ers Sign Olson, Waive Estrada
11.08.07 49ers Sign Estes, Place Smiley on I/R

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 10 years ago '07        #2
JohnDoe 216 heat pts216
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Dont Know But Frank Gore Just Had Himself One Hellova 'shawn Alexander' Type Year...........but That Inside Backer U Drafted Last Year Turned Out To Be A Beast......go Pats
 10 years ago '06        #3
hooligun 12 heat pts12
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i used to be a niner fan when debartolo owned the team... york is a fu*k up. i can't believe he hasn't gotten them a new stadium yet.
 01-23-2008, 01:17 PM         #4
Twelveinchez  OP
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mark down an L for the Giants game already

put it in the NFL fanbase section tho

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iLLuZiOnZ1313|M 14 heat pts14
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the original 49ers thread was moved to the Boxden classics area.

this is now your official thread for the new season.
 01-24-2008, 01:05 PM         #6
Myles Away  OP
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If Brady wins Super Bowl XLII, will he be cooler than Joe Cool?

(01-23) 20:27 PST -- Memo to Joe Montana fans: There are some rules of etiquette, if and when it becomes necessary to pass the Greatest Quarterback Ever torch to the fans of Tom Brady.

-- Never pass the torch lit-end first.

-- Never pass it by hurling the torch into the recipient's beer pitcher, nacho platter or automobile fuel tank.

These are emotional and trying times for FOJ (Fans o' Joe). Brady and his Patriots are favored to win the Super Bowl, which would make Brady 4-for-4 in the biggest game, the same as Montana.

That would cause talk. Discussion. Debate. Forgetting about the New England area, the rest of the football world will be giving serious consideration to proclaiming Brady the best ever.

Not that Montana owns the official title. Put it to a vote and you would get plenty of action on Johnny Unitas, Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, Terry Bradshaw (the only other member of the 4-for-4 Super Bowl club), Bart Starr, Sammy Baugh and, you bet, Steve Young.

But it's going to come down to Joe vs. Tom, isn't it?

Let's look at some of the similarities:

-- Both starred at Midwestern colleges (Montana at Notre Dame, Brady at Michigan) after working their way up the depth charts.

-- Montana was drafted in the third round, the No. 82 pick overall; Brady was a sixth-round pick, No. 199.

-- Both played for coaches named Bill who were accused of cheating. Bill Belichick admitted video-spying on opponents. Everyone knows Bill Walsh was way over the IQ cap.

-- Both are Bay Area guys. Joe was adopted by 49ers fans, and still lives in the neighborhood; Brady went to Serra High in San Mateo.

-- Both played for teams that enjoyed an unfair edge. The 49ers had an owner willing to spend any amount to stock a deep team. Steve Young as your backup? The Patriots outsmart and outspend most teams. See: offseason pick-ups Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Adalius Thomas!

(This has to k!ll Joe's backers: The Patriots will have the 49ers' top draft pick this year, in return for a Patriots' pick last year, No. 28 overall, which the 49ers used to draft Joe Staley. So Montana's team has given Brady's team a huge boost.)

-- Both survived bumpy romances. When Montana and his first wife divorced, she wrote a book. Ouch. When Brady took up with a new girlfriend, his lovely parting gift from his former girlfriend was a son. Awkward. Both men rebounded well, each winding up with a woman from the entertainment world, neither of whom is likely to be described as "plain."

-- Both play their best under pressure. They become calm, easy-going, almost nonchalant. Must be very disconcerting to opposing players.

But there are differences between the two, and soon the debate will begin.

Pro Joes: What about Brady's three interceptions against the Chargers?

Pro Toms: What about Brady's record 10 consecutive postseason wins?

Stats will be hurled back and forth like cream pies. Brady will have won his fourth Super Bowl at age 30, while Montana won his fourth at 33. Brady quarterbacked his 100th NFL victory in 126 tries; it took Montana 142 games to get his 100th win.

Montana's Super Bowl stats are brain-boggling. So is Brady's recent 26-for-28 playoff performance against Jacksonville, with two drops.

The debate will start with stats, but the real f!ghting (verbal, one hopes) will take place at a higher level, where stats are the crutch of the small-minded, where we get beyond the Hillary versus Barack yammering and enter a grander sphere.

We start talking about presence, leadership, aura and mystical gifts.

This is where discussions break out over facial expressions, over presence. (The Brady bunch takes a hit here if the Patriots get gunned down in Arizona by deer-in-the-headlights Eli Manning.)

It's Thor versus Zeus.

