Mark Sanchez possibly in trouble for sleeping with underage girl

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Mark Sanchez possibly in trouble for sleeping with underage girl


 Mark Sanchez's 17-Year-Old Lady Friend Has Found A Lawyer

consent in NYS is 17 but idk, i guess we'll find out what exactly this girl is claiming

So we've been working on a story the last couple weeks about Mark Sanchez's romancing of a 17-year-old girl. She reached out to us first and agreed to cooperate. Then she didn't. Then she did again. Now, of course, her lawyer has contacted us.

The entire story of what this legal letter hints at will be revealed on Tuesday. Rest a*sured, the lawyer has left out a few details. We won't publish this young lady's full name, but if the photos she sent to us from her Blackberry of Mark Sanchez's bedroom — supposedly taken on her cell phone after she spent the night with him a few weeks ago — were not sent by her, then there's more to this than previously suspected. Most likely, not, though. Just a hunch.

Members of the Jets organization have been made aware of our and her story. They're in the process of fact-gathering and working on a statement. We'll keep you updated if anything else happens before Tuesday.

Back into the grime. Again.

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