Bow Wow: "I Want To Play One Of The Outlawz In The New 2Pac Movie"

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Bow Wow: "I Want To Play One Of The Outlawz In The New 2Pac Movie"


Actor/rapper Bow Wow has publicly expressed his interest in auditioning for a role in the upcoming Antoine Fuqua-directed Tupac Shakur biopic.

Bow Wow said he would like to portray a member of Pac's rap group, Outlawz.

Rapper/actor Bow Wow is campaigning for a role in the new Tupac Shakur biopic. The young star has taken to Twitter.com to beg director Antoine Fuqua for a part in the upcoming film. "I want to play Shock G or be one of the Outlawz in the New 2Pac movie. Mr Antoine Fuqua holla at ya boy... I'm ready." Fuqua is currently casting the film, and recently revealed he's on the hunt for talented unknowns to portray Tupac's ex-girlfriends Jada Pinkett and Kidada Jones. (Ace Showbiz)

Last August, Bow Wow admitted to meeting Pac prior to his 1996 passing.

"Yes I have had a chance to meet Pac. Twice!," Bow revealed in an August 2010 interview. "I was little and I remember sneaking into the booth while he was actually working on the Me Against The World album...I remember it like it was yesterday. He had on the reading glasses and everything in the booth. It's eerie talking about it now, but it was definitely an honor to watch one of the greats do what he does best." (Global Grind)

A couple months prior, Bow Wow dropped his own rendition of "I Get Around".

In a bold step to emulate the message of one of hip-hop's greatest rappers, Bow Wow has created his own version of the Tupac classic 'I Get Around' -- a song slated for Bow Wow's 'Greenlight 3' mixtape. On the track Bow Wow starts by talking about how he and his boys often debate over who gets the most women. He then plays a voicemail from a female friend who says she misses him and then proceeds to talk about various experiences with a host of women in different cities. (The Boom Box)

The Tupac biopic is reportedly slated to begin filming in the near future.

Principal photography is scheduled to begin in late Spring/early Summer on the biopic "TUPAC," it was announced today (February 10) James G. Robinson, Co-Chairman/CEO, and Rick Nicita, Co-Chairman/COO, of Morgan Creek Productions. Directed by Antoine Fuqua ("Training Day," "Brooklyn's Finest"), the film will be shot on location in Los Angeles, New York, Georgia and Las Vegas and is currently being cast. (Deadline)

 "I Want To Play One Of The Outlawz In The New 2Pac Movie" | SOHH.COM


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