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Hip Hop facts and events most ya'll don't know about

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 02-08-2008, 09:35 PM         #1501
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keep it rolling

 16 years ago '05        #1502
LBoogie2122  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2 OP
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i want to thank all yall bx heads for participating in the thread and ronnie for keeping it a sticky, in my opinion this became the best thread ive ever read on the net period and defines what boxden is really about. many, many websites copied what we posted and even an alleged hip hop insider addressed all the sh1t we put up (google "hip hop facts and events" and check it out)For yall that dont kno our facts and rumors have influenced hip-hop and some have been addressed by ur favorite rappers(50 cent, jay-z, jim jones etc.) even mc serch confirmed that large professor did try to run up on him, but he was only 3 deep and serch didnt jump a wall lol.

im dry right now i got no birdies in my ear but ill keep it going soon enough, few more months and this thread will be 4 years old:applause::applause::applause:

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 02-15-2008, 11:26 AM         #1503
Lex Lossis 
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yo is the sh*t pr2008 said on page 61 real? sounds real?

 16 years ago '04        #1504
youngmic  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
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 16 years ago '05        #1505
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Yo how do you know that Genovese is mob? I am looking up all this sh*t and I can't find anything specific. All I found was that his great grandfatehr started a chain of drug stores in the 1920's and thats it. No links between the Genoves fam.

 16 years ago '04        #1506
The Rock  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
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Damn, this thread is still going. Crazy stuff in here...

 16 years ago '04        #1507
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 LBoogie2122 said 🔗
this part of the thread was taken from an old thread @ sohh, i read it a long time ago & this sh*t was so interesting, i had to add it to my favorites :D

if menacesquad is on here, major props

Some of these are rumors, and some are very true

-LL Cool J and Kool Moe Dee came to blows one night backstage.

-Freddie Foxxx put a gun in Benzino's mouth on the Flavor Unit tour bus, because Benzino would not stop talking **** about what a thug he was

-"The bridge is over" was a Marley Marl beat that Krs One and Scott La Rock found in a studio.

-2pac was robbed and shot by some of Supreme's boys.

-"I got a story to tell" was vaguelly based on a real life incident Biggie had when he was slipping pipe to John Starks' woman.

-Paul C was murdered by his wife and his brother.

-Showbiz has almost been sent upstate for attempted murder twice.

-Big Pun hit Jay Z over the head with a bottle in a club.

-Eric. B beat down Large Professor and ran Kool G. Rap out of New York to Arizona after 'G. Rap revealed Large Pro produced most of the beats Eric B was supposed to have done on the Eric B. & Rakim albums and "wanted dead or alive".

-Biz Markie produced most of EPMD's first album.

-Ghostface, Superb and their team beat down and robbed 50 Cent and Tony Yayo after 50's dis tracks.

-Johnny Juice did all Terminator X's cuts on the Public Enemy albums.

Kool Keith met Godfather Don outside some industry event that both of them weren't allowed entry to. They snuck in through a back window and then hung out for the next month or so recording the 'Don produced tracks on "the 4 horsemen" and, of course, all the classic Cenobites tracks.

-Just Ice was a prime suspect in a murder case.

-Just Ice turned up in Queens on Poet's block after the two Rockwell Noel & The Poet tracks dissing Krs One, Red Alert and Ms. Melodie with a shotgun and waited for Poet to come out. Needless to say, Poet stayed in the crib that day.

-DJ Ready Red was kicked out of Geto Boys and shafted by J. Prince because of his lack of melanin.

-Alpo, Fritz, the original 50 Cent from Ft Greene and various other notorious hustlers/killers from the legendary Paid In Full Posse were in the crew shots on "paid in full" and "follow the leader".

-Rakim recorded a dis cut aimed at 'Kane for "let the rhythm hit 'em" and had a verse on the title track itself aimed at him. 'Kane heard about this and called Rakim to squash it and Rakim went on to scrap the track and remove the verse.

-Eric B. did security for Mike Tyson throughout much of the 90's.