Zeus, of Greek mythology, was the sender of thunder, lightning, wind and rain. Thor was the Norse and German god of thunder, and he swung a mean mjolnir (short-handled hammer).

This is where you get the big question: If it all came down to one game, which guy would be your quarterback?

I'm not saying Montana will be voted off his throne by consensus, should the Patriots win. I'm just saying there will be a battle.

Historically in these debates, the player who gets to hurl the most recent thunderbolt tends to have the advantage. See: Michael Jordan as Greatest Ever over Magic Johnson, Julius Erving, Bill Russell ...

But if there's one thing Montana taught his followers, it's that you never give up. You stay cool.

Hey, isn't that John Candy?

-- Have your say in the Montana vs. Brady debate by going to the Comments section of this story at
Credential comparison

Who would you rather have under center for the Super Bowl?

Best season

Season Comp Pct. Yds/G TDs INTs Rating
1989 70.2* 270.8* 26 8 112.4*
49ers went 14-2 in regular season, won Super Bowl 55-10
2007 68.9* 300.4* 50* 8 117.2*
Set NFL record for TDs, led Pats to 16-0 regular season

*Led NFL

Playoff stats

G Comp Pct. Yds/G TDs INTs W-L
23 63.3 251 45 21 16-7
16 62.7 230.5 25 12 14-2

Super Bowl heroics

-- Montana has three of the top 10 QB Super Bowl performances in an rating (, including No. 1: 22-29, 297 yards, 5 TDs, 0 INTs in the 55-10 defeat of Denver after the '89 season.

-- Brady is credited with No. 10: 32-48, 354 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT in the 32-29 defeat of Carolina after the 2003 season.

-- Montana has won four Super Bowls. Average score: 35-16.

-- Brady has won three Super Bowls. Average score: 25-22

E-mail Scott Ostler at .

 01-25-2008, 03:15 PM         #7
Jeans&Sneakers  OP
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Scott Wright from nfldraftcountdown

January 25, 2008

The past few years, we have seen Mike Nolan target players who played for him in the Senior Bowl. Which players, if any, on the North and South rosters will Mike Nolan and/or Lane Kiffin target in the first three rounds of the draft? Shane P. (JBond93) from Pittsburgh

The Niners have definitely targeted Senior Bowl guys in recent years, selecting Patrick Willis and even trading up for both Manny Lawson and Joe Staley. It's a pretty safe bet that both San Francisco and Oakland will target and draft a number of the players they coached at this game and the one that really stands out for me is Colt Brennan to the 49'ers. In fact, I am officially going on the record and saying that the Niners will draft Brennan in the 3rd or 4th round. He is a good fit for their offense due to his quick release and you know Mike Martz will relish the opportunity to mold Brennan into a top NFL quarterback and show everyone what a genius he is. I also think Mike Nolan really likes Jacob Hester and Early Doucet.
 01-26-2008, 11:09 AM         #8
Myles Away  OP
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Meet The Receivers

After next week's Super Bowl, the league's attention will be turned to free agency, which opens at the end of February. The 49ers' most ardent need is probably at wide receiver, and other than Patriot Randy Moss, the team feels there aren't any number one receivers out there.

So what of Moss? New England apparently isn't willing to pay top dollar to retain him and he's coming off a record-setting, 23-touchdown season. But as he proved in Minnesota and Oakland, Moss has no patience for a rebuilding effort and can help tear a team asunder if its losing.

The rest of receiver class is underwhelming with the possible exception of Bernard Berrian. Here's a look:

1. Bernard Berrian (Chicago)- The speedster would appear to be well-suited to the Mike Martz offense. He caught 70 passes last year for 948 receiving yards with the shakey combination of Brian Griese and Rex Grossman at quarterback. The Bears want him back, but Barrien wants to get paid.

2. Bryant Johnson (Arizona) - Playing behind the talented Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald, Johnson caught 46 passes for 528 yards and two touchdowns. Who knows how could he could be with more opportunity?

3. D.J.Hackett (Seattle) Can the 49ers stomach another Seahawks receiver after the Darrell Jackson experience? Hackett was not a top target: 32 catches, 384 yards and three scores.

4. Devery Henderson (New Orleans) - Playing the entire season, the former second-round pick caught 20 passes for 409 yards, a nice average of 20.5 yards a catch, but can he consistently get open?
 01-31-2008, 11:58 AM         #9
Myles Away  OP
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If your a Niner fan, help vote for us to wear the crown.

