Dr. Dre: "I Never Heard Of 50 Cents Headphones"

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Dr. Dre: "I Never Heard Of 50 Cents Headphones"


A cold war between former allies Dr. Dre and G-Unit frontman 50 Cent seems to be on the horizon, after Dr. Dre responded to 50's tweets surrounding his new Sleek line of headphones.

On February 14th, 50 Cent took to Twitter and claimed that Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre are mad that he launched Sleek, his own line of headphones, in competition with Dr. Dre's popular "Beats By Dre" line with Monster.

A few days later, 50 Cent tweeted that he had made amends with Interscope CEO Jimmy Iovine, but there was no mention of Dr. Dre.

On Tuesday, Dr. Dre appeared to take a stab at 50 Cent's line of headphones as he was leaving a restaurant in downtown Los Angeles.

When asked about 50's tweets or the beef, Dre acted as if he never even heard of 50's line of headphones, which is almost impossible due to the promotion surrounding 50's line.

"Headphones? I never heard of his headphones," an irritated looking Dr. Dre told a TMZ.com cameraman.

 http://allhiphop.com/stor .. /22587053.aspx

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