Horrible rumor: disney wants to do a live action ......

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 8 months ago '06        #51
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Rock aint playing no second fiddle a*s nappa foh. He too big time to play him.

Need to get someone under 25 to play goku since the actor will be playing it for 10 years minimum.

Kevin hart as krillin I can see it

This could be a 5 billion dollar franchise they can’t fu*k it up.

 8 months ago '10        #52
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 mobchip said
I believe that's the case. Long ago Ghost in the shell rights was at Disney. I remember that because I viewed the actual Japanese theatrical film print of "Innocence", and Disney was part of the production committee. Then somehow Paramount Pictures made the movie (2017- Live Action). So either rights lapsed or Disney made a deal with Paramount and exchanged for Marvel rights or something.
The thing about Innocence and the entire reason why Disney was even involved was because is was a Studio Ghibli co-production. That's literally it. Peep Innocence's copyrights and production committee then go back and look at Ghibli's catalog from Spirited Away on up (not sure when they stopped working with Disney).

Even despite Disney being involved, it was still I.G's property, hence why they could license it to whomever the hell they wanted, in this case being DreamWorks iirc, later it was sublicensed to Bandai Entertainment (remember them?) to add a dub and fix the subtitles from the OG American release

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