 01-31-2008, 11:19 PM         #10
Myles Away  OP
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[pic - click to view]

January 31, 2008
New uniforms? Look for them in 2009

Not to get all Jean Paul Gaultier on you or anything, but the 49ers’ duds are in dire need of an overhaul. The uniforms haven’t been tweaked in a decade and the shadowed numbers are sooooo mid 1990s. (Think: Linda Tripp.) Jed York agrees. York told me today that the 49ers plan to conduct a series of fan focus groups this offseason with the intent of making some serious alterations to the 49ers’ threads by the start of the 2009 season. (Reebok and the NFL must be informed of the design changes by October of this year).

Many 49ers’ fans, of course, are hoping the team returns to the cherry red duds of the early 1980s, the ones most closely a.ssociated with Joe Montana, Dwight Clark, The Catch and the franchise’s glory years. When Bill Walsh passed away this past summer, York said there was a movement to permanently return to the throwbacks for the start of the 2008 season. But the team didn’t want to rush the decision. Once you settle on a uniform change, after all, you have to stick with it for at least five seasons.

And there are some issues that need to be, ahem, ironed out. The No. 1 priority, York said, is making sure the players are comfortable in the duds. And today’s players look at uniforms differently than their 1980s counterparts did. Take, for instance, sleeves. The early 80s uniforms were notable for the three bold red and white stripes (they remind me of the Wicked Witch of the West’s socks) that came down close to the player’s elbow. Nowadays sleeves are becoming nearly non-existent. Linemen try to minimize them as much as possible to prevent holding while quarterbacks feel they restrict their movement. When the team has gone to its throwbacks the last few years, not everyone has been comfortable.

York said the point of the focus groups is to marry what the fans want to see with what the players want to wear. It’s the age-old concept of form vs. function. York – who favors the throwback design – cited the New York Yankees as an example. The logo and pinstripes have remained the team’s trademark decade after decade, but Derek Jeter certainly isn’t wearing the same uniform Babe Ruth donned. The overall concept remains but the details get tweaked. “I guarantee we’ll make some type of change,” York said. “Hopefully we’ll do it using the (early 1980s) themes while making sure they’re updated for today’s players.”

-- Matt Barrows
 10 years ago '05        #11
iCON216 16 heat pts16
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Took me long enough...but 1st post back...
 10 years ago '05        #12
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Jared Allen wants to play for the 49ers
Defensive end Jared Allen, who is scheduled for unrestricted free agency with the Kansas City Chiefs, attended Los Gatos High. He grew up a Raiders fan, but at this state he would prefer to play for the 49ers.

"Jared would welcome the opportunity to play in front of his hometown crowd," said Ken Harris, Allen's agent. "His family is up north. I have no doubt he has a high level of interest in playing (for the 49ers)."

Allen made similar comments yesterday to radio hosts Lamont and Tonelli of 107.7 The Bone, telling them he'd like to play for the 49ers.

However, a lot of pieces would have to fall into place for him to end up with the 49ers. After all, the Chiefs are expected to tag Allen as their franchise player with a tender of $8.9 million. That means any team wishing to sign Allen would have to cough up two first-round draft picks. The Chiefs could also make him an "exclusive" franchise player for a higher price and wipe out his ability to negotiate with other teams.

"It's the worst-kept secret in the NFL that the Chiefs are going to franchise him," Harris said. "But Jared has already said that if he plays on the franchise tender, he will never do a long-term deal with them."

Allen is regarded as one of the NFL's premier defenders. He recorded a league-high 15.5 sacks last season, led the league in passes batted down at the line of scrimmage and ranked at the top of the league in solo tackles from defensive ends.

If the Chiefs fail to sign Allen to a long-term contract by July 15, they could retain him for two seasons with back-to-back franchise tenders for a combined cost of more than $20 million.

Allen was a fourth-round pick from Idaho State who was selected more for his ability as a long-snapper. However, he quickly developed into a dangerous defender. He has 43 sacks in four seasons.

Unlikely to happen but we can hope...

Fred Dean is a Hall of Famer
Defensive end Fred Dean, the revolutionary pass-rusher whom many viewed as the piece that completed the 49ers' first Super Bowl team, was elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday. The announcement was made in Phoenix, the day before Super Bowl XLII

It was Dean's 18th year of eligibility. It was the second time he was announced as a finalist. He was watching at home in Ruston, La., when he received the news.

"All I can say is thank you," Dean said. He said his heart was still racing.

