Lines that make jay-z a top emcee

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 10 years ago '04        #221
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 TheChampIsHere! said:
I know pop you can't stand us cause you c*ck them hammers
Run in your crib, no prisoners, pop your grandma
Locked in the slammer? Nope, popped up in Atlanta
Crossed up in a drop I popped up the antenna
Whoa.. watch your manners when my veins pop like scanners
Like raindrops you hear the thunder when I c*ck the cannon
Big thang, big chains, ain't sh*t changed
Get brained in the four dot six Range
sh*t main, switch lanes
every town I hit, switch planes, bi*ch flipped big caine
Flow with no cut, you take it in vein/to the brain
Muh'fukas is noddin and throwin up, you know that
You don't wanna owe that man
He'll hit you, get the picture? Kodak man
Gotta, love for war, I don't floss no more
I just sit on my money til I'm above the law
How the fu*k you gonna stop us with your measly a.sses
We don't stop at the tolls we got EZ passes, n*gga
Multiple cars and divas with D-classes
Iceberg sweat with I.B. on the elastic

"Reservoir Dogs"...Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life
this was jay at his finest and sauce money k!lled this sh*t

Last edited by TheProphecy2k6; 01-31-2008 at 02:03 AM..
 10 years ago '06        #222
H-Town Renegade 
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could someone up the original dead presidents? ya know the first one? I can't find it anywhere.
 01-31-2008, 03:47 AM         #223
GuttaMane618  OP
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Never Let You Down - Kanye ft. Jay

Yo, first I snatched the streets then I snatched the charts
First I had they ear, now I have their heart
Rappers came and went, I've been here from the start
I seen them put it together, watched them take it apart
Seen the rovers roll up wit ribbons
I seen them re-po'd, re-sold then re-driven
So when I reload, he holds #1 position
When you hot I'm hot
And when your feet cold, mines is sizzelin
It's plain to see, n*ggaz can't fu*k with me
Cuz I'm a be that n*gga for life
This is not an image, this is God given
This is hard livin, mixed with crystall sippin
It's the most consistent, Hov
Give you the most hits you can fit inside a whole disc and
n*gga I'm home on these charts, y'all n*ggaz visitin
It's Hov tradition, Jeff Gordan of rap
I'm back to claim pole position, holla at ya boy

Who else you know been hot this long
Started from nothing but he got this strong
Built the ROC from a pebble, peddled rock before I met you
Peddled bikes, got my nephews peddle bikes because they special
Let you tell it man I'm fallin well
Somebody must have caught hI'm cuz
Every fourth quarter, I like to Mike Jordan em
Number one albums what I got, like four of em
More of them on the way, the 8th wonder on the way
Clear the way, I'm here to stay
Y'all can save the chitter chat, this and that
This is Jay, dissin Jay will get you Mase'd
When I start spittin them lyrics n*ggaz get very religious
Six hail mary's please father forgive us
Young, the archbishop, the Pope John Paul of y'all n*ggaz
They way y'all all follow Jigga
Hov's a livin legend and I'll tell you why
Everybody wanna be Hov and Hov's still alive

Last edited by GuttaMane618; 01-31-2008 at 03:49 AM..
 10 years ago '06        #224
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I get the spoils cuz the victor is me
Your an actor, you're not who you're depicted to be
You street dreamin all ya'll n*ggas livin through me
I gave you life when n*ggas was forgettin you emcee
Im a legend you should take a picture with me
You should happy to be in my presence I should charge you a fee
 01-31-2008, 05:05 AM         #225
StatisticZ  OP
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Anyone bother posting the lines Jay-Z has bit over his career? If not lemme start;

Bun B - on UGK's 1996 track - "Ridin' Dirty"
"Now, once upon a time not too long ago
A n*gga, like myself had to strong arm a ho
Now this was not a ho in a sense of havin a pus*y
But a pus*y havin no god damn sense, tryin to push me"

Jay-Z on his his 2003 track - "99 Problems"
"Now once upon a time not too long ago
A n*gga like myself had to strong arm a hoe
This is not a hoe in the sense of havin a pus*y
But a pus*y havin no God Damn sense, tryin to push me"
 10 years ago '04        #226
zhiggeman 4 heat pts
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$15,473 | Props total: 4376 4376
this sh*t is crazy.. this is pre-hard knock life jay...

