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 2 months ago '17        #51
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 Mickey Ganja said
I honestly miss fun games like this, NBA streets and just simple fun shooting games. New games be tryna be so "real" it be boring af. Like if i wanna do that, ill go play regular ball or to a range
Yea everything tryna be realistic is super trash. I always think about how we used to have like 20 racing games to choose from at any time and only a couple/few of them were sims and the rest were all unique in their own way. Now they're all more focused on realistic driving and car customization lol. Thats why Cruisin World was such a breath of fresh air, sh*t is just fun as fu*k

 2 months ago '05        #52
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That was my sh*t in junior high circa 1997

Beautiful times...we use to trade systems for a week and games.

I miss all my junior high dudes man
High school was cool but junior high was some special times man.

I remember I stole Dwayne f*ght night out his book bag and it turned out to he this kid randy game n*ggas snitched on me.

n*gga randy told me and Lawson we better have his game by the end of the day or it's on he getting his older brother.

gave him that sh*t back.

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