Quotables of Real Sh*t (not metaphors/punchlines/similies/etc)

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Image(s) inside Twitter exposed SZA as FAKE Again ( CAREER FINALLY OVER?)
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Yo wtf is Jim Jones wearing??This a grown man??
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Video inside T.I. and Rihanna playing Illuminati games
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Deadpool 2 chokes at the Box Office. Underperming at 125 mil

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 9 years ago '05        #61
Switchc2390 10 heat pts10
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I'm lookin for Mrs. Bubblegum
I'm Mr. Chik-o-stick
I want to dun dun dun (OH!)
Cause you so thick

 9 years ago '06        #62
Knockout5 7 heat pts
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"Rocafella, 80 mil in like 18 months/ yall can bullsh*t wit rap if you want, Mafu*ka!" - Jay For da Fam
 12-08-2008, 07:20 PM         #63
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tired of the bullsh*t a circle of problems//
pissed off in the morning ran outta surp for my waffles//

-tay flowz-
 9 years ago '04        #64
Black-i 1 heat pts
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Thats the nature of people, why do you think people like to feed pigeons then go and shoot eagles? ...Phonte " can't let her go"
 9 years ago '04        #65
Black-i 1 heat pts
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Thats the nature of people
why'd you think like to try and feed pigeons
but go and shoot eagles?

 9 years ago '04        #66
SpyDa 180 heat pts180
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I'd like to raise my children to grow to be soldiers, but then the general will decide when they life will be over
So i work Hard Til My Personality Split
Like The Black Panthers Into Bloods an the Crips

they say money change you but money doesnt change you it just make you more of what you already are

-little brother

i will never lose hope success is psychological
- immortal techique

He brought something out of nothin my word is my bond
that a creation of man an a universe can correspond
the one sun control the 9 planets
the one an the nine makes up a 19 the math real simply if u understand it
The one brain control the nine systems of the mans anatomy
connecting our anatomy to the galaxy

K-Rino The Last Days

Alot of n*ggaz drop science but they dont know the math, because they mind is narrower than the righteous path

-immortal technique

Its Funny How On The Block n*ggaz will k!ll u 4 cash but neva raise the gun an yell freedom at last

-immortal techinque
 9 years ago '04        #67
jewelz1132 5 heat pts
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 BuddenStan said:
you joking?
 9 years ago '07        #68
Verse 72 heat pts72
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"The snakes are gettin' smarter//
and when haters wanna hear somethin' in particualar, they listen harder//
- Joe Budden, "Get The Picture"

"I don't follow a path//
I'm creatin' my own to leave a trail"// - Joe Budden, "Hiatus"

"They say you soft when you move out the hood//
So my goal is to make all of my loved ones punks"//
- Joe Budden, "Sing For The Moment"

"You tryna get chain like "floss", I'm tryin' get a chain like stores..."
- Joe Budden, "Roll Call"

"My greatest enemy is my inner me" - Lupe Fiasco, "Much More"

"Every now and then you gotta ask yourself//
do you REALLY wanna win, or just look good losing?"// - Phonte, "Dreams"

Last edited by Verse; 12-09-2008 at 08:53 AM..
 12-09-2008, 02:48 PM         #69
thegraphixking  OP
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Phonte - Sirens

They tryin to blame this rap sh*t for all of our ills
Like I can stick you up with a mic
Like I can r*pe you with a verse or use a verb as a knife
Like before Kool Herc, everything was alright
Like y'all wasn't callin black women hoes befo' "Rappers Delight"

Sheeeit~! That's just idiot talk, this whole sh*t is a farce
I refuse to be hip-hop's pallbearer
Had to tell me son cut that bullsh*t off
Them ain't videos ni99a, that's psychological warfare


Phonte - When Everything Is new

Now I go out on the road, come home see my kids like,
"Damn ni99a, when you get a mustache? "
 9 years ago '04        #70
Drunk By Myself 
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Kind of like coexistin with the whack when you extra nice (nice)
Livin with regrets, but regrets is life
Play the game, play the cards your dealt the price (price)
Pray for it, short tote and extra dice
In preparation for the next life
Time waits for no man, we stand by for the next flight
For every second we lose, we gain wisdom
But people try to take back things that pain gives them
Life ain't sweet, the Lord ain't say it was fair
The price ain't cheap, I'm sure that I'm payin for prayer
For granted I take and sometimes my honor deceives
I'm only on my knees at times when I'm in need
Baptized in black lies, momma please
That sh*t got to be classified as some kind of greed
Sometimes I feel I might waste it all, livin with no faith at all
In God, the Devil tryin to take it all (all, all)

