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C.J. Stroud, Anthony Richardson shining, Bryce Young struggling


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 5 months ago '20        #26
Chozen  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x3
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Some things are obvious

 5 months ago '04        #27
ghettofied  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x3
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 Puppet Master said 🔗
Texans are literally starting a 3rd string oline because of injuries since Week1

Before the season, Panthers were ranked ahead of the Texans as far as weapons go. Thelien,Sanders are way more proven than Nico Collins & Pierce

So nah bruh, Young has better weapons

Hell even the Colts got less talent on offense

Young will be fine eventually but right now it's looking like he's 3rd best QB in the draft and Stroud looks light years ahead of him

Panthers got better weapons bruh

Easy schedule?

Texans have been underdogs in every game. Jacksonville was the AFC darling that would dominate the division and reach the AFC title game.

Pittsburgh has a top 5 defense. What easy schedule???

Stroud is that guy. He's better than Young and it's not even close
To start the season ON PAPER, you're probably right.

However, the Panthers have two backups starting at their guard positions as of right now. Their LT has regressed horribly and had 7 false starts last week vs Seattle. The only positions that have been even mediocre are the RT and maybe the Center.

While Young hasn't been good. The playcalling has been horrific from the coaching staff. They legit have called screen play, after screen play, after screen play.

I would also take the Texans weapons over the Panthers weapons as of today, but maybe that's on Bryce. However, when Dalton started the team couldn't run the ball worth a damn either. The O-Line right now is CLEARLY the worst O-Line in the NFL.

 5 months ago '18        #28
Wiggy wexler  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x42
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Sunday was a Great day for Houston sports.

Franchise qb confirmed

Astros win the division off a rangers chokejob

Jj watt inducted Into the ring of honor


 5 months ago '05        #29
Props total: 28934 28 K  Slaps total: 6123 6 K
Stroud was always the guy.
They were looking too much at kyler Murray for Bryce young.
He’s too small to play the position without constantly having to scramble and move. You can’t sustain a long successful career like that.
Crazy they almost talked Richardson into the number 2 pick.

Last edited by hbk83; 10-02-2023 at 08:26 AM..

 5 months ago '13        #30
PaperBoy  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x11
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wayy to early for this sh1t. None of these n1ggas teams even hit their bye week yet alone getting judged off of four games. Let the n1ggas ball.
Up until now it took for people to realize that a Healthy Tua is the better QB out of Herbert and Burrow.

Gotta give these dudes sometime and someone to throw to at least. Still think the Panthers drafted the wrong QB. n1gga shorter than Russell wilson but Wilson is more stout at his size

 5 months ago '19        #31
Jalen H0es  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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According to BX logic, it is simply a good gameplan, good coaching and great team chemistry that got them n1ggas winning.

Or at Least those are the excuses they give for Trey Lance and Kyler Murray and othrt garbage n1ggas like them that are actually as bad as Zach Wilson


 5 months ago '08        #32
Props total: 67439 67 K  Slaps total: 4556 4 K
A lot of yall be lost as hell when ESPN don’t tell you what to see.

Anybody who watches the game will tell you off the rip Stroud passes the eye test from the crop of rookie QB’s. He’s the complete package and Richardson comes in next with the potential to be neck and neck w/ CJ if he can put it together in the pocket.

 5 months ago '22        #33
God Bless You 
Props total: 26296 26 K  Slaps total: 21871 21 K
No way Bryce is 200 pounds

Dude is 175 max

 5 months ago '21        #34
Props total: 10825 10 K  Slaps total: 3792 3 K
Either way bears get 2 top 5 picks let the panthers be ass

 5 months ago '04        #35
x Tha Arkitek x  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x4
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 SeanDon122 said 🔗
It also helps that Texans/Colts staff look like they actually have game plans designed for their QBs based off what they do best.. Panthers look like they're trying to fit Bryce into what they want him to be and not on terms of what he is
I'll never understand clubs that operate this way. They go get the "best talent available" with no plans of using them to their strengths. But I swear, between the NFL & NBA someone does it every year.

 5 months ago '14        #36
Props total: 40640 40 K  Slaps total: 3224 3 K
Frank ain’t it…give up that play calling homeboy.

Defense gassed by 4th bc offense ain’t giving them sh1t.

