May 31 - T-Pain:"No Homo," but Ray J Has "Huge Meat,"NeYo & Justin Think They The Ish

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May 31 - T-Pain:"No Homo," but Ray J Has "Huge Meat,"NeYo & Justin Think They The Ish

T-Pain Says "No Homo," but Ray J Has "Huge Meat," Amy Winehouse Marks Her Territory, Ne-Yo & Justin Timberlake Think They're The Ish

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Hot off the press this week T-Pain's got his eye on Ray J's johnson, Amy Winehouse gets branded, Michael Jackson learns how to be a rock star from Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake and Ne-Yo think they're all that.


Hitting the top of the charts this last week may mean that T-Pain might just have enough money in his pocket to buy you a drink. The dreaded crooner, who once bragged that he brings in $1 per ringtone, told SOHH in an exclusive chat just who he wouldn't have strip for him.

Unlike most R&B cats, T-Pain said he wouldn't have anything to do with pr0n starring socialite Kim Kardashian. Not because she isn't a dime piece, but as T-Pain explains in this exclusive video, "not many men can follow Ray J. The man got a huge meat."[View here].

Soulman says money will make a man lose his mind.


One wouldn't have to patrol very hard this week to find white girls gone wild. Rosie O'Donnell and the other white chick from "The View" went head to head in a split screen, Britney Spears tried to explain her actions as an unfit mother via an open letter on her website.

Lindsay Lohan, one of T-Pain's favorites, was arrested and slapped with a DUI charge. The cops even found a usable amount of cocaine in her car yet just two days later, Lindsay was photographed passed out in a car after partyin' like a rock star.

It seems the only white girl with any common sense as of late is Amy Winehouse. Although she bucked rehab, she became an honest woman after marrying her on-again/off-again boyfriend Blake Felder.

And just when you think things have normalized, Amy is set to get her new hubby's initials tattooed just outside her rum soaked sugar walls, according to website Tonight. [Read more here]

Soulman says... Ouch!


And speaking of white women, Michael Jackson decided last week not to stop the auction of Jackson memorabilia which included a microphone that he used when performing with the Jackson 5 in the seventies, custom-made boots worn by brother Randy during their Victory tour and Marlon's peacock-embroidered robe, described in auction materials as "a costume masterpiece." [View here]

No worries though, even after having to auction off all these personal belongings, Michael still is far from broke. Just last week Michael was reportedly paid $10 million to attend a birthday party for Prince Azim. Apparently Michael had been out with Lindsay Lohan the night before because attendees report that the King of Pop showed up, threw up and left.

Soulman says...nothing like a little public boozing to get your career back on track. Just ask Paris, Nicole, Amy and of course Britney.


Justin Timberlake and Ne-Yo have both decided to set up record labels/recording studios of their own. After massive amounts of success as solo artists these two have decided they're at the point in their careers where they are ready to harvest new talent to share with the world.

Justin's new label is supposed to be the avenue by which he shares his newest musical discoveries with the world. Ne-Yo's new state of the art Carrington Studios down in Atlanta is said to be for pretty much the same purpose.

Soulman asks... How is that two men who have derived so much of their own musical identity from Michael Jackson really believe that they have enough insight to craft the careers of others? Shouldn't they be forced to come up with their own original sound first?

But while you were wondering what's the point of Mariah Carey's new flick Lovers & Haters, we were wondering how Beyonce is gonna feel watching Rihanna and Jay-Z perform together at the MTV Movie Awards and wondering if Dame Dash's "Kingdome Classic" will end up in a shoot out.

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