no more reasonable doubt i'm provin to be da illest MC
something wrong wit your motor skills cause yall aint movin me
i'm who u see musically when u want it done hot
payin u to me is lesson in futility,stop

I paint pictures beatufully but n*ggaz is near sighted
dont worry about plagerism, it'll take em years to bite it
with the greatest fears, I dont write it, it just appears
outta no where like da information contain by the sight

like it or not i pay dues and expect to be paid back
why da fu*k should i freestyle im gettin paid to rap
i slang a track laid back almost till its a sin
tell ya god somebody's doin a good job impersonating him
J-Hova spittin, game from da range rover
da fu*k is yall doin in da third lane get over

slow ya roll up, i got it sewed up like a talior
relatively easy like jerry heller, cream is cherry vanilla
got chicks in da telly , belly up
soundin like mahelia, tryna tell ya,
yall know da style burn da town down and change the locale
im doin da same sh*t, except its legit.
 01-31-2008, 06:24 AM         #227
A.O.  OP
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 Pr0pa_Sh0rti said:
Baby how is it paying homage? If he has said "like Em said what do I think of success? it sucks..." that would be homage because your noting the original artist but he didn't he spat them as if he wrote them. And i've seen a couple of people with that line in their sigs quoting Jay-Z as having said that, you telling me that aint biting. Just like he didn't say "the suade timbs on my feet make my cypher complete" 7 years after Nas said that on Illmatic or "I saw the fork in the road and went straight" 10 years after Slick Rick. How is that paying homage?

Ight let me ask you this to put it in perspective. Have you ever been listening to a Jay track and in back of your mind you hear lines and think "i've heard this somewhere before ". Jigga is in top 5 emcees of all time I aint denying that but to listen to his albums and say he didn't steal lines and styles from various artists to produce the rap persona that he is today, you'd have to be deaf homie
Thats why you my e-bi*ch!

You got good ears!
 01-31-2008, 09:02 AM         #228
clickclack  OP
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I can name about 9 or 10 underground rappers off the top that can sh*t on all those lyrics with one verse.
 01-31-2008, 11:13 AM         #229
$n/a | Props total:  
I spring train in the winter
Round early December
Run suicide drills over and over
With the weight of the world on my shoulder
That's why they call me Hova
I'm far from being God
But I work goddamn hard

Get your weight up
Not your hate up
Jigga man is diesel
When I lift the eight up
Y'all ain't ready to workout with the boy
Your flow is brain on drugs
Mines is rap on steroids

Damn the whole Lyrical Exercise is crazy
 01-31-2008, 11:46 AM         #230
newbrooklyn18  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
yo i agree all the non hater that a jay z fan. y'all my sons cuss y'all know music. i about 2 post a few i didn't know who post what so i repeat my bad
 01-31-2008, 11:52 AM         #231
newbrooklyn18  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
1. THIS "Ignorant sh*t"

When them tops come down, chicks tops come down
Like when them shots come out make cops come around
When the blocks come out I can wake up a small town
Finish off the block then I make my mall rounds
When them stares get exchanged then the 5th come out
The tough guy disappears then the bi*ch come out
"That's him" -I'm usually what they whisper about
Either what chick he with, or his chip amount
Cause I been doing this since CHIPS was out
Watchin' Erik Estrada baggin' up at the Ramada
Table full of powder, AC Broke
'Bout to take another shower on my 25th hour
Spike Lee's everywhere, game or the flight
You might see me anywhere, day in the life
Only thing changed the tail number on the flight
I can touch down and take off the same night

They're all actors
Looking at themselves in the mirror backwards
Can't even face themselves, don't fear no rappers
They're all weirdos, DeNiro's in Practice
So don't believe everything your earlobe captures
Its mostly backwards
Unless it happens to be as accurate as me
And everything said in song you happen to see
Then actually, believe half of what you see
None of what you hear even if its spat by me
And with that said, I will k!ll n*ggas dead
Cut n*ggas short, give you wheels for legs
Im a K-I- double -L-E-R
See ya'll in hell
Shoot n*ggas straight through the E.R.
Whoa- this ain't B.R., no
Its S.C., C.E.O., the next Lyor?
No, the next leader of the whole free world
And the first thing i'ma do is free Sigel, GO!

