Young Jeezy's Baby Mama wants Money

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Young Jeezy's Baby Mama wants Money

Young Jeezy is facing courtroom drama as he is petitioned back to court for child support.

Jeezy, born Jay Jenkins, is currently under a review as the mother of his child, Nicole Dykes, is stating that since the original child support motion in 2001 his income has changed drastically.

The original motion, which established the paternity of the child, set the child support for Jenkins to pay at $178 a month. Since that motion, Jeezy has become a household name in Hip-Hop thanks, in part, to his multi-platinum Def Jam debut, Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101.

Dykes is asking for more than $20,000 in expenses, including clothing, transportation and housing to care for the child.

At their last court appearance, held on October 6th, the judge declared that an adjustment would be made and that both sides will be responsible for their own court and lawyer fees.

Dykes and her lawyer are appealing that decision, stating that negotiations were urged to Jezzy to avoid a court procedure but that was not accepted.

Both parties are scheduled to return to court on October 26th.

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