 5 months ago '22        #37
SeanDon122  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
Props total: 40933 40 K  Slaps total: 3186 3 K
 God Bless You said 🔗
No way Bryce is 200 pounds

Dude is 175 max
He only put on weight for combine weigh in to "ease concerns". Afterwards he went back down to his normal weight

 5 months ago '16        #38
Don Snow 
Props total: 54576 54 K  Slaps total: 12165 12 K
Stroud Richardson Wilson the future of the league

Lawrence fraud a$s bout to be the 3rd best QB in the division

 5 months ago '05        #39
Props total: 1666 1 K  Slaps total: 205 205
The thing that is ki1ling us...besides play calling is our O Line is fu#kING DUMPSTER JUICE INFESTED WITH ANCIENT TRACES OF BACTERIAL DISEASE TRASH....I have never seen a line or any line this freaking bad...This reminds me of the Texans line back in the day when they drafted Carr and all you every heard was him getting sacked...Our LT that we had so much hope in coming off the great season he had last year has just been trash...I don't know how you fall off that bad...I wish we would've kept Wilks...I wish we would've kept Foreman...I wish we would've drafted Stroud like I said on here time and time again during the off season but let these fans tell it..I was wrong and they were right but now we all sitting in sh1t now and they to quiet to admit they were wrong now

 5 months ago '12        #40
Props total: 34254 34 K  Slaps total: 2444 2 K
juat because rooks are doing good doesnt mean its a good idea to start a rook

 5 months ago '07        #41
Props total: 8155 8 K  Slaps total: 1307 1 K
Stroud looks good, but to say Richardson is shinning.. not so sure

 5 months ago '06        #42
Icee  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
Props total: 52074 52 K  Slaps total: 3574 3 K
Imagine how good Cam Newton actually was to turn the Carolina Panthers into a winning organization during his time as a starting quarterback for them

 5 months ago '15        #43
Teddy KGB 
Props total: 98019 98 K  Slaps total: 11207 11 K
I agree with much of this, but I’d argue that AR looked like an NFL QB before stroud. He looked ready from the first preseason game. Stroud started picking up steam in Week 2 of the regular season. My concern for AR is durability. I think Bryce can be good, but his team is bad and he has the worst situation of the three. Going to be tough to look good in Carolina and he might not get another shot to be the man after this contract.

 5 months ago '11        #44
Sinamatik CFR  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
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All these n1ggas been a$s cheeks so far though!!!

 5 months ago '15        #45
CZNM22  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x5
Props total: 113027 113 K  Slaps total: 3208 3 K
What a trash a$s article.

The only problem Bryce has right now is maybe ball security and knowing when to take the sack versus trying to extend the play - overall, just rookie sh1t.

The majority of our problems fall on this coaching staff and front office.

 DaQCKing said 🔗
Frank aint doing no favors for Bryce either. n1gga whole game plan was run Miles up the middle then a screen pass. Vikings D had 10 in the box for most of the game just daring them to take a deep shot.
Colts fans warned us of Frank Reich. It's a reason he was let go mid season.

You notice how many times Bryce and Andy has to ki1l whatever the fu#k he's called?

Edit: I've also heard from two different people, one a former Carolina Panther, that Andy is allowed more freedom due to being a veteran, while Bryce is being kept on a leash. Frank needs to let Bryce be Bryce.

 ghettofied said 🔗
They should've.

The team won 7 games last year and kept the same roster but added (on paper) a better QB.

Not going to mention how we hired Evero which had a top 10 defense in Denver last year. This team was anticipated to compete and win the division. The fact that YOU don't think that when many other analyst anticipated them to do so is just on you.
None of that matters if the culture is different.

Wilks installed that Keep Pounding culture and had them boys balling. Frank ain't got that.

Last edited by CZNM22; 10-02-2023 at 12:55 PM..

 5 months ago '23        #46
Mr Negative 
Props total: 658 658  Slaps total: 88 88
 Press Enter said 🔗
Only people worried about props and slaps are the ppl who live on here. Imagine thinking a thumbs up button gives you some sort of super power that can cast imaginary judgments
You live here! You have the most frivolous post known to man on this forum!

You cant be serious!

 5 months ago '17        #47
Pythagoras  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
Props total: 97402 97 K  Slaps total: 20957 20 K
 Wiggy wexler said 🔗
Sunday was a Great day for Houston sports.

Franchise qb confirmed

Astros win the division off a rangers chokejob

Jj watt inducted Into the ring of honor


 5 months ago '04        #48
ghettofied  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x3
Props total: 39531 39 K  Slaps total: 13949 13 K
 Pythagoras said 🔗
Hell yeah. Houston Cougars won too on Saturday. Just kidding. They got thrashed by a bad Texas Tech team. Oh well. Could've been worse, could've lost to Rice. Oh wait. They did that too.

Top 10 most slapped recently  5 months ago '22        #49
Press Enter  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x151
Props total: 71799 71 K  Slaps total: 78276 78 K
 Mr Negative said 🔗
You live here! You have the most frivolous post known to man on this forum!

You cant be serious!
Didn't read

 5 months ago '16        #50
Props total: 10243 10 K  Slaps total: 1589 1 K
Bryce will be fine. Kid has to scramble damn near every play and they can’t establish a solid run game. Bunch of moving parts on offense, I think they’ll figure it out sooner rather than later. Stroud is out here looking way better than any rookie in recent history and Richardson is an elite athlete

All 3 could end up elite , pointless to compare them while they’re in completely different situations

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