 01-31-2008, 11:52 AM         #232
ThatdudeChief  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
I Understand why y'all n*ggas is mad at me
Sitting around like damn, that could be me
All the cars and b*tches livin' lavishly
But there's only one problem you ain't as bad as me
Who could flip a record company from half a key?
And drop a gold album do the math with me
Turn and go platinum, that would be
F*ck it I lost count
Why don't you tell me the amount?
Since you gossip like groupies notice please
I never go broke my name got 2 G's
J-I-2-G-A I flip that on the platinum and be on the next day
"Gangsta Sh*t"
 01-31-2008, 11:54 AM         #233
newbrooklyn18  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
I say a B.I.G. verse I'm only biggin up my brother
Biggin up my borough
I'm big enough to do it
I'm that therough
Plus i know my own flow is foolish
So the rings and things you sing about
Bring em out
It's hard to yell when the bar-rel's in your mouth
I'm in...New sneakers
Deuce seaters
A few Diva's
What more can i tell you
Let me spell it for you
W-I-Double L-I-E
Nobody truer than H-O-V
And I'm back for more
New Yorks ambassador
Prime Minister back to finish my business up
 01-31-2008, 11:55 AM         #234
newbrooklyn18  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
Roc-A-Fella, students of the game, we passed the classes
Nobody could read you dudes like we do
Don't let 'em gas you like Jigga is and won't clap you
Trust me on this one - I'll detach you
Mind from spirit, body from soul
They'll have to hold a mass, put your body in a hole
No, you're not on my level get your brakes tweaked
I sold what ya whole album sold in my first week
You guys don't want it with Hov'
Ask Nas, he don't want it with Hov', nooooo!
 01-31-2008, 11:58 AM         #235
newbrooklyn18  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
[Verse 3:]
Me and tha boy A.I. got more in Common than just ballin and rhymin
Get It?
More in Carmen
I came in ya Bentley backseat
Skeeted in Jeep
Left condoms in tha baby seat
Here n*gga
Tha gloves is off
The love is done
Its whateva, wheneva, howeva
n*gga "1"
And since you infatuated with sayin tha gay sh*t
Yes u was kissin my d*ck when u was kissin that bi*ch
Crazy bi*ch
You thought I was boning Ranette
You calling Carm' a hundred times I was boning her neck
You got a baby by that broad
You cant disown her yet
When does ya lies end?
When does the truth begin?
When does reality set it?
Or does it not matter
Gotta hurt that I'm ya baby mama's favorite rapper
And ask your current girl
She know whats up
Holla at a real n*gga
 01-31-2008, 12:00 PM         #236
newbrooklyn18  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
So far i'm tourin on foreign land
Worldwide i'm known for the arm & hamm-
-er, murder the streets i'm a wanted man
(but the flow's like dope) so it's on again
Started with the block, hit it brick by brick
Then i charted with the roc n*gga, hit by hit
I'm retarded with the glock n*gga, clip by clip
The competition is none, they deceased to exist
Let it breathe a little bit
He's off his rocker, he's a lil schitz'
Roll like a football, hov' used to cook raw
Now i got the game sewn like granny's good shawl
Sure, y'all n*ggaz want war
 01-31-2008, 12:05 PM         #237
newbrooklyn18  OP
$n/a | Props total:  

Had a dream I said, bout who he said?
Bout B.I.G. I said, that's big he said
Dig he said, proceed he said
Indeed I said, so - breathe I did
Don't repeat what I say I said, he said nothin
He agreed with his head, he just nodded like this
What I believe to be a yes I re-peated what was said
It came to me like a .. well as even I said
"You feel playboy," was the greeting he said
First thing I wanted to know, what's the reason he was dead?
"More money, more problems, better believe it," he said
"Careful what you wish for you might receive it," he said
I see I said, jealousy I said
Got the whole industry mad at me I said
Then B.I. said, "Hov' remind yourself
nobody built like you, you designed yourself"
I agree I said, my one of a kind self
Get stoned every day like Jesus did
What he said, I said, has been said before
"Just keep doin your thing," he said, say no more
 01-31-2008, 12:36 PM         #238
hullaghans  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
see i scramble with priest, hustle with nuns,
 01-31-2008, 12:39 PM         #239
hullaghans  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
i was the worst i used switch chicks everyday,
had n*ggas mad for real like i wish he was gay,
 01-31-2008, 12:42 PM         #240
hullaghans  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
tell the judge didnt budge,
it was him or me,
i aint tryin to be hard but im guilty as charge


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