Top 10 weakest rappers in the game

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Top 10 weakest rappers in the game

I Have recently compiled a list of the top 10 weakest rappers in the game. Enjoy it people...this ones for you

10) Baby Bash--This guy probably has the worst punchlines in the entire game and his material is always filled with top tier grade A bullfrog sh*t

9) Plies--Someone who doesent respect the originators ( See XXL's Show and Prove) and says that hes rapping strictly for the money and dosent care where hip hop came from is weak just for that, but lets not forget that his abbrasive raps sound like a mix between an albatross that got his wings ripped off with a weed whacker and reh dogg.

8) Memphis Bleek--Heres an innovative idea for a rapper gimmick: Lets have a rapper who's albums get progressivley worse over time, as opposed to any artistic growth...and lets give him a voice that sounds like hes getting a colonoscopy in the booth while watching hoplessly as 7 Mongolian skitzophrenics who think they are ghengis khan every 6 minutes butt r*pe his wife...oh yeah..lets have Jay-Z support him and write his rymes. Great!

7) Nick Cannon--You would think the gay rapper would accually be kinda raw on the mic to cover up the fact that he frequents the male version of the bunny ranch with his own lube and a llama, but nooooooo.

6) Snoop Dogg (Now)--Im sorry. it really hurts me to say this. Really though, im not going to say anything bad about the dogg, but damn....hes just really hard to listen to and is constantly outshined by the production that surrounds him.

5) Huey--Pop Lock and Drop it? you wasted that beat on pop lock and drop it? who the fu*k gave this cant-rap-ass n*gga a deal? you know what i hope happens to huey (besides his ultimate demise at the hands of one hit wonerdom?) i hope some one comes to visit him at his house that has never been there before...then, while huey is doing the dishes drops his undeserved watch down the garbage disposal, then his freind walks in and goes "hey, you need me to turn the light on in here while you look for you watch?" and Huey goes "Yeah, n*gga" and then the dude accidently flips the GD switch....yeah, i pray everyday that will happen to him. fu*ker.

4)Tony Yayo--He is wack, but charmingly wack. The fact that he absolutley disrespects every track hes on pisses me off. He should not rap at all. he makes enough money as 50 cents fluffer.

3) Juelz Santana--I think that Def Jam is fu*ked up for exploiting a mentally challenged man. Making him rap and do shows. image its not his fault...it is the fault of Diplomats records and Def Jam who tell him he can rap and nod their heads to his music and clear his tracks. they need to use that money to treat his mental illness.

2) Chingy--fu*k you for existing. fu*k you for bieng born. fu*k you for making music. fu*k your dad for fu*king a duck gene spliced with a pelican and having you. fu*k your familiy for loving you. fu*k your street for harboring you. fu*k your face for being the place that your mouth is. fu*k your house for bieng the place that you wallow. fu*k every tile, carpet and tarmac you walk on for being somewhere you were. fu*k you for ruining hip hop. fu*k you and when you die, i will have a party. with drinks and a jumping castle. bi*ch.

1) Lil Wayne

You stole jays style. Bang blood when you couldnt f*ght your way out of a pre school being held hostage by the students, you sound like a fu*king bucky o hare voice actor, your corny, your tear tatoos dont mean sh*t, you kiss men, you dont write your own sh*t, you repeat "freestyles", you bite styles and if i see you ill rip your eyelids off with a broken laser disc copy of point break, you fu*king fu*k.

there...a totally unbaised list of weak rappers.


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