Dean got the required 80-percent vote from the selection committee. He will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, on Saturday, Aug. 2. He said he would have had Bill Walsh act as his presenter. With Walsh's death, Dean said he was not sure whom to ask.

Dean goes into the Hall, along with cornerbacks Emmitt Thomas and Darrell Green, receiver Art Monk, linebacker Andre Tippett and tackle Gary Zimmerman.

This is a well-deserved honor for Dean and it could not have been done without the hard work and persistence of Ira Miller and Nancy Gay.

Ira began working hard to get Dean into the Hall of Fame several years ago. Dean was named a finalist last year. But Ira did not participate in the selection process this year, leaving Nancy to make the argument for Dean. She did a phenomenal job.

One prominent member of the selection committee said he changed his vote to yes after hearing Nancy's case. Nancy said she did not argue the stats, she argued the way he impacted the game.

"You couldn't have an edge pass rusher without Fred Dean inventing that position," Nancy said.

* * *

Here is the chapter about Dean from my book "San Francisco 49ers: Where Have You Gone?" (2005).

* * *

It should come as no surprise that the game that stands out during the 1981 season for Fred Dean was against the Dallas Cowboys.

No, not that game against the Cowboys.

When the 49ers faced Dallas on October 11, they had just started to look like a pretty good team. The 49ers won two straight games to improve to a 3-2 record with the Dallas Cowboys looming ahead on the schedule. That is when coach Bill Walsh pulled the trigger on a trade that would transform the 49ers from a pretty good team to the best team in the league.

In the sixth week of the regular season, Walsh sent two draft picks to the San Diego Chargers to acquire Dean, an immensely talented player who was having problems with the team's management.

"We didn't know it at the time, but he turned it around," Walsh said. "It all started in that first game. He did things that shocked everybody."

Coincidentally, the first game in which Dean put on a 49ers uniform was against the Cowboys in front of a rare sellout crowd at Candlestick Park.

"To me, that game was my Super Bowl," Dean said. "Coach Walsh said he was going to ease me into the game. As it turned out, I played almost the whole game and I had a very good day."

Dean recorded three sacks of Cowboys quarterback Danny White, forced two hurried passes and batted down two passes at the line of scrimmage in the 49ers' 45-14 victory after practicing just three days with his new team. The 49ers have sold out every home game since.

Despite playing in just 11 games for the 49ers that season, Dean was chosen as the UPI's NFL Defensive Player of the Year. "Dean-fense" signs and chants became common at Candlestick Park.

"Fred was the best pure pass rusher I've ever seen to this day," 49ers teammate Jim Stuckey said. "He had great technique and quickness. His speed was unparalleled in the league at that time."

Dwight Clark said Philadelphia defensive end Jevon Kearse reminds him of Dean, who was listed at six-foot-three, 227 pounds.

"He was the original 'Freak,'" Clark said. "He's the 1980s version of 'The Freak.' He had those long arms, was fast, undersized and relentless. The elephant position was invented for him."

Dean was a naturally gifted player. He smoked cigarettes and rarely stepped inside the team's weight room. He was not physically imposing by NFL standards, yet opponents and teammates alike marveled at his strength.

"Fred would bench press 300 pounds 20 times, and this is a guy who never lifted weights," Stuckey said. "Then he'd say, 'That's it for the month.' And he was as fast as any wide receiver we had."

Dean capped that electric first season with a sack of Cincinnati quarterback Ken Anderson in the 49ers' 26-21 victory in Super Bowl XVI.

In five seasons with the 49ers, Dean recorded 40 sacks, ranking seventh on the team's all-time list. He racked up 93.5 sacks for his career, clearly establishing himself as a dominant player in his era. Although he's received some support from influential members of the football media, Dean has never made it to the final ballot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection process.

Dean's best season came in 1983 when he recorded 17.5 sacks, including a then-NFL record six sacks in a 27-0 victory over the New Orleans Saints. The next season he missed the 49ers' first 11 games in a contract dispute before Willie Brown, who would eventually become San Francisco's mayor, offered to mediate the talks to resolve the stalemate.

Teammate Keena Turner once described Dean in baseball terms, saying he was like a team's top relief pitcher in a close game.

"If we were trying to protect a lead or we were close behind, Deano in the fourth quarter was a machine," Turner said.

While Dean was playing he had to cope with frequent migraine headaches. He said his problems started in 1976 when he ran head first into a camera cart on the sideline of a game. Since his retirement, the headaches have gotten increasingly prevalent, perhaps exacerbated by the other problems in his life.