-Diamond D and his old late 80's group Ultimate Force with Master Rob recorded a full album with Jazzy Jay which has never been heard.

-A young Fat Joe and his boys Tony Montana(R.I.P) and Charlie Rock L.D were one of the top two crack crews in the Bronx in the mid 80's and bringing in thousands of $$$$ per day.

-Q Tip got fuked up so bad by one of the members of Wrexx N Effect that he lost partial sight in one of his eyes. ****EDIT***^^^^^very true^^^^^

-Nas came incredibly close to being on the Large Pro produced Kool G Rap, Xtra P, Freddie Foxxx and Ant posse cut "money in the bank" as he was always hangin' around Eric B.'s studio but had gone to pick up some weed with a chick so they let the Ant kid on there instead.

- Main Source (sans Large Pro) ran up in the Wild Pitch offices with machetes looking to behe@d MC Serch (then working as an A&R for the label) after a West Coast promotional tour went ****ty. MC Serch got wind that they were coming and escaped by crawling over the partial walls for his office and jetting out the back door.

- Grimm was supposed to be on "Live at the Barbecue" but he was arrested on the way to the studio.
"Ya'll don't write, you pay for airplays and rhymes of the month
A risin' star, I don't respect you cuz I do my own stunts
The rap world is run by morons, dudes who don't get it
that's why I simplify and cater to the dimwitted"
This is old as hell. There's like a 100+ page thread on this with way more sh*t.

 16 years ago '04        #1508
youngmic  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
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yall might know some of these....

mc ren of NWA was supposed to have a part in menace to society as well

bone thugs n harmony claims jerry heller was in the jewish mob and used to extort eazy. they say things got crazy after eazy finally fired jerry heller. it was then, easy got a bad cold and jerry heller reffered him to his doctor. bone especially krayzie bone says they put the aids fix on eazy. thats wat krayzie said...true story

dr dre did not sign the contract to produce above the law's black mafia life, ideas and certain songs were stolen to make the album the chronic. it was always argued dre made up the term g funk, in fact it was above the law, u can also hear 2pac, the 1st non ruthless records feature, say it on the track call it wat u want.

Kokane and cold 187um of above the law made a diss track in 94 on kokanes funk upon a thyme called dont bite the phunk, dissin kurupt(he dissed kokane on smokin on blunts and drinkin tanqueray), cold 187um dissed dre & snoop.

kam did not fight ice cube, in fact it was his homie big solo, the dude who says 50 cent fool, in the movie the wash to dj pooh. they did a reenactment on the video whoop whoop where kam disses ice cube. when solo and cube fought the westside charm fell off. solo won by the way

the track for the love of money was not originally made by bone thugs n harmony, it was a track from 1991 from the ruthless records group, yomo and maulkie. which u can hear deathrow artist jewell sing the hook before she left the label.

2pac was paid 500,000 to do/or have the track pour out a lil liquor for the above the rim sdtrk by suge knight

rapper former hit squad member k-solo was signed to deathrow at one point

RBX and suge knight almost fought....over a bucket of chicken...lol true story

mc ren was originally suppose to be on california love track

ice cube and del the funkee homosapien are cousins

flava flav and the rza just recently found out they are cousins

the dj for jj fad, dj train, was best friends with mc ren. he died in a house fire thinkin his son was still in there. u can see him as the main character of the video single for mc ren's same ol sh*t

cpo boss hogg aka lil nation was once signed to mc ren

Last edited by youngmic; 02-27-2008 at 10:20 PM..

 16 years ago '04        #1509
MegaTON  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 stitch said 🔗
n1gga please. How you not gonna notice that your moms or pops got a bro/sis with kids?
someones not from the hood

and rza said his family bloodline is the biggest in new york the cuffy's or some sh*t

 16 years ago '04        #1510
youngmic  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
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 stitch said 🔗
n1gga please. How you not gonna notice that your moms or pops got a bro/sis with kids?
they didnt know man, it was on hiphopdx not too long ago, calm your a$s down.

