06/26/07 - 50 Cent punches Game at an L.A. Photo Shoot

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06/26/07 - 50 Cent punches Game at an L.A. Photo Shoot

his is said to be the news buzzing all over L.A. radio right now... I don't know if this is true, but I found it in the allhiphop.com forums and I thought it was worth sharing... CAN ANYONE IN L.A. CONFIRM THIS????

"just reported 50 and game just crossed paths in la while 50 was doin a photo shoot for his new video and game a special apperence( but not for long ). reports say 50cent knocked game out, game is stunned and has a broken nose and black eye from 1 punch by mr.50 cent. 50cent entourage includes over 100men took over the scene and got 50 out of there as soon as they could. games entourage were not able to stop what happened today but they tried. 1 of 50cents bodygaurds got hit but no serious injuries reported.

Game talks the talk but cant f*ght a f*ght. i am still gettin more info on this. i hear the is a video from a cellphone not too clear but you know who is who. once i get it ill put it on here!!!!!!!

link will be available as soon as i get it dont worry it will be SOON.

It's on la radio right now whoever live in la turn your radio's up now10.30am june 26. There tring to keep this news on the low low for political reason's do not want the situation to get out of hand. "

 http://allhiphop.com/foru .. /18183937.aspx



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