Feb 13 - William Barr says Trump’s tweets ‘make it impossible for me to do my job’

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 LivinProof said
Even worse, in real life he said “Adolescence appears to be a relatively modern invention, “and the romantic wretchedness of it appears to be more modern still.”

This n*gga was really bemoaning the fact that we stopped treating adolescents as adults, and actively oppose seeing them s*xually

Between him, Epstein, and Alan "Statutory r*pe is an outdated concept” Dershowitz, thats a lot of pedophile sh*t
Then think about how the firm that helped Epstein beat his case in 06/07 had Bill Barr as a partner, and Alex Acosta was the one who gave him the deal.

Then they both end up working for Trumps White house and before all the bodies get exposed Epstein just mysteriously dies under a justice system ran by Bill Barr.

Couple that with the fact that before he quit his job Alex Acosta was lobbying congress to slash the funding the government provides for s*x trafficking prevention by 80%

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