ESG Funds

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ESG Funds

Does anyone have any experience with ESG funds? I noticed Vanguard just released a new ESG Select Stock Fund (VEIGX). Its something I could probably use to diversify my portfolio.

For those of you who dont know, ESG funds are kinda like a fund for clean companies. Those who are environmentally friendly, employee friendly, and socially conscious. They are thought to be more forward thinking. But does the dollar signs tend to follow is all I really care about?

Product summary
This actively-managed fund seeks to invest in global mid- and large-cap companies with high financial productivity and leading environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. The fund’s advisor will conduct proprietary investment and ESG research to construct a highly selective stock portfolio, representing 40 to 50 stocks that will be owned for an extended time period. Additionally, the advisor will engage with company management and vote proxies. An investor who seeks exposure to companies with leading ESG practices may wish to consider this fund. The fund may not be ideal for ESG investors seeking to exclude particular sectors or companies because, at times, the fund may be invested in companies that would be excluded by other ESG approaches.

[pic - click to view]

 https://investor.vanguard .. overview/veigx

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