Sep 11 - Trumpís trade war has killed 300,000 jobs

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 2 weeks ago '17        #26
Ymmot  24 heat pts24
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 autoraptronix said
That's because a lot of production is or will be moving to other Asian countries like Vietnam or Singapore. The products you did once buy from China now comes from other countries without tariffs.

The biggest losers are the globalists who invested in Chinese manufacturing and distribution whose investments are now marooned in China. That's alot of billionaires and probably the real reason why some Dems don't support the trade war.
There are some big name democrats cheering the trade war on while republicans are sh*tting a brick trying to figure out how to spin the trade war into a positive thing.

 2 weeks ago '15        #27
PineappleOG  53 heat pts53
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 Ymmot said
Tupacnasfan is retarded to the point he can't hide it. When he types it looks like he's drooling all over his keyboard. Deeznutz1981 says some extremely stupid things and spams the board with propaganda, but he doesn't seem like he's mentally handicapped.
Maybe he improved his coherence cus you could never make out the dumb sh*t he said, now he can say it, but itís still as stupid

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