But But But Brin Not Clutch.

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 2 months ago '18        #51
FireBeats  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x22
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 CrapShoota said
Only a hard headed a*s clown thinks Bron isn't clutch
They just say anything man. A fool will say anything if you sit there and listen to him

 2 months ago '09        #52
MakaveliToDon91  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x9
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 MomsDigMe said
There’s obviously no definite way to measure when an athlete enters their prime. But most estimates say between the ages of 25-28. All 3 of them were in that age range. And like I said, Boston got destroyed by them when the Heat came together, I guess we’re ignoring that?

I watched Wade’s entire career, I know how good he was and when. He was going to get FMVP in 2011, if Lebron didn’t have the worst performance by a star player in NBA history. And he didn’t just fall off after 2011, I know you’d like to pretend he did
Wade entered his decline in 2012. You are a fu*king clown. He was finished by 2014 and had the productivity of a bench player shortly after lebron left (2 seasons after). He retired at 36 cause of injury history

What the fu*k are you talking falling off and arguing semantics. Bron did a lot of carrying on miami cause wade was out twice a week but u dont want to talk about that do u? Wade was injury prone and declining for 3/4 years of lebron tenure yet u acting like he played wit a prime scottie pippen the whole time

You clearly didnt watch wades career cause he was still very good but not in his prime for those rings. He missed 30 games in his 2nd year. fu*k outta here

I also lol’d at the worst performance by a star player. U must have missed kyries series vs the bucks, or a couple james harden series’. Or a host of other series where star players shot under 40% and got swept. U really jus throw out narratives, not fact, to support a blind argument because its merely somethin that u WANT to believe

Wade wasnt entering his prime
It wasnt the worse performance EVER by a star player

And if it was, he won 4 finals mvps after that. Talk about those n*gga

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