Business Idea - Public Invests in a Restaurant's Innovative Ideas for its Restaurant Menu

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Business Idea - Public Invests in a Restaurant's Innovative Ideas for its Restaurant Menu

Business Idea. Please tell me what you think of my potential sales letter...

TRUTH Ė Is What You Spend Your Money On Ė If Customers Invest In Your Innovative Ideas. Itís The Truth And That Leads To More Sales.

Iíll say it again. When you spend your hard-earned cash on something. It means you really believe in it. What you spend your money on, is you telling the truth.

So, what am I trying to say?

Iím telling you, you can create a new ability to grow your business faster, if you ask your customers to invest in your business ideas for your company.
Letís say you own a fast-food burger restaurant (I realize you are a clothing store). And you come up with the idea of selling wine with your burger meals. Youíre unsure if it will work or not. So, you just shelve the idea for later and never come back to it. You choose to do what works now.

But what if there was a better way to find out if your new wine offering will sell to your customers?

What if there was a website, thatís marketed by JJ KINGDOM SALES to people in your city, that gives them an opportunity to earn money from investing in your fast-food burger restaurantís innovative wine offering idea?

People visit the website and see that your restaurant wants to sell wine with its burger meals. They think about it and say, wow, I would like to drink wine with my burger meal. If I like this idea, then other people will surely like it also. I will invest now.

They invest in the wine idea. Each person invests, or loans $100 dollars to cover the cost to create the new wine offering on your restaurant menu.

But there is something special about this investment. Hereís the humorous part. Your company is guaranteeing a 100% of the loan or investment of the people!
Why? So, they donít fear losing money and in return you get their honest opinion on your business idea. The catch for them is, they do not make any money, unless your company does. But they donít lose any money either. The investment, or loan is 100% guaranteed like a bank loan. Thatís normal right? Right.

As with all bank loans, the bank makes money off earning interest, when the loan is paid back.

In review, the customer invests in your new wine idea for your burger restaurant. You take their money and buy the wine and start offering it on the restaurantís menu. Since, the investors who are locals in your area, believed in your idea with their own hard-earned cash. You know it must be a good idea. Therefore, its likely other people will also want to buy wine with their burgers. Which means your company grows its profits!

If you were a customer of Burger King and they wanted to offer beer and liquor on their fast food menu. And they gave you the opportunity to invest $100 (give a loan) in buying the beer and liquor and offering it on the menu. And Burger King guarantees your $100 loan. So, if Burger King doesn't make any money off the sale of beer and liquor, you don't lose any money. It's guaranteed. But, if they do earn money, you the customer who invested in the offering, will earn interest off your loan or investment.

Would you do it????

It's impossible to lose money, because Burger King guarantees the loan like a bank loan. Either you earn money from interests or you break even.


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