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is this the ultimate passport bro?

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section wild 'ish

 4 months ago '20        #26
rocknrolla  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x8 OP
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 FireBeats said 🔗
Most of them dudes not paying to fu#k lol

You don't have to, not in them spots
He admitted to spending 1000 a month on sugar babies because the military pays him

 4 months ago '09        #27
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Passport bro term is wack af

Tik tok and social media in general has made society wack af

What is the difference between going to brazil to fu#k with some h0es and going to atlanta to magic city? Or going to nyc and hittin the clubs up til 6? Or breakin bread on south beach? The fact you need to go through customs? Lmao

 4 months ago '10        #28
Zone Out  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 FireBeats said 🔗
Fam sound like you ain't never spent much time outside of the U.S. lol. Them places not America. You don't gotta have a "Sharp Mouth Piece" for foreign h0es lol. They don't act stupid like American chicks. You need to get out more my guy. It's a whole other ball game once you leave the U.S.

All that "Mouth Piece" nonsense is non existent.

If n1ggas wanted to pay for pu$$y, they'd stay right here. Because n1ggas in the U.S. are paying for pu$$y on the daily. Especially with these bad attitude having h0es over here. Take this from a n1gga that has lived in 3 different countries outside the U.S. Ain't no n1gga gotta pay for no pu$$y fam, i'm telling you. pu$$y so easy to get in these other places, that "Paying for pu$$y" sh1t not necessary unless a dude just really wanna do that.

And why you think "Onlyfans" in the U.S. so big? Because n1ggas in the U.S. are paying for pu$$y, they paying to play. It's higher quality of women in these other places. That's why n1ggas flocking to these spots, it ain't just to pay for no pu$$y, because you can do that in the U.S.

h0es in the U.S. are selling pu$$y like it's going out of style. Ya'll act like Prostitution is not going on Major in America.
pu$$y/s3x is never free. Lead with your wallet and save the hassle of trying to get it for "free"

 4 months ago '10        #29
Zone Out  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 Escobar97 said 🔗
n1ggas on here saying they not paying to fu#k…
I meaaaan technically no BUT


n1ggas buying her a new wardrobe, buying sh1t for her kids, when you total it all up plus the flights and overhead…


You’re paying for it one way or another
You can tell who's young minded and who's experienced, cuz this is 100 percent facts

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