Royce Da 5'9"
 9 years ago '04        #71
silentmurder2 1 heat pts
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If money's your religion, sky the limit, live life
Numbers is big business, makes the poor live trife
The glimmers of hope provoke those without dollars to dream
Though your existence become wealthy, knowledge is king
Pimps and card sharks, thiefs, murderers with hard luck
Addicts and fiends, prostitutes passing for teens
Thats my society, cops who shoot blacks is routine
for notoriety, grow up watching well dressed n*ggas with charms
Beautiful ladies on they arms, dangerous new cars, was my fantasy for Nas
Rubbing my lips with Campophenique
Still behind the ears wet, turned out to be pioneers, vets
Amongst hustlers, crack sellers, liars and squares
 12-09-2008, 04:41 PM         #72
Ty-Murder  OP
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My flow is not similar to any n*ggas/
but i still tell em to get familiar/
he paid,heat wave flow ah burn there ceilin up/
we sick in the head so the pen-is-sealin us/
flow contagious now my pen is illin from/
my touch,now who sicker den us?/-young murder heart of the city freestyle
 9 years ago '04        #73
Dash420 21 heat pts21
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i made this for my pops

“They say your past is your present and your present is your cash, so I look forward to the future.” --- Young Jeezy “The Inspiration”

“I think we can make it in fact for sure, and if we fall stand tall and come back for more.”
---- 2pac “Keep Ya Head Up”

“Strong rule the weak, but the wise rule the strong”
--- Nas ft. Lake “Revolutionary Warfare”

“I never sleep, because sleep is the cousin of death.”
---- Nas “ NY State of Mind”

“Being broke is bad for my health”
---- Young Jeezy ft. T.I. “I Got Money”

…”I’ve been all alone, but alone is steroids because it made me strong”
---Lil Wayne “I Like Dat”

“There’s only one of him, plus ain’t none of y’all confronting him
So blind in our own minds we wouldn’t even know God if we was in front of him”
----Trick Daddy “Thug Holiday”

“Today was a Good Day”
---- Ice Cube “It Was a Good Day”

“You can look in my eyes and see I’m ready for whatever
Anythang don’t k!ll me make me better”
----T.I. “Motivation”

“I made up my mind while y’all made up y’all beds”
Andre 3000/Outkast “Chronomentrophobia”

“So you got to keep on living like each day is the beginning, it’s yo birthday even on your worst day”
Big Boi/Outkast “The Train”

“But my friends there will be better days and a better a way, according to the prophecy”
Whild Peach/Outkast “Mutron Angel”

“Struggle…yeah another sign that God love you
Cause on the low, being po’, make you humble
Keep they names in my rhymes to try and keep ‘em out of trouble
Cause being po’, also teach you how to hustle”
Lupe Fiasco “Real”

“This life goes passing you by
It might go fast if you like
You born, you lived, you died
If life goes passing you by, Don’t cry
If you’re breaking the rules, making your moves, paying your dues
Chasing the cool”
Lupe Fiasco “The Cool”

“I know these kids are listening
But it’s so hard to get ‘em with 22 inch rims glistenin’”
David Banner “Cadillac on 22’s”

“It’s a revolutionary [party], they ask me what I’m writing for…I’m writing to show you what we f!ghting for”
Talib Kweli ft. Hi-tek “The Blast”

“I said step inside his Holy Church thinking, we all God’s Property and not just Kirk Franklin”
Field Mob ft. Cee-lo “All I Know”

“Nobody believes, until I believe me”
Common “The People”

“The life we lead, will always lead us
And we pray that he, will never leave us
It's the price we pay, I guess that's the reason
Why my grandma sang, we all need Jesus”

Common “Misunderstood”

“What we need is awareness, we can't get careless
You say what is this?
My beloved lets get down to business
Mental self defensive fitness”

Public Enemy “f!ght the Power”

“You know why they call The Projects a project, because it's a project!
An experiment, we're in it, only as objects
And the object for us to explore our prospects”

Jay-z “Do You Wanna Ride”

“God bless you working on a plan to Heaven
Follow the Lord all 24/7 days, GOD is who we praise
even though the devil's all up in my face
But he keeping me safe and in my place, say grace
For the case to race with a chance to face the judge
And I'm guessing my soul won't budge”

Bone Thugs N Harmony “Crossroad”

“Hustlin..Hustlin…Everyday I’m Hustlin”
Rick Ross “Hustlin”

“Uh, damn right I like the life I live
'Cause I went from negative to positive
And it's all... (It's all good)”

Notorious BIG “Juicy”

“To the hustlas, k!llers, murderers, drug dealers even the strippers [Jesus walks with them]
To the victims of Welfare for we living in hell here hell yeah [Jesus walks with them]”

Kanye West “Jesus Walks”

“Baby girl! Respect is just the minimum”
Lauryn Hill “Doo Woop (That Thing)”

“A O.G. told me God's favorites have a hard time
You're out the hood, that's good, now stay on the grind
I'm a sponge, knowledge and wisdom I ab-sorb fast
I'm in a class by myself, you do the math”
50 Cent “God gave me style”

“You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime”
Eminem “Lose Yourself”
“The World is yours”
Slick Rick “Hey Young World”
“My time is now I’m going to do it all over again..some how”
The Game ft. Nas “Why You Hate the Game”
 12-09-2008, 05:27 PM         #74
ThaGh0st415  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
 Knockout5 said:
"Rocafella, 80 mil in like 18 months/ yall can bullsh*t wit rap if you want, Mafu*ka!" - Jay For da Fam

you know we are doomed as a culture when n*ggas are posting Jay-Z lines having to do with his money as "Quotables" of "Real sh*t"