Dean lost his automotive repair shop in San Diego after an IRS audit in the early 1990s. He also experienced acute back problems, along with his migraines, forcing him to pay numerous costly visits to hospital emergency rooms.

He has been diagnosed with migraines, cluster headaches and post-traumatic headaches, most likely from numerous concussions he sustained throughout his career. With his medical costs escalating and unable to work because of his physical condition, Dean was forced to sell his two Super Bowl rings at a San Diego pawn shop.

"That was a difficult thing to do," Dean said. "It still hurts. But under the circumstances, you got to do what you got to do. It really bothered me a lot. I was planning on one day trying to retrieve them. I went back to get them at the pawn shop, and the guy had let them go. I don't know where they are now. I didn't want to sell them in the first place, but with the bills piling up, I had no choice."

Dean and his family moved back to his home state of Louisiana, where he finds the heat and humidity more agreeable with his physical problems. He has attended seminary school in the area.

"I got into the school and started to hear the Word," Dean said. "A little light came on, and it all started to make sense."

Was a beast at pass rushing...they need to put in Roger Craig in next...
 10 years ago '05        #13
iCON216 16 heat pts16
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For the people in the bay area looking to get a free autograph from former 49ers RB Wendell Tyler...starting running back for the great 1984 super bowl team...

Daly City, Serramonte Mall
Sunday, February 10, 1-2pm

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Niners, Hill agree to three-year contract

The 49ers have reached an agreement with quarterback Shaun Hill on a three-year contract. Hill was scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the month.

"It's very exciting to be a Niner for another three years and I appreciate the opportunity they're giving me," Hill said today.

He said he expected to receive the paperwork Tuesday and then he would sign the deal. Hill, 28, will get a chance to compete against Alex Smith for the starting job under new offensive coordinator Mike Martz.

"I'm excited about the opportunity to play for coach Martz," Hill said. "He's done some neat things with quarterbacks in the past. And I'm similar to the guys he's had in the past."

Hill said his style is a lot like that of Marc Bulger.

"I play the same kind of game he does," Hill said. "He has a quick release. He doesn't have the strongest arm in the world, but he gets the ball out on time and in rhythm."

Terms of the contract were not immediately known, but you can expect the contract to be worth approximately $2 million a year with playing-time bonuses that could further compensate Hill if he were to win the starting job. Typically, a signing bonus on such a contract would be around $2 million.

Hill was the most impressive of the 49ers' quarterbacks last season as he saw the first significant action of his six-year NFL career. The 49ers won both of his starts, games against Cincinnati and Tampa Bay.

He completed 54 of 79 passes for 501 yards with five touchdowns and one interception. His passer rating was 101.3.

He set an NFL record for highest completion percentage (22 of 27, .815 pct.) in a game for a player making his first pass attempt. Hill entered the Dec. 9 game against the Vikings when Trent Dilfer sustained a concussion. The previous record was owned by Sam Wyche, who completed 20 of 25 (.800) in 1968 with Cincinnati.
 02-05-2008, 07:27 PM         #15
eslsandiego  OP
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Niners 4 life. We had a struggle this season after being the most anticipated team of 2007. 2008 will be a different story. Were takin out the Seahawks this year 4 sure. Everyone is gonna get healthy in the offseason and dominate.

I need rep points so i guess i'm supposed to just ask 4 em. hook me up. go niners!!!
 02-06-2008, 02:03 AM         #16
Myles Away  OP
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QB Hill Signs With 49ers

(02-05) 21:05 PST -- The showdown has been set: It will be Alex Smith against Shaun Hill in a heated competition to be the 49ers' starting quarterback.

Hill has set up the duel by agreeing to a three-year contract for $6 million, including a signing bonus of about $2 million and playing-time incentives that could push the total to $11.5 million, according to a source familiar with the deal.

Not bad for a man who didn't throw the first pass of his six-year NFL career until Dec. 9. That's when the former third-stringer made his 49ers' debut in the second half of the game against the Vikings after Trent Dilfer sustained a concussion. Hill completed 22 of 27 passes, and his 81.5 percentage broke a 39-year-old record for an NFL quarterback making his first pass attempt.

"We just finished the deal, and he's thrilled about it," Hill's agent, Bob Lattinville, said Tuesday night. He wouldn't discuss the terms of the deal, and the 49ers would not confirm a deal until all the paperwork is completed.

In his three appearances, including winning starts against Cincinnati and Tampa Bay, Hill demonstrated the type of accuracy and play-making skills that the 49ers had expected - but weren't getting - from Smith last year.