 16 years ago '05        #1511
LBoogie2122  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2 OP
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What Group Names Stand For:

Black Moon - Brothers Lyrically Acting combined Kicking Music Out on Nations

Goodie Mob - The Good Die Mostly over Bullsh*t

Junior M.A.F.I.A. - Masters at Finding Intelligent Attitudes

KMD - Kausin Much Damage

the Lox - Livin off Experience

TRU - The Real Untouchables

U.T.F.O. - Untouchable Force Organization

Wu-Tang - Witty Unpredictable Talent and Natural game

Before Wu Tang was formed, Rza, Gza and ODB had a group called "All In Together Now".

6 costly artists to sample from:

Barry White - $10,000-$30,000 per sample

Zapp - $15,000

Sting - 50%-100% of the publishing

Isaac Hayes - $7000

Phil Collins - $8000

More Group Names and what they stand for:

Almighty RSO - Rock sh*t On

BWP - b*tches With problems

J.J. Fad - Just Jammin Fresh and Def

P.A. - Parental Advisory

U.N.L.V. - Uptown n1ggas Living Violent

WC and the MAAD Circle - Minority Alliance of Anti-Discrimination; Motherf*ckas Armed and Down

Yaggfu Front - You are gonna Get f*cked up if you front

Artist Acronyms:

Big Daddy Kane - King Asiatic Nobody's Equal

D.M.C. - Darry Mac; Devastating Mic Controller

Ja Rule - Jeff Atkins Represents Unconditional Love's Existence

Memphis Bleek - Makin' Easy Money Pimpin' h0es in Style

Tash (Tha Liks) - Tough a$s Son of Harold

Kool G. rap - Kool Genius of Rap

KRS-One - Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone

Guru - Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal

Eminem is from Kansas but moved to Warren,MI thats like the border of Detroit (8 mile)...then moved to Detroit

Royce 5"9 is from the burbs (Oak Park,MI)

Eminem was goin' to be a member of the Outsidaz.

Grimm Reaper form the Gravediggaz was a original member of Stetsasonic.

Slum Village origianl name was Senepod (dopeness backwards)

Havoc & Prodigy stole they names from the westcoast rappers South Central Cartel (Havok & Prodoje)

Angie Stone is D'angelo's baby momma

Eve is the one who snitched on Foxy Brown wit DMX,leading to Kurupt leaving her and throwin' disses at X.

Young Buck appeard on a local Detroit group album (Street Lordz) before he got with G-Unit.

Holocaust/Warcloud (from the Black Knights) got kicked out of Wu-Tang's westcoast group The Black Kinghts cause he beat up RZA's brother (9th Prince from killarmy)

The intro to Can It Be All So Simple was a real incident.Ghost did get shot.

ODB got shot in the stomach in Brooklyn for tryin' to rob someone.(look at the scar on his stomach in his old video)

Raekwon,Meth,Ghost,Nas,AZ All talk that 5% God Body stuff and all sniff coke or had done it in the past.

Farnsworth Bentley is gay (rumor has it P.Diddy is gay)

JD (Dupri) wash already rich...spoiled lil' down-syndrone lookin' muthaf....

Cash Money was actually Ja Rule's click name

Busy Bee looks like Mos Def
Llyod Banks looks like pr0no star Brian Pumper

LL Cool J & Rakim use to hang with big drug dealers in Harlem such as Rich Porter &
Alpo (check the F.E.D.S magazine)

Common was in a gang...the 4 Corner Hustler's which is Pepo like VL's

Twista & Crucial Conflict are also gang members

Rhymefest wrote Jesus Walks for Kanye

DJ Pooh (from the 1st Friday movie) was out way back in the 80's with King T

a Wu-Tang Clan member girlfriend song the chrous on Cher Che La Ghost

Power from the Wu-Tang camp gave them money to record they demo.He was a big drug dealer hence the name Supreme Team. (LBoogie-from what i kno and i could be wrong but rza has a brother named powerful that made 20 percent off of everything the wu ever came out with from wu-wear, to wu-albums)

Mystikal is near 40 and was in the Gulf War in the 90's (a real No Limit soilder)

Cash Money Records got they "start up money" from heroine sells.Baby & Slim's brother is in jail from that (F.E.D.S magazine)

Trick Daddy 1st rapped wit Luke on a song called "Scarred" then 10 years later got scarred in Detroit by rapper Trick Trick for takin' his name he say.

the industry don't like Detroit artist...WE VIOLENT alot of rappers have got beat up at concerts for nothin'

Lil Zane has a cut on his left cheek and try to pass it as a dimple.

