Aug 12 - 50 crying at ny show ????????????

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Aug 12 - 50 crying at ny show ????????????

50 can't manage his anger or his pain. According to his mixtape song, 50 runs New York. However, the crowds at both of his recent Madison Square Garden concerts seem to disagree. Both nights, the G-Unit general visibly grew disappointed when the jam packed arena didn't scream or raise their hands at his every command. During both shows, the audience responded with lazy yells when 50 asked them if they were down with G-Unit. Surprisingly, a good amount of the NYC audience screamed when the rapper asked them if they were down with G-Unot. 50 then told G-Unotters to instead "buy Game's album, and go make me rich." He then proceeded to insult fans, referring to a front row concert-goer as a "monkey-looking motherfu*ka." Stunned by the lack of crowd participation, 50 even got teary-eyed and continued to complain a few more minutes before resuming the show. Though 50 had the hometown advantage with appearances by G-Unit, Mobb Deep, and M.O.P., his NYC fanbase was nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, the Garden shooked with excitement during Eminem's set. The lyricist segued his songs with numerous gags, called Britney Spears' husband Kevin "fag**tline" and admitted he was trying to patch things up with ex-wife, Kim Mathers as he poked fun at clingy Mariah Carey. Even D12, Stat Quo and Obie Trice, who were part of Slim's set, received a resounding cheer. Still, Young Buck stunned the Garden when he brought out Mase and Busta Rhymes during his set. Interestingly, 50 and Eminem didn't come out for each other's sets or perform any songs together.

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