The Sony WF-1000XM3 Just Changed The Game

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 1 week ago '11        #26
LetMeBeGreat 58 heat pts58
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$1,219 | Props total: 727 727
I have these 2:

What made me switch from soundsports to the powerbeats pro as my daily are:

1. I believe you need the right one in to do everything if I remember correctly

2. They stick out (especially if you have smaller ears)

3. Found myself always having to adjust em or put them back in because they kept falling out (going up and down stairs etc.)

They are still good though, really good sounds and the case a bit on the smaller side.

With that said the power beat pros>>>> for me case is the only issue a little big but you can deal with it.

The ones the OP posted seem pretty good, might wait for the next model

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 1 week ago '10        #27
beeboywhoo 41 heat pts41
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$4,470 | Props total: 3452 3452
damn these literally came out a week after i bought my powerbeats. I have the XM3 over ears though, those are pretty solid.

I don't have complaints on the power beats, i use my true wireless for the gym and calls at work, and they work great for that.

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