50 cent blows $1.5m on one-of-a-kind ‘jet car’

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50 cent blows $1.5m on one-of-a-kind ‘jet car’

50 Cent has always been about his money and he’s added a rare “one-of-a-kind” car to his fleet of exotic whips.

According to visit this link SuperCarBlondie, 50 (aka Ferrari) purchased the White Lightning Jet Car — which was inspired by Formula 1, designed by the Parker Brothers and built from scratch — for a hefty $1.5million.

The sports car reportedly can muster over 400 horsepower and reach a possible 250 MPH on the streets.

50 has long been a car aficionado and he’s lent plenty of heat from his collection to DJ Envy’s car shows in the past and he’ll be sending some more out to the radio host’s Memphis car show this weekend.

While he’s calmed down on the lavish gifts front, 50 admitted in February that he was a bit crazier earlier in his career.

“The stuff that they see that I’ve learned, it kinda kept me out of trouble at points,” he explained to Ari Melber. “The stuff I was saying in the music in the very beginning, I was crazy to tell you the truth, Ari. I was absolutely crazy at that point.”

Perhaps 50 can pull up to Barclays Center in the $1.5million White Lightning Jet Car when he hits the Brooklyn stage on his Final Lap Tour in August.


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Trash smh

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It’s dope. I don’t know about keeping it tho

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Gotta stop watchin pockets imo. Cool tho

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