Coach Mike Nolan indicated after the season that the starting job would be determined by a competition in training camp. Because he has been given a win-or-else ultimatum by the owners, he can't afford to play favorites if he has any.

Lattinville said Hill decided the possibility of starting for the 49ers outweighed the chances for more money as a free agent.

"There's a comfort level with the coach and the club," he said. "That was an important factor. You don't know what could happen in the market. The 49ers could become enamored of another quarterback. Certainly there's more of an upside going on the open market. The key is where the best opportunity to start is."

Smith, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2005 draft, will have to fend off the first serious challenge of his young career against a player who entered the league as an undrafted free agent from Maryland.

Hill is banking that he'll begin camp on an equal footing with Smith even though the 49ers have a great deal more money invested in Smith, entering the fourth year of a six-year, $49.5 million contract that includes $24 million in guaranteed money.

"That's something that we thought about," Lattinville said.

Each quarterback will have the added challenge of adjusting to a new offensive coordinator, Mike Martz. "Mike Martz said he's going to base a lot on accuracy as a key component in determining the starter," Lattinville said. "Shaun feels that's the strength of his game."

Hill, 28, who earned $595,000 last season, was the most impressive of the 49ers' four quarterbacks in 2007, a season marked mostly by injuries and ineffectiveness at the position. His completion rate was 68.4 percent; Smith has not completed more than 58.1 percent in a year.

Hill's passer rating of 101.3 - albeit in only three games - was far better than Smith's 57.5 and Dilfer's 55.1. Smith's season was short-circuited by shoulder and forearm injuries.

Hill missed the final game of the season after breaking three small bones in his lower back in the game against the Buccaneers. In his three appearances, he played despite a fractured index finger on his passing hand. He recently underwent a procedure in which a small amount of bone from his wrist was grafted onto the finger.

E-mail Tom FitzGerald at .

This article appeared on page D - 1 of the San Francisco Chronicle
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 10 years ago '05        #17
iCON216 16 heat pts16
avatar space
$7,648 | Props total: 44 44
Heres a mock draft data base...a lot of people predicting we go with a Wideout with the 1st pick which I wouldnt mind seeing but Im not a fan of Doucet (didnt impress me much but there is potential) would rather go after the 6-6 target in James Hardy (a lot of potential especially with his size but he's a little raw)...another player I would like to get is Quentin Groves (possibly in the 2nd), he can be a beast at pass rushing and would easily replace Banta Cain...

1st Round

2nd Round

Last edited by iCON216; 02-11-2008 at 01:42 AM..
 10 years ago '05        #18
iCON216 16 heat pts16
avatar space
$7,648 | Props total: 44 44
How high is too high for 49ers to retain Sopoaga, Douglas?
Free agency is still more than two weeks away, so the 49ers have a little time to get to work on some things. They would like to re-sign nose tackle Isaac Sopoaga to a contract extension, but that might not be easy. Defensive end Marques Douglas will probably hit the open market. The club also needs to finalize its plan for linebacker Derek Smith.

Here is a look at some of the individuals of note with the free agent signing period set to begin Feb. 28 at 9:01 p.m. (PT):

Veterans with questionable futures

QB Trent Dilfer: Actually, his future with the 49ers does not look questionable. He will not return to the club next season. The 49ers want him to retire. That seems to be a logical move, considering the scary concussion Dilfer sustained against the Vikings that ended his season. But Dilfer might choose to seek employment elsewhere, putting his promising TV career on hold for at least another season. The Washington Post reports new Redskins coach Jim Zorn might pursue Dilfer to be the No. 3 quarterback because he knows the offense from their time together in Seattle.

LB Derek Smith: He won't play for the 49ers at the $3.28 million salary he is scheduled to earn in 2008 after his role decreased dramatically in the second half of the season to playing primarily on just first downs. The club will probably have talks with him next week about his future. Here are his options: 1) Accept a dramatic pay reduction; or 2) retire. And if he answers none of the above, the 49ers will have no other choice but to release him.

Unrestricted Free Agents

NT Isaac Sopoaga: The club is putting together a contract proposal in hopes of keeping him off the free-agent market. The same is happening with the Packers and their scheduled UFA Corey Williams. With the Titans expected to franchise Albert Haynesworth, Sopoaga and Williams could cash in big-time as the best available defensive tackles in free agency. The 49ers will have to go high to keep Sopoaga, but how high? The franchise tender for defensive tackles is $6.363 million. Last year, the 49ers signed Aubrayo Franklin to a three-year, $6.15 million deal. Franklin started 12 games last season, while Sopoaga started three times when Franklin was injured. If Sopoaga returns, he'll make more money than Franklin and he'll be the favorite to win the job.