Lil Wayne was on heroine as well as B.G. (downsouth drugs is "cool" to take...14 year old crackheads down there)

Dame Dash played a swordsman named Carlos in Highlander: Endgame

T.I. ghostwrote for bow wow

Vinnie of Naughty By Nature is first cousins with Mike Tyson

Lil Flip has been shot

The D.O.C. is from Dallas

Tupac proposed marriage to Jada Pinkett and they went to high school together

Mos Def was an actor before he was a rapper

Only a few MCs wrote their own rhymes in NWA.

Masta killa punched a reporter for making fun of Wu.

Redman and Dead Prez graduated from college.

Before GZA, ODB had the name "Genius." This was way before GZA's 91 debut.

Members of Onyx were barbers before they became rappers.

RZA was charged with murder before 36 Chambers. He was released from lack of evidence

Kool Keith was in the hospital for mentally ill

Supernatural, the incredible freestyle master lost a battle with C-Rayz Walz

TI birthname is clifford Harris

He was arrested the for the first time at the age of 15

Mase claims to have two PHD'S

Gravediggaz was formed because of them 4 frustrated MCs getting rejected from record labels.

RZA came up with his alter ego, Bobby Digital, from doing too much pcp. He said he felt like there was 2 of him inside. That sh*t must have f*cked him up.

De La Soul were pissed at people calling them Hip Hop Hippies, so they went and released the album De La Soul Is Dead. Heard this on VH1.

The 9th member of the Wu was going to be picked from Masta killa and killah Priest. Masta killa wrote rhymes all night, but Priest fell asleep too early. The next morning, he was awakened by Masta's Da Mystery of Chessboxin' verse.

50 Cent made his first official appearance in hip hop as a guest in Onyx's Shut em Down album. He was featured on the song "React."

Cappadonna taught Deck how to rap.

U-God's 3 year old son was shot while playing on the balcony of their house.

U-God talks about his son's death in the Forever LP.

Biggie isn't from NY. His mom didn't move to the BK til he was 8. He was bron in like the West Indies or Jamiaca, cant exactly remember

Nelly and Ciara were born in Austin

Usher was born in Dallas

Ludacris was born in Champaign, Illinois

Bushwick Bill was born in Kingston, Jamaica

8 Ball & MJG resided in Houston while under Suave House

A large number of Actors who play gangsters in movies are from nice neighborhoods with little or no street knowledge

David Banner has a Master's Degree

Nelly was scouted by the St. Louis Cardinals when he was in High School

Mase taught Jim Jones how to rap

The Neptunes produced the song "Rumpshaker" and Pharrell wrote Teddy
Riley's verse

Missy was an admitted h0e in high school. Blamed it on being molested when she was younger

Scarface has a tatoo of somebody blowing their brains out on his forearm

Trick Daddy has like 20 sibling between his parents

Andre' 3000 drew the cover for Outkast's Aquemini album

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 16 years ago '05        #1512
LBoogie2122  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2 OP
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 Floeji said 🔗
This is old as hell. There's like a 100+ page thread on this with way more sh*t.

id love to see it homey cause all i see around the net are copies of this thread & i kno its from here because the sh*t i put in be on them other sites 2

 16 years ago '05        #1513
Props total: 1354 1 K  Slaps total: 65 65
I was listing to this the other day.
and there is one line in last call that I wanted to know.

Does anyone know who kanye is talking about in this line right here???
I was just wondering.

"One of my homeys that was one
of my artists, he got signed. But it was supposed to really go through
my production company, but he ended up going straight with the
company. So, like I'm just straight holdin' the phone, gettin' the bad
news that dude was tryin' to leave my company."

