The Official Halo 3 Thread Of Awesome (PLEASE PUT ALL YOUR STORY )

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The Official Halo 3 Thread Of Awesome (PLEASE PUT ALL YOUR STORY )

 Halo 3 just a month away, Bungie has opened the floodgates with a huge selection of screens of the first, third and fourth stages, several multiplayer maps and other goodies like Forge. Check out our
 screenshot gallery for the whole set -- but first, have a look at the following exclusive shots, which have been carefully hand-selected for their high level of total hotness.

Sierra 117

Halo 3's first level (not fifth, as we erroneously reported in EGM) -- "Sierra," of course, being military code for words that begin with S. And since Master Chief is Spartan 117, it's safe to a*sume that the level's title is a bold proclamation that this game is all about our boy in olive drab armor. And the level itself? Well, that makes an equally bold proclamation: Damn, this game looks good.

Halo 3's new engine offers more than just looks (although, with its HDR lighting, it has plenty of those as well). That gorgeous water features real displacement physics... although there's no word whether or not Master Chief will be going for a swim.

Alas, the scenic beauty is rather broken up by the presence of Covenant warriors. Despite the fancy armor, that's no Elite -- it's a Brute. Looks like their new favored status brings the benefit of better gear.

The counter in the bottom right is a score-keeping display for cooperative gameplay. The fancier your shots, the more points you get. And once you start finding the hidden skulls, you can turn on special features that boost your multiplier. Of course, they also boost the difficulty level....

Good news: You can commandeer gun emplacements, as always. Better news: You can grab the guns and carry them around, mowing everything down from a third-person perspective.


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