DE Marques Douglas: If it's the right price, he will return. However, the sides are far apart at this point. Douglas just completed a three-year, $4.5 million contract. That was a good deal for the 49ers. But the club is concerned Douglas will be hard-pressed to continue to play at a high level because of his age and body type. Despite having a very good season, the 49ers are prepared to lose him. They could make a run at a free agent, such as Bengals scheduled free agent DE Justin Smith. And they're also expected to take a defensive lineman in the draft.

G Justin Smiley: He'll get to the market. The 49ers aren't going to spend a lot to keep him because of GM Scot McCloughan's belief that big money should not be devoted to guards. There is the feeling at the 49ers that backup Tony Wragge could step in at a starting guard spot and the team would be OK.

DE Bryant Young: Announced his retirement after 14 sensational seasons.

G Larry Allen: There is still no word whether he plans to retire. The 49ers will take him back, but at a lower price than the $4.3 million average of the past two seasons. The club will proceed as if he is not returning.

T Kwame Harris: He'll be eager to test the market to see what kind of deal he'll be offered elsewhere.

RB Maurice Hicks: After carrying just 21 times last season, he wants a shot at testing the market to see if there's a better opportunity for him.

WR/RS Michael Lewis: He is 36, and the 49ers will be on the lookout for someone younger with a little more big-play ability.

DB Donald Strickland: His versatility is probably enough to earn him another season to compete for a job.

WR Bryan Gilmore: With an upgrade at this position expected, he probably does not figure into the plans.

OLB Roderick Green: He did not make the team out of training camp because he was considered one-dimensional. This is a position the 49ers are expected to upgrade this offseason. He recorded two sacks in seven games.

QB Chris Weinke: Hired at the end of the season as an emergency No. 2. He started the last game of the season, but he will not be back.

Restricted Free Agents

TE Billy Bajema: The 49ers will probably tender the blocking specialist at the low amount, meaning they would get a seventh-round draft pick as compensation if another team signs him to an offer sheet and the 49ers do not match.

CB B.J. Tucker: There is no advantage for the 49ers to tender him. However, they could still re-sign him to a minimum deal to compete for a spot in camp after he missed all of last season with a torn pec muscle.
 02-14-2008, 11:01 AM         #19
Myles Away  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
Quick glance at 49ers' competition entering free agency

The 49ers have promised they will not be as active in free agency as a year ago when they made a big splash on Day 1, signing Nate Clements (see below) and Michael Lewis. GM Scot McCloughan is a believer that the lifeblood of any successful NFL franchise is the draft.

Still, the 49ers can be more aggressive in free agency than the other teams in the NFC West.

The 49ers have managed the salary cap very well since Mike Nolan and McCloughan came aboard in 2005. The 49ers are in the best salary-cap shape of any team in the division.

Conversely, the Rams are in the worst shape - both on the field and off. They finished in last place in the standings, and they are barely below the projected $116 million salary cap for 2008.

* * *

2008 NFC West salary-cap room

Based on the projected salary cap of $116 million per team:

49ers $26.3 million

Cardinals $14.5 million

Seahawks $10.3 million

Rams $2.9 million

(source: NFLPA figures)

* * *

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals look to be building something under coach Ken Whisenhunt, who won over a lot of people in the desert in his first season. The Cardinals finished 8-8, including two gut-wrenching losses to the 49ers.

They are expected to slap the franchise tag on WLB Karlos Dansby, who led the team with 117 tackles. SLB Calvin Pace is also an unrestricted free agent. Pace should get a lot of attention on the open market after recording 105 tackles and 6.5 sacks. RDE Joe Tafoya, who took over when Bertrand Berry was injured, is the Cardinals' only other starter scheduled for unrestricted free agency.

Offensively, the only UFA is No. 3 receiver Bryant Johnson, who caught 46 passes for 528 yards and two touchdowns.

The Cardinals' biggest needs in free agency and the draft are defensive end/outside linebacker, cornerback and wide receiver. The pass rush suffered when Berry left the lineup at midseason. Starting corners Eric Green and Rod Hood do a good job, but there is talk that Antrel Rolle could be moved to safety. Johnson is the third receiver and Larry Fitzgerald's future is uncertain. After those two and Anquan Boldin, the Cardinals don't have much.

