Aug 13 - 50 Cent: "Shut Me Up, I Dare You" (HDX Interview)

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Aug 13 - 50 Cent: "Shut Me Up, I Dare You" (HDX Interview)

50 Cent has a lot on his plate today. He has to do multiple interviews with rags and online ‘zines – all hoping to get something unique from the man born Curtis Jackson. With his third commercially available album set for release on September 11th – 50 is as anxious to get the buzz spread about the new album. But the King of Queens has seen his fair share of rocks being thrown at his throne. Nemesis’ such as The Game, Nas and Cam’ron all attacking hip-hop’s bully in the press, during shows and even on YouTube.

Even though Curtis takes it in stride, the constant questions irk him as he ponders why should anyone compare him to anyone else. His sales from Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ and The Massacre easily conquer his opponents. And after acquiring chips du jour from Glacéau and keeping his name in everyone’s radar with dropping arguably another classic with "I Get Money". HipHopDX.com had the luxury of sitting down with 50 Cent as Curtis speaks on Curtis, vents his frustration and confusion with Young Buck and dispels rumors about a relationship between him and Ciara.

HHDX: A lot has changed since the album’s original release date in June. After all the hype surrounded by the album – are you happy with the end result of the product?
50 Cent: Yeah, absolutely. I’m happy with it. When I initially started, I was happy with the project. But what I have right now, I think that it will impact the public right now. I make my music for everyone, but at the same time, when I’m in the studio – that’s what’s exciting for me. I make it for the general public. I got songs for me that I made and I enjoy it, but I’ll never put them out. Conceptually, they’re a little bit too much for others to ever accept from 50 Cent. You have some artists who simplify their sound; they have a good time with the music and enjoy what they’re doing. Look at how music is now – it’s nothing to really think about. You hear the song once and you’ll know the hook. From “Ay Bay Bay” to “Straight to the Bank,” it’s about the hook. I’m coming down off of what I would do initially when I would make these songs up, which is already having the chorus built into the song. Everyone knows that I’m a chorus driven artist, but I’m really trying to make an effort to showcase the skills.

HHDX: The streets are really buzzing about that “I Get Money” track – how did the track come about?

50 Cent: That’s one where the chorus came already built in. The guy who produced it [Scott Boogie] had never sold a beat before. So, it was a monster track. I got records from Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Kanyé West, Will.I.Am and Swizz Beatz – just to name a few. I had done five records with Swizz, but they’ll end up on the next G-Unit album. At the same time, I’m being aware of what the public is wanting. The single makes me feel like how "In Da Club" was at the beginning of my career. I think that it’s one of those songs that’ll have longevity to it. There are other big records that came out in the last two years while I was gone, but it took awhile for them to grow in the public eye. Jim Jones had "Ballin’" ("We Fly High") and that was out for a year. You had that Rich Boy song – "Throw Some D’s On It" and that was out for nine months. It takes a long time for others to hear it and get it to where it needs to be.

HHDX: There’s a rumor that you’re planning on dropping two albums in 2008, in hopes of getting off of Interscope. Is that true?

50 Cent: As everyone knows, I have a five album deal. Curtis is album number three. I started recording Before I Self Destruct, I have completed about twelve songs. Then there is a ‘Greatest Hits’ clause in the contract that I can use as my last album requirement with Shady/Aftermath/Interscope. That’s the plan for the next few albums, after that, that’ll be the end of my contract. The plan for it afterwards is to do what any and everyone else would do – renegotiate. If it works out for the best, you’ll see me there. If not, then I’ll move on…

HHDX: In the last few months, you’ve really enforced your business muscle with G-Unit on a corporate level. With the changes made with the artists being dropped and all that – do you see G-Unit’s stock rising after Curtis’s release?

50 Cent: Man, absolutely… G-Unit is so closely a*sociated with 50. When I have the people’s ear, they have it, as well. It’s like people will say, “50’s back… G-Unit’s back!” And it’s all based on a record! The hip-hop fan and public are a fickle bunch. We, as artists, have to hold ourselves to a higher consistency. I mean, you have cats like Dre, but he is so talented, he’ll have a hundred beats made in a week. What’s ill is if you don’t know which beat you sound right on, you’ll write to the wrong Dre beat.

HHDX: How’s Detox coming?

50 Cent: He’s working on it. I’ve recorded two songs for him. He’s such a perfectionist. But sometimes that can be a bad thing. You create new pressure when you wait that long. When you put a new album against the last two classics, people will scrutinize it if they become impatient. It happened with this album for me. They’d compare it to the last two by saying that it’s better than the Massacre, but they’re not sure if it’s better than Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. The impression is so deep. This is why Jay-Z’s albums get compared to Reasonable Doubt.

HHDX: A while back, Young Buck was quoted at Starpulse.com saying that the beef between you and The Game needed to end. Do you think that that could be possible?

50 Cent: Buck has his moments, but you have to know that he gets high! He fu*kin’ says sh*t that can’t be fixed. If I never worked with him [Game], there wouldn’t be a beef. If I didn’t like him early on in the career, I wouldn’t have had to do so much for him to create what he had. I came on as part of a business decision. I came up with six songs for his album; three of them were his singles! He [Game] wants to be 50 Cent; in his head, he wants to be me! He wants to do what I did to Ja Rule. But for me, it’s all business… If the people out there like 50 Cent, then buy Game’s album, so I can make more money [laughs]!


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