FACTS or NAH: NWA had a bigger impact on Hip Hop than A Tribe Called Quest

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Facts or Nah???
Facts 143 86.67%
Nah 22 13.33%
Voters: 165.   (BX member poll)

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 3 days ago '09        #101
Teddy Loc 
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 mawu said
Sure it's NWA but That native tongue tree ain't no joke
And I agree! Both made an impact in hip hop.

 3 days ago '16        #102
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Hard to disagree and you could say they had the biggest because they predate the Wu and everyone became a star after.

 3 days ago '12        #103
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 CJ Schwarz said
I mean Tribe influenced Kanye and the whole backpack scene heavy. Without that you don't get a Drake, a Cole, a Wale, ect...
Or an outkast

 3 days ago '20        #104
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I prefer ATCQ's music over NWA's but you'd be hard pressed to argue they had a bigger impact on hip hop

 3 days ago '15        #105
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 Head Coach said
Em and 50
Kendrick as well

 2 days ago '21        #106
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 Holdino said
Eminem nor 50 cent blows up without Dre

Neither does Busta.

Priority Records isn't rich without Cube. So Possibly no Master P

Without Easy No bone thugs or Black Eyed Peas and others on Ruthless...

I can go on

Busta was already a star! He had songs with Janet Jackson. "Put Your Hands..." was released in 1998...

 1 day ago '20        #107
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Not even close but at the end of the day it was a negative impact

 1 day ago '19        #108
Bam Bam  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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 HOH4ever said
Who would think otherwise?
Immigrants and east coast d*ck lickers.

 1 day ago '19        #109
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 Bam Bam said
Immigrants and east coast d*ck lickers.
Damn son

 1 day ago '17        #110
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How is this even debatable???

 23 hrs ago '18        #111
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Who the fu*k even still talks about them soft n*ggas. Nwa changed the game

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