* * *

St. Louis Rams

The Rams began the season with an eight-game losing streak, and they finished with a four-game skid. St. Louis finished with a 3-13 record in Scot Linehan's second season.

The Rams' best player scheduled for unrestricted free agency is SLB Brandon Chillar, who ranked fourth on the team with 87 tackles.

The club's worst position is offensive line, so it might be fortuitous that six offensive linemen who started a combined 50 games are scheduled to be free agents: Milford Brown, Andy McCollum, Todd Steussie, Brandon Gorin, Brett Romberg and Adam Goldberg. However, the Rams don't have a lot of money to invest in upgrades.

Offensive line is the biggest need. The Rams also need another pass rusher with Leonard Little and James Hall getting up there in years. The club could also use a young receiver who can take over with Isaac Bruce's career coming to an end and Torry Holt getting up there in age.

* * *

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks were again clearly the best team in the NFC West. And they'll likely be the favorite again in 2008 during Mike Holmgren's final season as coach.

The Seahawks will not lose much during free agency. Their best player scheduled to hit the market is CB Marcus Trufant, but expect him to be slapped with the franchise tag. DT Chuck Darby, who started the first seven games before his season ended with a groin injury, is the only other defensive starters scheduled to be unrestricted.

Offensively, the Seahawks have some issues at receiver. Deion Branch sustained a torn ACL in the playoffs, and he is expected to miss training camp - and probably won't be at full strength for the regular season, either. Injury-prone D.J. Hackett is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent.

RT Sean Locklear and TE Marcus Pollard are scheduled to be unrestricted free agents, along with K Josh Brown.

The Seahawks' biggest needs are on offense. Running back is a definite need. Shaun Alexander looks like he's at the end of his road. Another need is at guard. The poor play at running back and guard contributed to the Seahawks' horrible run game. The Seahawks also need pass targets for QB Matt Hasselbeck, and that goes for wideout and tight end.

* * *

We can officially put an end to calling Clements' contract an eight-year, $80 million deal. The club will pick up his $10 million option bonus, thus voiding the final year of his contract. Therefore, Clements actually signed a seven-year, $64 million contract.

* * *

 10 years ago '05        #20
iCON216 16 heat pts16
avatar space
$7,648 | Props total: 44 44
Niners waive Derek Smith
The 49ers waived veteran linebacker Derek Smith today, the team announced.

As reported last week, the 49ers felt they could no longer pay Smith his full scheduled salary for 2008 because his role had evolved into that of a one-down player. The club wanted him to retire or take a dramatic pay cut.

He was scheduled to earn $3.28 million in base salary. With the move, the 49ers create an additional $3.28 million in salary-cap space.

"Decisions like this are a difficult part of a great business," 49ers coach Mike Nolan said in a statement. "Derek has been an important member of the 49ers, and you don't make these kinds of decisions without battling the emotion that is natural when you are dealing with a player that has done so much for your organization.

"We made the decision because we have quality linebackers who we think are the future of the 49ers. Derek was a model professional during his seven seasons with the 49ers, and he influenced a lot of the younger players with his work ethic."

Smith, 33, was one of the best free-agent pickups in club history. His seasons with the 49ers were exemplary, as he conducted himself in a professional manner and was a positive influence in the locker room.

He came to the club in 2001 and recorded more than 100 tackles in each of his first five seasons with the club. He had a streak of nine consecutive seasons with more than 100 tackles.

Smith started 14 games for the 49ers last season, but his playing time decreased dramatically late in the season when he was used primarily on first downs against the opponents' base offensive personnel. Smith ranked fifth on the 49ers with 98 tackles.

In 2005, Smith was the co-winner of the Bill Walsh Award, honoring the team's most valuable player. The coaches vote on the award.

Smith's play in 2006 dropped off, in large part to a strained eye muscle that limited his vision and required offseason surgery. Although Smith never complained about the condition in 2007, some believe he was still affected.

As a scheduled unrestricted free agent, Smith signed a three-year, $14 million contract with a $6 million signing bonus on March 5, 2006. He said at that time that he planned to play the length of the contract and then retire.

* * *

So what do the 49ers do now?

It was clear that Smith was not going to be a starter in '08, so the club obviously has a plan. I can't see them spending big money on free agent Lance Briggs. Good inside linebackers who play the "ted" position can be found with second-tier free agents. Or, the 49ers could give Brandon Moore a chance to win that job. Moore played extremely well when given a chance in 2006, but he lost his starting job last season to Smith and rookie Patrick Willis.

Time for Brandon Moore to step it up...


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