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Helldivers 2 Has Humiliated Halo


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 3 months ago '05        #51
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I don't think he understands the definition of informative

 3 months ago '18        #52
br82186  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x39
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 Fatt Kidd said 🔗
Somebody been asking me to get this game. I can't get a good idea of it from videos. Looks like it's another Halo, Destiny, ki1lzone, etc. Smith standout features?
It's Starship Troopers essentially

 3 months ago '18        #53
VIMAN  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 Fatt Kidd said 🔗
What did it change? It looks like 5 other games honestly
boy there are so many little details that really surprise you, tbh 40 bucks to check it was worth it you shud try it out. Theres a bunch of youtube vids too

 3 months ago '23        #54
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 RedLight said 🔗
The main point here is not really the game but the models... which dude kinda had a point.

The reason why video game companies rose to prominent levels back in our younger years was cause the sh1t was really about creating a dope a$s game and give people MASSIVE value with said dope a$s game.

Now though? The model is about providing a shell game and then milking the customer with micro-tr@nsactions. Because micro-tr@nsactions are put in place it doesn't incentivize the creators to provide a dope a$s experience when money is being made from those little tr@nsactions.

Capitalism just flooded that industry lol... in the mix of all that sh1t there are the small indie studios that are doing good sh1t.

Truth be told if you provide a really good game people are willing to buy extra sh1t for it IF the sh1t comes in good faith and it actually adds massive value. If you give people that "bang-for-your-buck" feeling they'll come back and support.
Great points.

By that same token, this game has embarrassed virtually all live service games, not just Halo.

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