 16 years ago '07        #1514
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Maybe Lupe ?

 16 years ago '04        #1515
youngmic  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
Props total: 90548 90 K  Slaps total: 7290 7 K
the track feelin it by jay-z was originally a camp-lo song, and jay even admitted that he was hella close in stealing Luchini

 16 years ago '08        #1516
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hmm interesting sh*t

 16 years ago '06        #1517
Props total: 64 64  Slaps total: 23 23
good sh*t

 16 years ago '04        #1518
youngmic  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
Props total: 90548 90 K  Slaps total: 7290 7 K
Treach did some ghostwriting for eazy-e(check the tracks only if u want it, nuts on yo chin, and hit the hooker, u can hear the influence)
this was around the time hip hop hooray came out where u can see eazy-e in the video in New Jersey

Naughty by nature produced 3 eazy-e tracks

Sources say former Death Row artist Sam sneed was beaten by pac and few others for sayin he did not know dr dre's lover, other sources say he was beaten for havin eastcoast rappers in his video.(thats wat they say)

Former NWA member Arabian Prince did make an album in 1993 called Where's My Bytches tryin to use the dr dre synthesizer formula.

Hussein Fatal of the outlawz was actually supposed to perform alongside the group and pac but was denied entry into the house of blues cause the found a gun on him. therefore u dont see him durin that performance.

Hussein Fatal helped sing the hook of Hail Mary ("if its on then its on...")

Lady of rage at 1st did not like the beat to Afro Puffs for the fact she likes more of a eastcoast sound.
dj premier did 2 beats off her album Necessary Roughness.

 16 years ago '05        #1519
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Freddie Foxxx did put Benzino in check on tour with the Flava Unit. Benzino was acting up and Foxxx pulled something out.

 16 years ago '04        #1520
youngmic  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
Props total: 90548 90 K  Slaps total: 7290 7 K
^speakin of wat u are sayin

i remember dre takin credit for daz's beat - got my mind made up for 2pacs all eyez on me album. when daz left over at dres house the track was bein bumped and dre said it was his.

 03-17-2008, 03:21 PM         #1521
Lex Lossis 
Props total:    Slaps total:  
 stitch said 🔗
Dr. Dre is well known for being a fraud.

He's only a "producer" in a figurative sense. He's like the conductor in an orchestra. He ain't making sh|t but just tells everyone what to do. It says more stuff like that in his biography.

Out of all his music, he's only done about a good 19-20% of the beats/rhymes. This is why his albums take so long to come out. A lot of people don't wanna be used as a ghostwriter and/or don't wanna contribute to a project they know will blow up n then end up not being given any credit.

please continue

 16 years ago '04        #1522
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LMao@the one saying the industry doesnt like Detroit artists

Its more like the media industry in general doesnt like Detroit

like me throw a couple in the ring

Tone Tone was dropped from Sho Nuff along with Jody Breeze and Big Zac

Big Gov from Detroit is signed with Bungee/Universal Records and Big Gov's Label Black Government is part of Universal

 16 years ago '04        #1523
youngmic  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
Props total: 90548 90 K  Slaps total: 7290 7 K
on the Tony!Toni!Tone! - Feels Good song, 2pac's step brother mocedes aka mopreme shakur is the guest feature rappin

rapper shyheim was on the run when he did the guest feature on dj quik's The Proem

actor Romney Malco (40 year old virgin) was a rapper in the 90s group colleg boyz here is him in their debut video victim of the ghetto in 91/92

 16 years ago '05        #1524
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whoa @ 40 year old virgin dood

 16 years ago '05        #1525
Props total: 1354 1 K  Slaps total: 65 65
 youngmic said 🔗
actor Romney Malco (40 year old virgin) was a rapper in the 90s group colleg boyz here is him in their debut video victim of the ghetto in 91/92

I knew I knew Conrad from some where!!!
I used to love that song man!!!!
Props on brining me back down memory lane!!!
Now if someone could up it somewhere!!!!

say something...

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