1st Real IT Job This Week, Advice?

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 2 days ago '16        #26
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 BalmainReyes said
Same in NYC. We have app support, how do you make a move like that?
I'm in NYC. You can find an application within the organization you like and get familiar with the admin side. Prolly a ton of youtoube videos on the net. Learn the back end as well the database it connects to usually oracle or MS SQL. To be honest I used google my first few years in an app support role and I'm pretty good with figuring out why something isn't working and finding bugs and backing into how to fix it. Learn a programming language I would suggest C++ or java you would then know what to look for when errors or thrown. App support was cool when I switched to System Engineer I loved it even more working on servers and building env from scratch and spinning up multiple env for applications.

 NBA Brawler said
Funny you mentioned EPIC. That's the gig I'm looking into at the hospital I work at. I just got hired in Financial Services but it's not working out for me.
I used to work on the HR side within finance that sh*t was a piece of cake look into workday/SAP/Workforce Now on the admin side or if you want on the engineer side that sh*t is easy money and they pay well because you can see all the money going in and out of the company so they can't really short you. Financial services is trash with high turnover. Epic has a high turnover too but its probably because they can go anywhere in the country and get paid top dollar so Epic guys usually dont take bullsh*t and stay

 17 hrs ago '20        #27
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Be familiar with patterns, and on a general level how all technology systems work. All systems at the highest level are structured in only a few different ways, and once you're familiar on a general level how they are designed to function, you'll have a strong ability to build / debug anything without needing to be hand held all the time.

For example, all systems transact data between separate entities. Depending on what you're working with, you should have a general idea of how structures pass data back and forth.

^^ those two concepts are a good start just to have a foundational understanding for how any modern software architecture works. From there, you'll want to look at common design patterns for how each of these work, and slowly build your knowledge up.

And forget about impostor syndrome. Impostor syndrome a*sumes there are people that know everything. There is nobody alive that knows everything. Everyone is constantly learning and someone that's got more years learning on the job is going to "seem" way smarter than you. But on the real, if you're on top of your sh*t, in a few years, you'll be giving the new kids coming up impostor syndrome.

And google is your best friend. Anyone that disagrees is a dummy and you should avoid them at all costs.

GL my ninja

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