 12-09-2008, 05:49 PM         #75
finesse  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
didn't read thread so sorry if someone already posted this

I switched my motto instead of sayin fu*k tomorrow
That buck that bought a bottle could've struck the lotto

life's a bi*ch
nas and az
 12-09-2008, 06:28 PM         #76
Gerry  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
The usual..i wont post em all again..here are some u might not have heard

"Lifes regrets are my best advisors
Mistakes that ive made help get me inspired"

- Arkaic

"See u create ur own bad luck
And all the times that i fell helped me to stand up"


"Im really only known truely by certain heads
Exculding them, fu*k what any other person says
And fu*k a psychiatrist or psychologist
I dont need someone i dont know tellin me what my problem is"

- Lowkey
 9 years ago '05        #77
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Wait..... No X tracks????!!! Put the whole Its Dark CD in this thread
 9 years ago '04        #78
nitetrain8601 23 heat pts23
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 Rick Ross said:
I shed tears 'cause I'm told that they'll heal
To tell the truth I don't know how to feel
Ever felt alone in a room full of friends?
Got big plans but you leave 'em in suspense?
Pray for me, patience wait for me
Pay dues, trust me they ain't comin
Way back it was hoops, now it's Maybach coupes
And we all took a vow, no squares in the loops
Now we lookin at each other, sittin in a court room I'm laughin, cause it's lookin like a cartoon
Never snitch, got it tattood by Cartoon
(somebody switch) by my rules we all lose
I was also going to post some Crooked I lyrics, but his site is down.
 9 years ago '07        #79
KeepinItTrill 33 heat pts33
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Z-Ro and Trae's entire discographies are full of real sh*t

This is the sea of life, and I'm drownin
I know I can swim, but feel like I keep sinkin down in
these waters and I cain't breathe, I feel like I'm gon' blow it
I can see people holdin a life jacket but they won't throw it
Entertained by my struggle and they'd love to see me die
Why not love to see me live instead of helpin my family cry?
Like a homeless person with a sign, I would work for food
Ain't no shame in bein helpless it's a part of payin dues
On an everyday mission tryin to collect 5's and 10's
So many worries I promise my bones show right through my skin
Fancy cars and a mansion? That ain't never been my goal
A hooptie would be fine, plus somewhere warm when it's cold
I know what it feel like, not to be able to call the shots
Have a pen but no time to connect, all the dots
Therefore I do what I can do and then get down on my knees
Cause I can't make it by my lonely, Jesus help a n*gga please

Last edited by KeepinItTrill; 12-09-2008 at 11:34 PM..
 9 years ago '05        #80
Switchc2390 10 heat pts10
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 YoungerHov said:
Wait..... No X tracks????!!! Put the whole Its Dark CD in this thread
Here's some quotables from It's Dark..

Give a dog a bone, leave a dog alone
let a dog roam and he'll find his way home
-Ruff Ryder's Anthem

Look through my eyes, see what I see
Do as I do, be what I be
Walk in my shoes, hurt your feet
And know why I lurk the streets
-Look Thru my Eyes

Burning in hell, but don't deserved to be
Got n*ggas I don't even know that wanna murder me
It's because they heard of me
And they know that the Dark is for real
The bark is for real, when you see that spark it'll k!ll
-Look Thru My Eyes

I bear my soul, n*ggas wouldn't dare, my role
Gives a n*gga a heart of gold but with a hole
Lost all control, my shoulders hold a lot of weight
Just like first time soldier eighth done told us not to hate
But then it's out of state, and it's too late
For change is to be made
That's what I get for fu*king with strangers in the shade
This is it, that n*gga's got to give me a place
For the same reason that fate, chose to give me away
Take away hate, now I'm supposed to love the one that cursed me
The one that wouldn't give me a cup of water when I was thirsty
-Look Thru My Eyes

And if you never met me, then you've no right to judge me
I've got a good heart but this heart can get ugly
-Look Thru My Eyes

Meanwhile, somethin I gotta show you an I hope you can take it
Gonna leave you in the desert, an I hope that you make it
Gotta put you on your a.ss to see what it does to you
When you stand up an see that Im just showin love to you
Other n*ggas would put a slug through you, over your ends
Caps I fu*ked with are real, but hey
Those are your friends
Its just what you got comin sometimes you dont know
What you askin for, did you ask for more?
-I Can Feel it

I see life through many shades of grays and blacks
I could take that an him em with the blazin tracks
When I make that you fake cats have violent dreams
Takes another dog to be able to hear my silent screams
The devil got a hold on me an he wont let go
I can feel the lord pullin but he movin dead slow
Let em know that amidst all this confusion
Some of us may do the winnin
But we all do the losin its just who does the choosin
-I Can Feel It

My balance on the high beams of life, keep my dreams in strife
-I Can Feel It

fu*k it..too many quotables in this CD that was just a few songs..


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